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Meet Emma our new email marketing partner

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Feb 9, 2018

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An important update today about getting your emails delivered.

Since we started Vyral Marketing in 2009, we’ve still recommend you reconnect with everyone who knows you when you start our marketing plan.

That includes exporting all your Facebook, LinkedIn, CRM, and email contacts.

While we still recommend exporting all these contacts so we can upload them to Facebook and “boost” videos to them, email rules are tightening up.

Over the past few months we noticed a trending decline in the deliverability of your emails.

For some high-sender clients, up to 50% of the emails sent were not making it to the inboxThat’s very bad.

This is for three reasons.

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Ep. 33 - How to Promote an Event

By Frank Klesitz in #VyralMarketingShow on Feb 9, 2018

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Ask Frank a Marketing Question LIVE

SUMMARY: You'll learn why events are necessary to your lead generation efforts, and the 3 steps you need to take to develop and deliver an effective event. Instead of constantly chasing new business, you can leverage yourself and your message to start attracting people. It's a great way to leverage yourself and your message.

You can create a funnel that starts with inviting people to join your mailing list, inviting them to your event, inviting them to a one-on-one meeting, and finally making the final offer to sign up for your product or service. An event is much more effective than cold-calling a list of people and making your primary offer immediately.

There are three things you need to do. First, you need to craft the offer and message of your event, followed by promoting it using Facebook and Eventbrite, and finally getting people to attend by applying outbound and inbound promotion strategies.

You'll learn how to craft your event, how your event will inspire action and lead people through the funnel, how to promote it all year round, and how to replicate this process. If you're looking to get in front of more people, get people to spend time with you and get to know who you are so you can attract and not chase leads, this show is for you.

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Phone Calls Live - Nancy Seraphin: Dials (18) Contacts (7) Leads (1)

By Frank Klesitz in Phone Calls Live on Feb 9, 2018

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Watch Scott Sillari make live calls to Nancy Seraphin's database!

Nancy Seraphin is the CEO at Keller Williams in Utah. She has been in the industry for four years and has been showing great success.

For more information about Nancy Seraphin:






Email Scott if you would like him to call your list!

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Phone Calls Live - Kelly Fischer: Dials (28) Contacts (8) Leads (4)

By Frank Klesitz in Phone Calls Live on Jan 30, 2018

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Watch Scott Sillari make live calls to Kelly Fischer's database!

Kelly Fischer's team has been serving customers since 1994, and with a professional team of agents to support your needs, they continue to be the leading real estate team in Indian River County. With thousands of closed transactions under their belts, Kelly's team can artfully guide you through your home sale or purchase and virtually guarantee a pleasant real estate experience.

For more information about Kelly Fischer:


Email Scott if you would like him to make calls for you.

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How to Lead Generate with Media People Who Will Buy Anything You Sell

By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Examples on Jan 29, 2018

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Download Their Video Marketing Plan

Download Video Marketing Plan

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Key Points of the Interview

  • Shane & Clint Neal (twin brothers) got 30% of their business from their database last year. They are in San Antonio, TX
  • They sold 298 homes last year earning $1.8 million GCI
  • They have 1,000 past clients in their database
  • They are building their own mortgage service
  • They are growing an audience of homowners to sell/offer them many things, not just traditional listing services
  • Long-term goals are insurance, mortgage, flipping and building houses to their same database
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Ep. 32 - How to Get Booked on Podcasts

By Frank Klesitz in #VyralMarketingShow on Jan 17, 2018

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Ask Frank a Marketing Question LIVE

SUMMARY: You’ll learn three steps to get booked as a media guest on podcasts, radio, TV or on stage as a speaker. Instead of marketing only to your own database, you can get in front of other people’s database (i.e. audience) as a media guest or speaker. It’s an inexpensive way to build social proof and get exposure without risking money on advertising. Getting booked on a podcast in your target market is a great start. There are three things you need. You first need to build a media kit, followed by a list of media contacts (i.e. podcast hosts), and finally a reach out approach to get them interested in you. You’ll learn the six things you need in your media kit, how to build your media list, and then a great approach process so you get booked. If you’re looking to get more social proof, reach more people in your target market at a lower cost, and want to strengthen the “Press” page on your website with a PR strategy, this show is for you.

