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Vyral Marketing Interviews

“At that point, we were starting to look at other things and at that point I also was, when I was getting exposure to the other people I was talking about, the people I was referencing the ones who were expansive thinkers, right? The thought leaders in my life, my closest inner circle, cause you’re the average of most of the people you spend your time with. So, I was with those people. They were helping me expand and once I was doing that, that's when I heard about Vyral. That’s when I plugged into Vyral and I thought, you know what? I understand that that’s an additional expense, but it's not an expense, it's an investment. Once I was able to get my arms around that and understand the inherent value that you guys brought and other solutions as well, I was able to really get behind it and feel good about it every month.”

Learn How Randy Plaices Scales Up a Real Estate Team >

Randy Plaice Randy Plaice & Associates

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"As a team leader [recruiter], we do 40-60 appointments every single month and when you're meeting with that many agents, you're only going to hire 10-20 of them. Over the course of a year, you have met with more agents you didn't hire than ones you have. I had an experience where a top agent who did about $10 million last year out of the blue emails me and tells me he's ready to join us, all because I've stayed in touch with him. I had forgotten all about him honestly, but my marketing didn't."

Learn how Jerimiah recruited 103 people to his company in one year >

Jerimiah Taylor, Recruiter Keller Williams Realty - Del Mar, CA

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Vyral Client Jeremiah Taylor

"I was making videos on my own before I hired you guys, but I found I was not being consistent with it and I wasn’t getting it out the right way. You guys took it off my plate and I have been consistent. I’m always writing down ideas of what I want to do. It’s the first time in 10 years I’m getting calls from branding on the internet. We did 70 transactions in 2014. In 2015, we did 149 transactions. We doubled our business and a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are providing consistent follow-up to our database."

Learn how Connie attracted 14 new clients with proper video search optimization > 

Connie Carlson, Real Estate Agent Live Love Atlanta LLC

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Vyral Client Connie Carlson

“I've had probably five [new client] inquiries. Out of those five, I’ve gotten four clients. I tend to have a very high hit percentage. I do tax problem type work. $550 a month for what you do is a great price. Bang for the buck is really strong. Be brave. This is one piece of marketing I feel is very strong and very complementary. I’ve done the marketing stuff with Facebook and LinkedIn, but you’ve got to do video. That’s where it’s at now. It’s the future.

Learn how CPA Thomas Scott attracts new tax relief clients with video marketing >

Thomas E. Scott, Certified Public Accountant Tax Resolutions

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Vyral Client Thomas Scott

“For us Vyral Marketing is a no brainer to get improved SEO, higher conversion, and attract new customers we wouldn’t have. The ROI is off the charts. But just the extra support alone for implementation of marketing ideas is more valuable than the costs. The biggest failure for most real estate agents is not lead generation, but lead conversion and follow up. This is another way to convert those leads to appointments more easily. I know there is no doubt that if someone signs up and plugs in they will see results.”

Learn how Andrew boosted lead conversion and search rank (SEO) with video >

Andrew Duncan, Real Estate Agent #1 Real Estate Agent in Tampa, FL

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Vyral Client Andrew Duncan

I get 3-7 requests for information [with each video], but I noticed an immediate decline in results when I wasn’t consistent with my messages. If I talk about a specific product, such as refinances or home purchases...there are immediate results. You must understand what your compliance department will allow. I don’t quote rates and I don’t quote closing costs because no single client is the same. I provide information as a resource for people to contact me and use my videos as an introduction to that."

Learn how lender Terry Williams generates mortgage leads from his database >

Terry Williams, Loan Officer The Mortgage Doctor

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Vyral Client Terry Williams

“Vyral Marketing helps retain our customers so they have more confidence with us. For our agent referral partners, it says “Hey, this is a great home builder I can trust.” It’s a sales tool as well, but it really is a retention thing. One of our salespeople said a current customer, who has been with us for several years, came in because you guys filmed new models. They were so impressed they decided to upgrade. So many people do all their research online, and by doing this twice a month, it gets people to come out to our models. It’s just so easy. Everyone is really easy to work with, they do their job, and everything gets handled.”

