1. What does Vyral Marketing do? 

We help independent professionals, small business owners, salespeople, and entrepreneurs market their expertise with web video to help them stay in touch with the people they know to increase referrals and repeat sales. We interview you live on an HD webcam once a month to create two educational videos. We then do all the editing, optimization, and promotion of your videos to your customer and prospect database so you build trust, authority, and top of mind awareness. 

2. How much time does it take?

It takes 30 minutes a month to complete a live webcam interview with your Vyral Marketing Specialist to record your two videos. You'll need to re-export your email databases to us once a month for updating, and call the leads we send you. We do the rest of the work – professional video editing, search optimization, and email/social media promotion to your customer and prospect database.

3. Can I see examples of your work?

Yes. You can see examples of all the video blogs we’ve built for clients on our website under “30 Day Client Launch” along with the most recent emails and topics we’ve sent for our clients under “Video of the Week” and “Email of the Week” on our blog. This is a great way to get ideas for your videos.

4. Is Vyral Marketing exclusive to me?

No. We help you publish your educational videos to people in your database who have an existing relationship with you. If you’re one of our first clients in your marketplace to publish videos you certainly may enjoy better search engine results. We’ll customize the look and feel everything you publish so it’s entirely personalized to you. 

5. Do you do “inbound marketing?”

No. Inbound marketing is a marketing term for publishing regular educational content about 2-3 times a week for the sole purpose of getting found online by prospects. While you will enjoy a search engine benefit with Vyral Marketing, we focus on publishing content to your existing customer database of people who know, like, and trust you for increased referrals and repeat business first.

6. What if my industry is regulated?

We’ll need approval from your compliance officer and assurance they are happy to review your videos and emails before they go out.

7. Will you implement my new CRM? 

No. It’s a very complicated process to set up any marketing automation program or CRM system to manage your leads and contacts. We recommend you hire a qualified professional to help you customize the software to your business. On the Vyral Marketing plan you’ll export all the emails from all your various systems or databases once a month, which are then merged and deduplicated into our email system for you so they may receive your two educational Q&A videos a month.

8. Is there a limit to emails I can send?

No. We cover up to 20,000 email credits a month in your fee. For any additional emails you wish to include to send, you'll pay $4 per 1,000 emails, which is our discounted "at-cost" rate with our email service provider. Additional email fees over this amount will be charged to your card on file the following month. Unused email credits do not carry forward to future months.

9. How are you different than video email software?

We’re a professional firm, not software. You get a team of video editors, writers, designers, and administrative professionals to do the work for you. We hold you accountable to get your videos done, we tell you what to say so it’s easy, we interview you live over an HD webcam so you look and sound great, we give you professional feedback and advice, we professionally edit your videos, we search optimize your videos to get found, we put your videos on your video blog, we write an article to go with your videos, we write and send the video email to your database, we update all your social media accounts with your videos, we turn your videos into an iTunes podcast, and we send you hot sales leads to call (the people watching your videos) so you set more appointments and generate referrals. We’ll help you get the most business from your videos by fully promoting them online with minimal time and energy required of you – just shoot your videos with our guidance and you’re done.

1. What’s the pricing? 

Vyral Marketing is $1,995 one-time for a 30-day custom build process to establish your professional online presence. Afterward, it’s $6,600 annually paid $550 a month. You can pre-pay the year upfront and receive a complimentary extra month of service at the end of your agreement.

2. Can I afford Vyral Marketing?

We recommend you have at least two months of business expenses saved before investing in marketing. We also recommend total marketing or lead-generation expenses should not exceed 10-15% of your total sales, determined by a moving average of your sales over the past three months, as a general rule for service professionals. 

3. How can I reduce the cost?

Invite your vendors and partners to participate in your videos – anyone who benefits by getting exposure to your audience. We’ll include special sections on your video blog to feature their business along with any videos they submit. We’ll also include your partner’s videos in your emails and social media promotions to your database. Ask your vendors to cover part of your fee for the privilege of your endorsement and access to your audience. Check with your attorney for compliance or disclosure requirements in your industry. 

