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This is a conversation with our client Veno who needed to recruit licensed agents to her brokerage and ask us the best of to do that as a client.

Target Market: Actively licensed real estate agents for no longer than two years who have sold 15+ single-family residential homes above the national median $425,000 price in the past 12 months.

Sales Goal: Must recruit three productive agents who sell seven homes within 12 months at an average commission of $12,750, assuming a 70/30 office split with a $25,000 commission cap, to earn a 10x ROI on gross profit (company dollar) from our annual implementation fee.

Marketing Plan

Talk to the target market and get their permission to stay in touch. Send them two videos a month and one lead generation message a month. Call the agents who engage, register, comment, or reply to set recruiting appointments or ask for referrals. Include any in-house existing agent database on the 36-touch marketing plan, too.

ROI Tracking

All additional sales are directly tracked from appointments set from video email responses, social media post comments, people opening/clicking video emails, call to action forms, and those who say they watch your videos when asked why they chose to hire you at the time of sale.

Why Hire Me? Message

Make more money in less time selling real estate with us. We guarantee you'll enjoy a consistent pipeline of new business. Our newly licensed agents sell on average x homes in the first 90 days. New 30-day training boot camps start every month to get you up to speed fast. We've helped xx real estate agents since xxxx earn a median income of $xxx,xxxx a year. We book all your listing and buyer appointments for you - no cold calling! Listing and transaction support are provided. Ask about our new agent scholarship program - we'll pay for your real estate license! Have a client referral for us? We'll pay you a 35% referral fee day of closing and update you every step of the way. Regular training classes, morning power-ups, and one-on-one coaching are available. Hourly W2 positions are available as an appointment-setter and home showing assistant. Experienced agents enjoy higher commissions and passive income opportunities by recruiting and retaining similar agents. Call <<Client Name>> at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email to schedule an interview and write your 1-year business plan to reach your personalized income goals.

Primary Call to Action

Give yourself a raise. Join our team to get the leads, training, coaching, and support you crave. Apply Now.

Secondary Call to Action

Don't climb the wrong mountain again. Get my real estate agent business plan to sell more homes with less stress. Download Now.

Tertiary Call to Action

Let's get to know each other better. Sign up for my free agent training newsletter with tips, insights, and Q&A. Subscribe Now.

Unique Selling Proposition

We book your appointments for you.

Top 4 Benefits

  1. No cold calling ever again
  2. Earn consistent commission checks
  3. Spend more time with family
  4. Get paid what you are worth

Blog Title

<<City>> real estate agent career training | <<Client Name>>

Blog Description/Mission

Get the business plan, tips, and training to sell more houses in less time in <<city>> from real estate expert <<Client Name>>.

Blog Keyword Phrases

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Category #1

Buyer Agent Training - Tips to help more buyers purchase a home. Buying Internet leads, sign calls, showing property, writing offers, etc.

Category #2

Listing Agent Training - Tips to help more sellers sell their home. Booking listing appointments, listing presentations, marketing a home, etc.

Category #3

Real Estate Agent Interviews - Interviews with agents on what they are doing to grow their incomes.

Success Story #1

I left my job in xxxx working in a dead-end career. I was terrified. I decided to work for <<Client Name>> and sold my first house in xx days! I'm now in the top 10% of income for my age and the money is life-changing. - <<Agent Name>>

Success Story #2

I worked for another brokerage, stuck at the same income. I made the switch to <<Client Name>>, plugged into their culture and training, and grew my sales xx% in xx months! This is the fish tank I needed to be in. - <<Agent Name>>

Success Story #3

I made $xx,xxx last year! I never thought it would be possible to earn a living with that kind of money. I want to thank <<Client Name>> for all their help and guidance. The one on one on one support and coaching made all the difference. - <<Agent Name>>

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