Learn how Charleston Homes increased their model home attendance with video >

Heidi Stodola, Home Builder Charleston Homes

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Vyral Client Charleston Homes

"I love how important it is to you to make sure I'm successful. I love your passion to make me and your other clients successful. From the onset of just doing the video, walking us through the video, sending the video, editing it to perfection, getting it out to my list and database, uploading it to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter....the cost of Vyral Marketing is a slam dunk. For what you get out of it, the writing that's behind it, and the innovative new ideas your guys come up with, to me it's worth every penny."

Learn how lender Jay Moderski gets business from his referral partners with video >

Jay Moderski VP Sales, Finance of America

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Jay Moderski

"Just the other month we sent out one of the messages recommended by Vyral Marketing and generated 34 listing leads. We followed up on those leads and took 14 listings. That is just incredible. This was on the foundation of the two educational videos a month keeping us in front of our database as the local "go-to" experts. I bought $12,000 of video equipment before Vyral and never used it. With the HD webcam and mic they gave me instead, I look and sound amazing. They hold me accountable with the videos so they just get DONE. The ROI to date has been way beyond 10x, and the more I follow the program, the faster I get that necessary ROI in my bank account." 

Learn how Damon generated 14 listing leads from his database >

Damon Gettier, Real Estate Agent Top 1% Award - Roanoke, VA

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Damon Gettier

“I remember seeing Frank on stage with a mega agent, showing how easy it was to make a quick video and share it with your database. After that, I wanted to implement video in my business. I am not a techy person. When you are not used to making videos it’s very uncomfortable. I was making really bad videos, they were horrible, and I personally was trying to edit them. Oh, my gosh, such a waste of time! I did not have the technology, tools or the skills to do it. Finally, I was like wait a minute, the cost of Vyral per month is the cost of a part-time assistant or a marketing manager or somebody that would solve this need for me. I easily saw it as an investment.”

Learn how Jennie Wolek Earned 28% of Her $600K GCI From Agent Referrals >

Jennie Wolek, Real Estate Agent Keller Williams

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“There is a Real Estate broker about 20 miles from here. He’s a retired Air Force guy. He has 47 Realtors I believe who work for him. He’s really impossible to get in to see and even more impossible to get in to talk at any of his sales meetings. He said he got my email with some talk about VA appraisals and he sent me an email immediately and he asked me two questions and I answered them immediately. He fired back saying, “Thank you so very much for clearing this up for me, by the way call my office manager (he gave me her name and number) and tell her that I said to put you on the next sales meeting.” Bang, I was in the door. Just like that. Just with the power of that video. You never know where they go. You never know how they influence or direct people’s thoughts.”

Learn Pat Fitzgeralds Loan Office Marketing Tips >

Pat Fitzgerald: Loan Officer Marketing Tips Guild Mortage

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Vyral Client Pat Fitzgerald

“Vyral Marketing has done wonders for my business. The leads I’m calling 6 months to a year later I generated from cold calling work with us because of our videos. They realize I’m a professional in real estate. Some say they even know me! This has been one of the most unbelievable complements to everything I’m doing for lead generation, both for my sphere and the leads/nurtures in the pipeline. I highly, highly recommend [Vyral Marketing]."

Learn how Tim built a $2 million business by age 27 with video and cold prospecting >

Tim Heyl, Real Estate Agent Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Real Estate Team in Texas

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Vyral Client Tim Heyl

"The value we're getting from the Vyral Marketing video series goes beyond the ROI, which is significant. It allows us to talk directly to our customer base, and Vyral Marketing makes the entire process seamless and professional. More importantly, we would never have the time, the equipment or the staff to manage the entire process of editing each video and distributing them to our database. Vyral Marketing delivers on all the behind-the-scenes production that is necessary to get it done expertly and that, to me, makes it a great value."

Learn how Corey Cain grew his fitness facility with video marketing >

Corey Cain, Fitness Trainer Black Clover Fitness

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Vyral Client Corey Cain

"Vyral Marketing elevated our inquiries almost immediately. The ROI actually exceeded our expectations, which allowed us to relax and gave us freedom to enjoy the process and make it our own. [Before Vyral Marketing] it was stressful, we weren’t doing what we wanted – there were too many moving parts. The appeal of partnering with Vyral to produce these educational videos is their ‘done-for-you’ strategy because they really do take care of everything. My Success Coach fills me in on which topics are working for other real estate agents and what trends are hot at the moment so I have a head start creating my videos."