4. What results can I expect?

Results vary greatly and there are no typical results. Talk to us about the results you can reasonably expect in your industry or profession based on your database size, average sales price, and transaction frequency. The greater the lifetime value of your customer, the more you can afford to spend to acquire them to make the first sale. 

5. How do you track ROI?

Upon request, each month we’ll note how many sales you made last month and how many of those sales were generated by referral, repeat customer, or directly from your videos. We recommend you ask each person who hires or buys from you “Did my videos influence your decision to do business with me?” If so, attribute the value of that sale to your video marketing investment.

6. What ROI should I expect?

Your goal is to earn a 10x return on any marketing investment so you enjoy a profit after expenses. You’ll invest $6,600 a year on our program, and in return, your goal is to earn an additional $66,000 in revenue or commission. Our video marketing service only makes sense for clients who enjoy a customer lifetime value large enough to reasonably earn a 10x financial return. We will help you determine this during your free marketing strategy session.

7. How fast will I see results?

You may see results quickly from your first email or immediately from your search engine optimization – many clients do. However, it may also take several months to see results based on your market and message. To increase your likelihood of faster results, add at least three people a day to your database, make two helpful Q&A videos a month your customers want, and call the people who watch your videos to proactively look for business. 

8. Can I talk to your clients about ROI?

Yes. Contact us and we’ll introduce you to clients in your industry who share your current situation and business model so you can contact them directly to candidly investigate the specific return on investment they are seeing. What other clients are seeing with their ROI does not guarantee you will see the same.

9. Why do clients not see results?

Lack of communication. We must speak with you at least once a month to interview you. We also need new contacts from you to keep your database healthy. It’s also important to call/communicate with the leads we send you. It will be difficult for us to help you get results if we don't hear from you. Make sure to speak with your Vyral Marketing Specialist once a month and respond to our communication within 48 hours for your best results. Other factors include your communication skill on video, the strength of your database, and current demand of the market you serve.

10. Do you guarantee results?

No, but we guarantee our work. If you're unhappy with our service at any time, call our CEO, Frank Klesitz, directly at 402.515.5438, and he will work with you personally to get the issue resolved and make you happy. 

1. Who will I work with at Vyral Marketing?

You will work with a dedicated Vyral Marketing Specialist. Upon your enrollment, you’ll have a short Jump Start phone call with our general manager so you’re assigned a Specialist who knows your business and matches your personality so you’re comfortable. Your Vyral Marketing Specialist is your point of contact for everything at Vyral Marketing.

2. What is covered on my monthly Success Call? 

You’ll cover the following every month on your call:

  • We will ask for your feedback on your writing and video editing
  • We will coach you live to record two educational Q&A videos on a webcam 
  • We will make sure you’ve sent in your latest email database(s) to us 
  • We will make sure you have names to follow up with from your past email 
  • We will ask if you would like to include any partners in your marketing 

3. How much communication will I receive? 

You will speak with your Vyral Marketing Specialist once a month during a scheduled 30-minute phone call. You’ll also receive a weekly phone update with feedback and about the progress of your marketing that week. You can reach your Specialist anytime during business hours by phone or email. 

4. What if I dislike my Vyral Marketing Specialist? 

We coach only to our official video marketing plan to ensure your success. If you don't enjoy who you're working with for any reason (i.e. personality, coaching style, etc) call us and we’ll switch you to someone who’s a better fit. 

1. How do I sign up today?

Call us at 1-800-323-9974 or request a free strategy call. We’ll contact you within one business day to complete the agreement and schedule your Jump Start call to get started.

2. Is there a long-term contract?

Yes. It’s a $6,600 annual commitment paid monthly after the completion of your one-time 30-day custom build process. It takes time to build the authority, trust, and business relationship with your database for results. We ask you commit to this long-term process for a year so you have the highest probability to see results. We hire video editors, writers, Vyral Marketing Specialists, and more upon your commitment. This is your marketing team of people.