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Phone Calls Live - Josh Cooley: Dials (19) Contacts (6) Leads (3)

By Frank Klesitz in Phone Calls Live on Dec 21, 2017

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Watch Scott Sillari make live calls to Josh Cooley's database!

Josh is a Principal Broker and a Listing Specialist born in Oregon. He loves it there and wants to keep moving forward. This is exactly what he does every day when helping in the consultation process of a real estate purchase. From process beginning to end, it is his objective to make sure you have as much information as possible to make the best decision.

For more information about Josh Cooley:


Email Scott if you would like him to make calls for you.

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Phone Calls Live - Kathy Toth: Dials (18) Contacts (5) Leads (2) - Got a listing!!

By Frank Klesitz in Phone Calls Live on Dec 20, 2017

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Watch Scott Sillari make live calls to Kathy Toth's database!

Kathy and her team are Luxury Property Experts, Global Property Specialists, Certified Distressed Property Experts, Accredited Seller Representative, and Accredited Buyer Representatives. They are leaders in Ann Arbor real estate circles, providing 110 percent in one on one service to clients and to Ann Arbor area newcomers.

For more information about Kathy Toth:


Email Scott if you would like him to make calls for you.

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Ep. 31 - Top 5 Facebook Advertising Audiences for Lead Generation

By Frank Klesitz in #VyralMarketingShow on Dec 18, 2017

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 Ask Frank a Marketing Question LIVE

SUMMARY: You’ll learn the top five warm advertising audiences for lead generation on Facebook. You’ll generate higher quality leads from the people who know you than strangers. It’s also cheaper to reach them. These warm “audiences” include the emails in your database, the people who visit your website, the people who watch your videos, your Facebook fans, and people who interact with your Facebook page. All this is tracked and you can run ads to these people. In this video, you’ll learn how to set up your Facebook ad account correctly - first by making strong offers to your warm audiences, and then boosting educational videos to your entire cold target market to build awareness. Interested in Facebook advertising? Essential Facebook advertising to your email database and website traffic is included in our core service. These warm audiences are so responsive (and inexpensive) it’s recommended every client does it if you have an extra $5 a day ad budget. We also offer premium Facebook, YouTube and Display advertising if you want to add-on full scope advertising management. We’ll setup your first Facebook ad campaign for free. Contact john@getvyral.com or visit the "How it Works" page on our website to learn more. If you’re considering adding Facebook advertising to your marketing plan, this video is where to start.

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How Realtor Jennie Wolek Earned 28% of Her $600k GCI From Agent Referrals

By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Examples on Dec 15, 2017

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Jennie Wolek Top 5 Takeaways 

1) Vyral saves time:

If you are new to creating videos, it isn’t necessarily easy to just start. Once Jennie recognized there was a solution, she was able to save herself time.

“I remember seeing Frank on stage and he was with a mega agent, showing how easy it was to make a quick video and share it with your database. After that, I wanted to implement video in my business. I am not a techy person and, I was spending time making a video. When you are not used to making videos it’s very uncomfortable. I talk with agents all the time that say they would rather poke their eye out than watch themselves on video. I encourage them to practice and do it over and over again, because it becomes more natural over time. I was making really bad videos, they were horrible, and I personally was trying to edit them. Oh, my gosh, such a waste of time! I did not have the technology, tools or the skills to do it. Finally, I was like wait a minute, the investment with you guys (Vyral) per month is the cost of a part-time assistant or a marketing manager or somebody that would solve this need for me. I easily saw it as an investment.”

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