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Free Strategy Call

We'll Launch You in 30 days

You're hiring a team of marketing experts


4 Weekly Strategy Calls

We'll get your messaging just right

You'll speak with your Vyral Marketing Specialist on the phone weekly during your 30-day launch process to perfect your video topics, call to actions, graphics, and more. Every call will be scheduled in your calendar so you're on track to send your first video to your database in 30 days.

Business Video Blog

Designed to complement your website

You'll get a branded, personalized video blog to complement (or even replace) your current website. It's designed to generate email subscribers and immediate action on your offers - such as requesting an appointment, downloading a coupon, registering for an event, attending a webinar, or more.
Video Blog

12 Month Video Topic Plan

Know what to say on camera

While it's best to answer a current customer question, we'll also plan an entire year (2x a month) of popular, well-researched industry specific video topics your prospects and customers want. This way you'll always know what to say in your videos. Use this search engine to come up with questions people are asking.

Free HD Webcam and Mic

You'll look and sound great

You'll get a top-of-the-line HD webcam and microphone so you look and sound great. We'll help you set it all up and adjust your lighting and sound conditions. You'll record your audio into the external recorder, then we'll match up the MP3 and webcam video in editing.

Email Export & Reconnect

Reconnect with your entire database

We'll help you export the emails from your various contact databases (Gmail, LinkedIn, your CRM, etc). We'll deduplicate them and send out a reconnect email message approved by you. Everyone will look forward to your videos and have the opportunity to unsubscribe.

In-Depth Keyword Research

Get found in search engines by customers

You'll get a list of all the phrases prospects type into search engines to find you. We'll use these keywords in your videos, blog articles, and more so you maximize your chance of getting found online by new customers.

"Why Hire Me?" Video

Grow sales with a call to action

We'll help you write and shoot a short video to explain who you help, the problem you solve, what makes you unique, and how to contact you. The goal of all your marketing is to get prospects to watch this video and take action to do business with you.

Video Animation Package

Your videos will build your brand

We'll create a beautiful graphics package for your videos. This includes a logo introduction, music of your choice, a lower third with your contact information, and an end card that plays at the completion of your video with a call to action. 

Branded Social Media

Make a great first impression online

You'll enjoy a strong brand presence on social media. We'll update your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Google+ and launch your own iTunes podcast all under unique business branding that attracts ideal clients or customers to you.

Facebook Remarketing

Stay in front of your database with a Facebook ad

(optional) We'll set up a Facebook advertising account to promote your videos to your website visitors, Facebook fans, and all the people in your email database who match up to Facebook user accounts (custom audiences). This is the #1 most effective Facebook ad to generate the highest quality leads to get you more clients. You just pay your ad spend, typically no more than $5 a day for the best results .