3. Can I cancel if I’m not happy?

Yes. We ask you provide us a specific list of problems first so we can check our work and make improvements if unsatisfactory work is the reason for your cancellation. We ask you honor your annual commitment if we’re doing great work.

4. Do I own all the content? 

Yes. We’ll provide you with all the log-in information for your video blog and social media/email accounts. You own everything we create for you. You own the rights to all your content (website, domain, videos, custom articles).


1. Do I get a new video blog?

Yes. We build you a custom video blog (it's a website as well). You can get a custom domain name, purchased and owned by you, upon request. See our latest examples under “30 Day New Client Launces” on our blog. We suggest you add a tab to your current website that says "Video Blog" and link it to the video blog we build for you.

2. Can my blog replace my website?

Yes. We recommend you keep your website until your blog is launched and you receive positive feedback from customers on which site is more useful. We can transfer the domain name from your current website to your new video blog upon request. 

3. What do I get for the build fee?

We build you a custom video blog complete with an animation package for your videos and online branding for your emails, as well as setup all your social media accounts properly. We’ll plan your video topics for the year, export and de-duplicate your database, and reconnect with them before sending out your first video. Additionally, we’ll perform keyword research for optimal search optimization and you’ll receive a complimentary HD webcam and microphone so you look and sound great. Your first video will be sent to your entire customer and prospect email database within 30 days of signing up. 

4. How long does it take to launch?

It’s a 30-day custom build process once you sign up before your first video goes to your database. You’ll have a weekly call with your Vyral Marketing Specialist during your build process, followed by a monthly scheduled phone call after your first video launch.

1. Is my email database big enough?


You are better off with a database of 100 people who buy what you sell than a list of 1,000 cold leads not interested in speaking with you. The size of your database is not a measure of success – it’s the relationship you have with the people in your list that counts. We’ve had many clients see great results with a list of only a few hundred people to start. Regardless of your current database size, your goal is to grow your list daily by asking for permission to stay in touch with everyone you meet, either in person, on the phone, or online.

2. What if I don’t have emails?

We recommend you re-connect with your entire existing database(s) to start. These are people in your mobile phone, your email account, your address book, and your business contact management system(s). After the initial reconnect email, you’ll likely have at least a few hundred people interested in seeing your videos. They may hire you directly, or more likely, know someone who could use your services. We’ve never seen a database less than 200 people to start after these initial exports. If you don’t have any emails, you’ll want to immediately start reaching out to three people a day in your target market, or who could refer you to your target market, to ask permission to stay in touch with your videos. You can also send your database to TowerData.com who will append email address to your list for you.

3. What if I don’t have any prospects?

You’ll first want to start by reconnecting with the people you know (customers, clients, past clients, friends, family, etc.) for referrals to your ideal client or customer. Otherwise, you can purchase or compile a list of the people who are most likely to have the problem you solve. We recommend InfoUSA.com who will sell you names of prospects. Do not add these people directly to your video marketing plan. Rather, you want to reach out first to ask permission to stay in touch, and then add them to your video marketing plan. You can also run advertising online with an offer in return for an email address to build your list.

4. What if I don’t have phone numbers?

We’ll report back to you who clicks the links in your emails to watch your videos so you can prioritize follow up. You may not have their phone number on file, in which case, you can look up their phone number online or upload your database to a list company who may be able to append phone number information to your list. We recommend you upload your email list to TowerData.com to append "Name" and "Full Mailing Address" fields first and then upload that list to PacificEast.com to get phone numbers at about $0.07 a record with a $150 minimum. You can also send your contact a simple email with a request for their phone number to stay in touch.

5. Is my database confidential?

Yes. You approve everything before anything is emailed to your database. We will never market, sell, rent, or do anything with your list without your permission – ever. A signed confidentiality agreement is available upon request. 

