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We will resume with Season 5 in the Fall 2024 

You can watch Season 4 above with our clients Shawn Martin and Zak Himmelberger


Dear Clients, Future Clients, and Students -

Are you a Vyral Marketing client or student looking to improve your results from our 36-touch video, email, social media, and direct mail database marketing plan?

Sit in on (8) live weekly small Zoom meetings with me as I work with 2-3 clients in the real estate industry who've volunteered to publically audit everything they are doing with us to get more listings (or recruit more salespeople) from their database.

Watch me double-check their videos, messaging, and strategy to make sure it's all optimal. If not, I'll dial in their issue, make a plan to fix it, and follow up to make sure it’s done.

Work with your Marketing Coach here one-on-one to make similar improvements you see in these meetings to your marketing plan.

I ask 8 questions to fix any client's marketing to improve results.

Here is the audit agenda for each meeting:

  • Meeting #1: Are you prospecting/advertising correctly to build a database of your target client?
  • Meeting #2: Do we have your latest database(s) on file and is your video blog built right?
  • Meeting #3: Are they getting 2 helpful videos a month by email?
  • Meeting #4: Are they getting 1 lead-reactivation email a month?
  • Meeting #5: Are your best contacts getting 1 video postcard a month?
  • Meeting #6: Are they seeing you 6-8x a month on social media with paid retargeting ads?
  • Meeting #7: Are the people who watch your videos and opting-in to your web forms getting called? 
  • Meeting #8: Is a complementary business advertising with you to lower your cost? (vendor program)

I'll review and fix a specific audit point in each meeting. Our entire company watches, so when you speak with anyone here, we are ready to implement new insights one-on-one with you.

If you’re a client not seeing the results you want, please sit in. If you’re thinking about hiring us, and you’d like to better understand how to maximize your efforts when you do, please sit in as well. If you're a student from afar implementing on your own, join us too.

  • Dates and times are subject to change
  • Register once and attend any meeting
  • All replays are posted online with a day or two 
  • Open Q&A at the end of each class to ask questions

See you there!


Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz


Frank Klesitz is a direct response leader in the residential real estate agent industry who has written and implemented the marketing plans for 1,000+ of North America's top 1% of real estate professionals to attract listings and recruit productive agents. He is the CEO of Vyral Marketing, a done-for-you 36-touch video, social media, direct mail, and email marketing agency.

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"This helped me net $1 million profit"

Jeremy Larkin is a client of ours in St. George, Utah. He told us he didn't have time to cold call with all his other responsibilities. Instead, he started sending out helpful videos to his database and posting them on YouTube properly optimized to get found. We can track thousands of buyers and sellers who have watched them, significantly scaling his time. He calls the people who watch his videos to set appointments, or new clients call him after watching his videos. He told us just last year he earned a net profit of just over $1 million, becomming a "true" millionaire real estate agent with our help. That meant a lot to us. Jeremy is featured on the homepage of our website. 

"This helped me achieve #1 listing agent"

Steve LaMothe left his previous real estate team to start his own real estate agent sales team. He was now responsible for his own leads, marketing, and business systems with a new brand. We put a video, email, and social media 36-touch database marketing plan in place right away. Steve closed 126 units at $42 million in his first year on his own earning just under $1 million GCI. He is now the #1 individual listing agent in Sacramento. “Vyral Marketing is far more than just editing the video and pushing it out for you. If I were to describe Vyral Marketing in one word – it would be partnership.” 

"We sold 400 homes in 2023 already"

Spring Bengtzen was ready to leave the residential real estate agent business. She struggled to run a small team that never grew year after year. She decided to shift her focus away from buyer and seller marketing to instead recruiting listing agents. She hired us to publish helpful agent training videos that went out to all the agents she knew in her Utah MLS. Her in-house appointment setters called the agents watching her videos to invite them to live training events and complementary business planning meetings. Her team is booking 60 agent recruiting appointments a month. She's on track this year to be the #1 real estate team in Utah with one of the top revenue-sharing downlines at Real Broker.

"I can track 60 new deals just to this"

Dave Friedman runs a very profitable real estate sales team in Charleston. He books all the appointments for his agents. Since he spends a lot of money on advertising to get bottom-of-the-funnel listing and buyer opportunities, he needed a way to stay in touch with past clients and every lead nurture for long-term profitability. Dave hired us to start sending out helpful Q&A videos to his entire database. He sends the consumers watching them to his appointment setters for quick follow-up. Dave is a very analytical spreadsheet and numbers guy. He was able to track the sale of 60 additional homes from our work within 12 months.


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