"Hi! I'm Adela - I help our mortgage clients"


Pricing and How it Works

How we personalize our marketing plan for you:

  • We work with clients where a loan is worth $5,000 or more of income to them. Our goal over the course of 12 months of working together is you'll write at least 13 additional loans from our marketing together, which is a return on investment of 10x your monthly marketing service fee with us. That's the goal. Watch our case studies and talk to our clients about their return on investment with us. You get a 90 day money back guarantee with our service, too.

  • We'll start with a reconnect message for your consumer database and a reconnect message
    for your real estate agent database. These must be lists you have pre-existing relationships with. You'll have these two "audiences" in your email marketing account ready to receive on-going communication from you! We will clean and scrub them for you.

  • We'll build you a video blog so you can keep people informed about the mortgage market with call to actions to do business with you. You'll want call to actions on there to refinance with you, talk to you first before buying a home, and an invitation for real estate agents to work with you. We'll retarget all the people who visit your video blog (including the people in your email database, too) with a Facebook ad so they contact you to do business.

  • We'll send 1 video email a month to your consumer email list to let them know about any important mortgage financing updates. We recommend you answer the question "What's the latest with mortgage financing?". You'll want to have a call to action to refinance with you and a call to action to talk to you first when they are thinking about buying a home to get qualified.

  • We'll send 1 email a month to your agent referral partners to let them know you're there. We recommend you tell a story about how you helped get a difficult loan done. You'll want to have a call to action about working together so you can legally send business to agents when you have buyers and sellers for them, and a call to action to talk to you if they have difficult loans that their current loan officer cannot get done. Let them know about new loan programs, too!

  • We'll physically mail a monthly letter to your best contacts (both consumers and real estate agents) so they know to call and refer you. We'll interview you for this message and write it for you. This message can be posted on your blog and sent by direct mail (this cost is optional).

  • We'll give you the list of all the people who watch your videos so you can follow up to establish possible agent referral relationships and to potentially be proactive to find someone who wants to buy a home or refinance before they talk to anyone else.

  • You'll schedule 1 appointment a month to record two short Q&A videos with a talking-point script that is approved in advance with your compliance department. We recommend you do not share specific interest rates in your videos, they need to call you for that. You'll need to answer "general" questions and avoid from giving specific advice. We'll have examples to share with you and we'll work with your compliance department for you. You approve every video or email before it is published.
  • We strongly recommend you interview local real estate agents for your video blog and make them a guest. That will help establish agent referral partnerships and bring the local agent marketing value since you'll send their video to your list with the agent's helpful insight. These can be simple phone or Zoom interviews, which is what we recommend to keep it simple. We recommend you find real estate agents who are spending money on PPC, Zillow, and have great Yelp! and Google reviews to approach for an interview on your video blog.
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