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 What do our highly trained calls sound like?

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Results to Date as of May 28th, 2020. Updated Weekly.

Qualified Leads

*A qualified lead is a referral or a call back request about doing business with you soon 

WATCH: How to Hire a Calling Assistant to Call Your Database

WATCH: Recorded Calling Assistant Training Meetings

$175 Month-to-Month Upgrade

(about 40 attempts a month to your highest priority engagements with phone numbers, includes email follow-up after call)

We now call and email the people in your database who watch your videos - whom you have an established business relationship on your behalf as your assistant - to start informational, helpful conversations that may prompt your contact to request a call back from you. We call your current clients, past clients, sphere, vendors, referral partners, warm leads, old leads - anyone - who takes the time to view your content. We follow all Do Not Call (DNC), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and Telephonic Sales Rule (TSR) laws. We inform the party we're calling on a recorded line at the start of every conversation, and delete all recordings after a short review period for consumer privacy. Qualified leads or referrals are emailed to you immediately, with a transcribed call recording, for your immediate follow up. We review our CRM notes to make sure we don't call anyone twice within a 30 day time frame and respect all previous DNC requests. We hire 100% USA-based callers in our Omaha, NE home office who receive daily training and call feedback by experts. 

Latest results...

"Vyral Marketing has done a great job of calling our clients from our video campaigns. We have made contact with several potential sellers and have already had a listing appointment with one of the leads. These are leads that tend to go on the back burner when prospecting - so this program lets us know we are not wasting our investment by not following up!"
"Communication has been great! Brayden calls every week to update Valerie on how things are going and if we have any questions or concerns. We get an immediate report on results of the calls and any hot leads are sent right over for us to follow up with. It is a great system and one closing will definitely make it pay for itself!"


Meet Coach Anna Kruger

Anna trains your calling assistant to have excellent conversations on the phone. She has 13 years of experience in the calling assistant role. She knows language patterns and guides our calling assistants to adapt their communication style and to ask the right questions. 

Anna Krueger smiling

"My time is spent in listing presentations, negotiating offers, leading my team, and building systems. Calling our database would NEVER get done if left to our agents. There needs to be a specialist who owns it, and can handle the rage of calls speaking to family, friends, our listings, leads, and more. Very different type of call than buyer follow up or outbound cold calls to homeowners. I love how it's all recorded and monitored with AirCall.io. I can hold it all accountable. I'm excited to see how it works!"

Jeremy Larkin Keller Williams (St. George, UT)

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Jeremy Larkin
"The value I receive from my database cant be beat. Research has always told me that the least expensive way to attract clients for our teams real estate business is to consistently offer value to them and to stay in touch with them. I have also found the most fun way to get business is to stay in touch with the people that already know me. The challenge has been as I continue to grow my team my role on the team changes from technician to entrepreneur to manager and back again over and over often times I don’t have all the time necessary to make these calls myself.  This does not mean the calls should not be done! This is why I am very excited to have an opportunity to be part of the Vyral test group that will call the people in my database that click, open, read and watch the videos as I communicate with them consistently through Vyral Marketing."

Mark Ramey Keller Williams (Orlando, FL)

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Mark Ramey
"We have never completely streamlined a process for every video that goes out and connecting with the open and click report that you send us after a video is released. We feel that our email list of about 43,000 people could benefit because we base our business off of being relational and adding value to the clients and community. This would give us another consistent platform to generate quality leads from.  Arizona is one of those markets where every competitor with endless Silicon Valley money tests concepts to put the Realtor out of business. Growing and working my database - and most importantly TALKING TO THEM - is my strategy to compete."

Scott Lander Keller Williams (Arizona)

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Scott Lander
"I've had a full time virtual assistant call all the "opens and clicks" in our Vyral video emails for the past four years. They pass about 3-5 opportunities a day to our agents. They are in the Philippines. I'm excited to test out the calling with Americans in the Vyral office (right here in Omaha, NE in fact where our office is and Vyral's) to hear and ultimately see the difference. I'll also be able to really see the leads that come from our database this way, right now it's a challenge to measure, I'm all about tracking!"

Jeff Cohn Berkshire Hathaway Home Service (Omaha, NE)

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Jeff Cohn
"There's so much going on with all the AI and predictive analytics in CRMs tracking everything people are doing. Instead of making cold calls, now we can make warm calls to people who know who we are. My video marketing warms them up so we can put administrative talent on the conversations (less expensive than paying top-tier sales talent for cold calls). I love how they are calling on behalf of me as my assistant. I don’t have any time, nor the temperament/focus, to have fuzzy-feeling conversations with my database. But, I know it’s important. That’s why I want a calling assistant. Pass me a few people a week who want to talk to me about real estate from my list and I’m happy as a clam!"

Paul Campbell eXp Realty (Portland, OR)

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Paul Campbell

"We generate about a third of our business from our past clients and sphere. It’s our most profitable source. There’s nothing that pains me more than when a past client re-lists with another Realtor. I failed to stay top of mind. I’ve been a client of Vyral for years, but each time that 'click report' comes my way I get slightly depressed I don’t have someone owning those conversations. It’s hard to train someone up who can talk to all these different types of people and hold a conversation that represents me well. If you guys are building the training and culture to teach people how to talk to my past clients and sphere well, which are totally different calls than lead-gen or lead-conversion calls, I’m in. Get me a deal a month and I’m sold! Thanks for doing this."

Kristy Moore Local Expert Realty (Washington, DC)

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Kristy Moore