6. How do I send new emails to you?

Simply add emails to your existing contact management system or spreadsheet as you do now. Once a month you, or your assistant who we’ll train, will re-export or send your various database(s) to us (we’ll remind you on your monthly Success Call) to be appended to the latest list we have. We will automatically de-duplicate and append any missing fields with your updated information. 

7. Can I keep separate or segmented lists?

Yes. Simply submit each separate list to us and we’ll segment them in the email system for you.

8. What’s the script to get an email address?

When you meet someone, end your conversation with “I publish videos twice a month that answer questions commonly asked from my customers – I'd like you to receive them. What’s your best email address?” Simply do this after all your conversations (and train your employees or team members to do the same) and you’ll build your database quickly.

9. How many email addresses should I add?

That depends on your business goals. For most independent professionals working full-time, it’s recommended to add no less than three people a day to your database. That’s 15 people a work week, 60 people a month, or 720 new people a year you’ll add to your database for business or referrals. It adds up quickly! Simply ask for an email address after every business conversation you have in person, on the phone, or online and you’ll grow your database faster.

10. What if I have a "dirty" email list?

If you have a large permission-based email list (10,000+ people) that has not been communicated with for a long time, it's a good idea to first upload your emails to an email validation service, such as TowerData.com or Neverbounce.com, who will validate all your emails for better deliverability. If a large percentage of your emails bounce, it will effect your deliverability score. This one extra step before sending out your first email will improve your chances of your message getting through. Prices run about one cent per email validated.

1. What do I say in my videos?



Your best topics are answering questions you get from customers. A typical video starts “Hi, this is Bob with ABC business and I was asked this question from a customer last week: (read question here). I want to answer this question for you today…” You can also search FAQs on the internet for your industry. We will also help you pick great questions to answer for your profession or business based on our initial topic suggestion research during your 30-day launch. We interview you live on an HD webcam to create your videos so it’s easy to be conversational and natural when you give your response.

2. How long is a video?

The perfect web video is 2-3 minutes in length  sometimes less. Keep it short. 

3. Is everything I get 100% custom?

Yes. All your articles, social updates, and emails are written 100% custom by a professional ghostwriter in our office. Your content will never be the same as someone else, unless you choose a pre-written topic or article. You own all your custom content. 

4. How many videos do I get?

You get two videos a month with unlimited editing revisions. Additional videos are edited upon request at no extra charge if we have the time available.

5. What video camera will I need?

We will ship you a top-of-the-line HD webcam with a lavalier microphone so you look and sound great. You do not need any video or sound equipment – only an up-to-date computer that can process HD video and sound. Most computers will be just fine.

6. What’s the turnaround on a video? 

You’ll set one monthly appointment with your Vyral Marketing Specialist to record two short videos. It should take no longer than 30 minutes. This way you’re always one video ahead of schedule and we’re not recording too many videos up front where we lose relevancy of your topics. It takes seven business days to edit a video so we can embrace the creative process and make sure there are no mistakes.

7. Can I include my team in my videos?

Yes. Interview your employees or team in your videos to help your customers buy into the team, firm, company, or practice concept. When you feature everyone in your office in your videos instead of just yourself, it brands your company – not you the individual.

8. Can I include vendors in my videos?

Yes. Interview them in your videos and include them in as much of your marketing as you can. This way they get access to your database with your implied endorsement. This is valuable. Ask they pay part of your Vyral Marketing fee in exchange for exposure to your audience. Make sure you check with your attorney for any rules or regulations in your industry with regard to accepting co-marketing money from sponsors. Clients have “zero-based” their fee by raising sponsor money this way.

9. What if I dislike my appearance on video? 

This is a big concern – very few people like the way they look on video. It’s one of the biggest challenges to overcome to grow your business. If you are in fact very uncomfortable, we are happy to publish an audio instead of a video for you. Everything else stays the same. Instead of a video, it’s an audio. Audio is also at times more convenient since we can interview you on the phone while you drive to an appointment. If you prefer audio for any reason, just ask us and we’re happy to do so.

