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What people are saying...

"I feel fortunate for the opportunity to have attended Frank’s Mastermind in DC. Frank has studied the greats of marketing, including Godin and Kennedy. He is skilled at distilling their teachings into relevant executable content for today’s real estate teams and operators. One of the key insights I took away was to always write to the audience who is interested.  This insight was presented in response to a question regarding short content or long form content. Frank provided the clarity of understanding why long content is where the highest level of engagement resides. My second insight was from a positioning standpoint. It's no longer relevant to be the Realtor or the real estate team. The highest level of engagement will come to those who are seen as the local reporter of choice.  As such, we have begun crafting our messages to our market just as a reporter would when writing a hyper local story. Additionally, we have a project scheduled to change our branding such that are messaging feels similar to our newspaper of choice. My third insight was to test all of my content to ensure that it was serving the public and not written in terms of self-promotion.  The worst content one can put out is self promotion. My final major insight is to ensure our content and communication has both primary and secondary offers. Most of our audience is not ready for a primary offer, however the vast majority of our audience could engage on any secondary offer. We are taking time on our communication to ensure it contains both primary and secondary offers. Continued success to Vyral Marketing and the network it has created." - Jeff W.