Learn how Adrienne became #1 by positioning herself as the expert real estate authority >

Adrienne Lally, Real Estate Agent #1 Real Estate Agent in Hawaii

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Vyral Client Adrienne Lally
“Vyral Marketing will help you build a sustainable business with a high level, personal database touch without having to pick up the phone. In thirty minutes a month, I shoot two educational videos and two recruiting videos; then I’m done. I now work one day a week in my real estate business because my marketing generates consistent leads for my team. We sell over 300 homes a year. Sitting down to record a video is one of the best ways to scale my time. I use Vyral Marketing in my real estate and coaching business. You should, too.”

Learn how Lars works one day a week selling 300 homes a year >

Lars Hedenborg, Business Consultant The Lars Group

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Vyral Client Lars Hedenborg

"The goal for me...is to maintain our visibility and top of mind [awareness] with our current customers. I hear a story every week where somebody says, 'I didn't know you guys were doing that!' or 'It really reminded me to come in.' I had six people say that to me in the last four days, who have actually brought their cars in. For what I'm charged, it's totally worth it to have you guys do it for me. You do a remarkable job of producing the videos, creating the emails, and managing the database."

Learn how Rick increased auto service sales with video marketing >

Rick Bettger, Auto Repair Omaha Car Care

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"It's refreshing to work with a company that actually does what they say they're going to do. The people at Vyral are an accessible group who are very good at what they do. They've always had a superior level of customer service, they always get back to me. If something's not working, they change it up and try to figure out why it's not working. That's what I love about the company."

Learn how Jon recruited 23 real estate agents to his brokerage with video >

Jon Carbutti, Real Estate Broker Carbutti & Company Realtors

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Vyral Client Jon Carbutti

“I’ve found that creating two short videos each month is a great way to leverage my time. Vyral has been invaluable for delivering problem-solving messages to my clients. We listen to our clients’ concerns every single day, and we base our video blog messages on those concerns. People who have seen the video blogs have a sense of already knowing you when they are ready to work together. It’s as if you’ve been like a guest in their home, and it creates a comfort zone when it comes time to meet face to face. These guys do all the work for you - I spend four to five minutes filming a two-minute video twice a month, and Vyral Marketing takes care of all the rest of the work. It’s been a huge boost in my business.”

Learn how Jeff keeps it profitable with seller prospecting and video database marketing >

Jeff Quintin #1 Real Estate Agent - South New Jersey

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Jeff Quintin

“If you do it [Vyral Marketing], it actually works. People do pay attention, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a super special video. Most of the people in your core group want to hear from you anyway. If you can demonstrate your knowledge on video, you’ll have people paying attention to it. And I know people don’t watch all of my videos. But every once and a while it comes across and they watch it. Then I’m there, I’m top of mind and they remember."

Learn How Kevin gets 75% of his business from his database>

Kevin McCarthy, Real Estate Agent HomeCity Real Estate

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Vyral Client Kevin McCarthy

"We don’t do radio, we don’t do TV, we don’t do billboards. So we don’t have a whole lot of inbound leads they’re more internet leads. We’re getting profitable now. I’ve done the whole ‘chase every shiny object’ in real estate.  I’ve bought every piece of software, every dialer, every lead source. Vyral works. It revives (Vyral), It has brought clients back to life that I thought weren’t happy after the transaction is over and they came back to us."

Learn how Caleb Pearson sold 33 homes from his database >

Caleb Pearson, Real Estate Agent RE/MAX

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Vyral Client Caleb Pearson

The big thing that we noticed is that we did the normal kind of stuff like sending postcards in and out, but we also noticed that everything is going video. To me, hitting a large database of people with content from a video that is done in your office is cost-effective. We see using video helps build that celebrity status and you see it day to day on Facebook, people on video. It’s all about standing out and separating ourselves from the stereotypical agent that does the typical stuff. Vyral helps with coaching side of it, being on the shared screen talking through the questions, then giving coaching points, helping build the content of the video. Vyral gives us really good topics and we just tailor it and put our spin on it.”

How to Expand Your Real Estate Business Beyond Traditional Listings >

Shane & Clint Neal, Real Estate Agents Keller Williams

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