10. What if I dislike my ghostwriting?

It takes an adjustment to get comfortable having someone else write for you. Most popular books are written by a ghostwriter after interviewing the talent. We will do our very best to capture your prose and voice in your writing. We offer you unlimited revisions of your provided emails and articles to get it right. If you have examples of your writing to model, send them to us.

11. What if I dislike my video editing?

We use Adobe Premier CC to edit your videos – the same software used to professionally edit Hollywood movies. When you record your videos with your Success Coach you’ll rest assured your sound and lighting is strong since we’ll make sure it is. You get unlimited editing revisions in post-production so you’re happy with the final cut.

12. Do you translate to different languages?

Yes. We will translate your videos and articles to any language. We contract directly with www.Rev.com for translation at the rates posted on their website.

Promoting Videos

1. Are two videos a month too many? 

Rarely. Two brief communications a month to a general audience is the minimum necessary to remain top of mind to increase your business. Your goal is to create helpful videos so good your audience would be willing to pay to receive them. We’ll track all the metrics to know if in fact two communications a month are too much, but it’s never been the case for any of our clients to date. We find the more you communicate with your contacts in a helpful way – using all available media such as video, email, social media, phone calls, and even physical print newsletters – the more business you receive.

2. What about spam complaints?

We manage all your email unsubscribes (we can send you a list of bounces or unsubscribes upon request) and comply with the American CAN-SPAM act by making it very easy for those not interested in your communications to quickly opt-out from any further email. When you hire us you’ll assume liability for any emails you send, so be sure to check with your nation’s email laws when it comes to communicating with people electronically. Remember, you are communicating with people who have some pre-existing relationship with you and you’re sending out an email – with our help – to reconnect with everyone first while stating your two video a month intentions going forward. There will be plenty of time for people to unsubscribe who do not wish to hear from you, and that’s perfectly okay.

3. What social media are updated?

We upload your video to your YouTube channel, and after sending the video to your database with your approval via a video email broadcast, we upload your video to your Facebook business page, post on LinkedIn, update Twitter, and upload the video on Instagram. We also push your videos to your very own iTunes podcast. We set up all these social media sites for you if you do not have them professionally established already. If you do already, we’ll still go through them with our complete internal social media set up checklist to make sure they are optimized to get you business.

4. Will you put the videos on my website?

No. We put your videos on your custom video blog (which is also a website) we build for you. Your video blog is the only website platform we support since we have very defined procedures and training for our team on how to properly update your video blog. We will, however, send you the YouTube code so you can embed the videos on your own website too. We can also automatically syndicate your videos to your current website with an embedded YouTube playlist. Your video blog will link to your website and your website will link to your video blog. This helps with backlinks for search optimization. 

5. Will you send emails through my system?

No, but we can make exceptions. There are many email marketing systems available, however we cannot control the deliverability rates and issues with your software. We'll guide you to export all your various email databases to us once a month, which are imported and de-duplicated into ours we have securely set up for you. We prefer to send your emails through our proven servers so you get consistent and predictable results. Your video emails to your database come from you, not us.

6. When will my videos go to my database? 

Twice a month – or within one business day of your email proof approval. Updates to your social media happen within one business day of your email broadcast. You’ll receive your hot lead report (i.e. email open and click report - the people who open and watch the videos in your email) within three business days of an email broadcast.

7. How many emails can I send? 

We cover up to 20,000 emails a month in your fee. That’s at most a 10,000 person list we send a video email to twice a month. Additional email credits are available at our cost of $4 per 1,000 emails. To be clear that is an extremely large email list and it’s likely you are sending communications to people you do not have a relationship with if your list is that large. If that’s the case, we ask you remove those people and only communicate with the contacts you have a pre-existing relationship with.