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March 30, 2015

Welcome New Client Damon Gettier

John: You were a client before. What motivated you to get back in touch with us? 

Damon: I need to engage my sphere. We did better last year on the sphere than we had ever done. Still not as good as we can do, so we just need to engage the sphere again. To keep the business I have, I need to take advantage of it.

John: Summarize where you're at with your business right now. What are your goals moving forward? 

Damon: Three years ago, I did 200 transactions, and 100% of those were REO. Two years ago, we did 196 transactions, and 100% of those were resale real estate – Zero REOs. Last year, we had a lot of shifts in business – We quit BoomTown, I started doing my own radio, developed my software system, and did 226 deals. This year, our goal is 400. We're tracking pretty close to where we need to be at for this year, but I can use any help I can get.

John: Do you know how many people are in your database currently? 

Damon: About 18,000, but I'm going to guess five or six thousand of those are probably bad numbers.

John: Are you doing anything to market to the database right now? 

Damon: No, nothing.

John: So you get how the Vyral system works, because you were a client in the past. Any thought to trying to do this yourself? 

Damon: Yeah, there's plenty of thought to doing it by yourself. That's why I called you. I mean, I could shoot the video myself, I could edit it myself, but then how do I get it out? At some point, it becomes dollars over time. It's just cheaper to spend the dollars than to spend the time to create the videos there.

John: What does success working with Vyral look like to you? 

Damon: Well, with everybody I use, it's more about a partnership than really a vendor thing. If anyone comes at me as a vendor, I really don't have time for them because it's got to work for ROI. If it doesn't work for ROI, then I'm going to cut it. Last year, I counted up 29 sphere deals, and I did a really poor job at managing my sphere. So this year, I anticipate, with Vyral, an additional 20 deals from the sphere. Just from engaging people. I've also tasked all my agents with adding ten people per week to the database that I'm not providing. They go out, find them, and add them to the database. I've got ten agents right now, so they would be adding 100 people a week, which would be adding another 5,000 people a year that are outside of Zillow, Trulia, and

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: 4 Steps to Properly Price Your Home

We’d like to congratulate Vyral Client David Robinson in Orem, UT with the best video of the week, scoring 21 out of 22 points (95.4%) on the perfect video checklist. “4 Steps to Properly Price Your Home"

See the live video here

Great job, David! You're on point throughout the entire video and your knowledge of real estate really shines through, positioning you as the expert in your market. Your topic is very informative and will definitely pull in viewers. One thing that could use some improvement would be the length of the video; it ran well past the suggested length of 3 minutes. This doesn't entirely hurt the video due to the quality of content, but it is always best keep it short to get the best viewer retention. Keep up the great work, David. We look forward to seeing more great content like this in the future!

Ideal Videography (10 points)

(yes) Is the audio clear and strong?
(yes) Did you record 16:9 widescreen at least 720p?
(yes) Does the video and the audio sync (lips match voice)?
(yes) Are you off-center in the frame for graphics (rule of thirds)?
(yes) Are you zoomed in to fill 1/3 of the frame?
(yes) Are you looking slightly up or directly at the camera?
(yes) Did you remove all background noise?
(yes) Did you remove all background light (i.e. close the window)?
(yes) Do you have a light source shining on you (ideally outdoor)?
(yes) Is the background simple as not to distract from the message?

Ideal Presentation (8 points)

(no) Is your video under 3 minutes in length?
(yes) Did you introduce yourself and what you do first?
(yes) Did you state the point of the video second (and the benefit)?
(yes) Did you give a quick call to action third?
(yes) Are you enthusiastic in your presentation (show emotion/smiling)?
(yes) Are you conversational and not obviously reading a script?
(yes) Do you look at the camera the entire time?
(yes) Did you share 1 specific, clear idea (ideally Q&A)?

Ideal Editing (4 points)

(yes) Are the video transitions smooth?
(yes) Did we include a brief animation logo introduction?
(yes) Did we include graphical text on key points?
(yes) Did we include your contact information on a lower third?

March 28, 2015

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Frank Klesitz, CEO Vyral Marketing

An update for you this week…

1. One Extra Marketing Strategy a Month

Your two videos a month to your database are just the foundation of The Vyral Marketing Plan. We’re staffed with the extra hours to help you get 1 extra marketing strategy in place every month, as long as you’re following the core Vyral Marketing Plan of getting emails, making 2 videos a month, and calling the people who watch your videos for business. That’s the 80/20 of your results. Talk to your Success Coach about implementing an extra marketing strategy if you’re ready.

Here’s the OFFICIAL list of Vyral Marketing extra strategies (PDF)

2. Request a full discovery if you’re not seeing results

You should get a 10x return on investment with Vyral Marketing. That’s about $66,000 in revenue you must drive directly from your database over 12 months on our marketing plan. If you’re not on track to reach 10x ROI, let me know and we’ll review EVERYTHING with your marketing – your email database, your videos, your SEO, your phone calling, your social properties – everything. Not getting results is unacceptable, and I want to take proactive action at all times so you have sales in the pipeline to close from your database directly from your videos.

Reply to this email to set up a discovery call if you’re not seeing results.

3. Zillow questions make great topics for real estate videos!

The best topics for your videos are question and answer. We’ll send an email to your database to ask them what questions you can answer in your videos, and it’s also a great idea to go to and look at questions local residents are asking about real estate. Just pick a question, answer it in a video, and then use the article we write as your text answer on to build up your online presence on the site. When you call your database, asking what questions you can answer in your videos is also a great reason to call and open a conversation.

Here are Zillow questions to answer:

4. Vyral Marketing Elite Real Estate Mastermind in Napa was a success!

You’re invited to apply for our next elite real estate mastermind in downtown Chicago June 11-12! The events are small, only 25 top agents and only 1 real estate agent per market. We’re also starting, in my opinion, the next STAR POWER type mastermind, where we do in-depth interviews with agents only in the mastermind and share all their internal documents and systems with other mastermind members.

Membership to the whole mastermind is $1,200 a year and we have 14 top agents committed. Our goal is 100. It also gets you first right to come of a 2-day mastermind event at a discounted rate and locks out your local competition from joining. Contact Scott Sillari ( for all the details. We’re going to build this into something great…make sure to watch the video from the Napa, CA mastermind. (A big thanks to our friends at The Label Creative who professionally produced the video)

Watch a quick video of what you missed at the Napa mastermind >

5. update on results

Well, we now leased a commercial printer and hired 3 FULL TIME staff at $10 an hour, plus management to print, stuff, and mail a 6 step hand addressed letter campaign to get expired listings to call you. We have 23 test clients on the program. Clients have gotten a few calls, but still WAY too early to tell. We’re deferring the monthly fee for 3 months to test the market and share the risk on the idea. We’re handwriting messages on the cover letter in each letter, and tracking every phone call through IfByPhone. Here’s what a few of the cover letters look like so far. I’ll keep you updated on results…it’s a very promising marketing model we’re testing.

6. Kodi Riddle success story and Jeremy Larkin hangout

A big thanks to Vyral Client Jeremy Larkin in St. George Utah this week for being our guest on The Database Marketing Hangout. He’s going to sell 150 homes this year without a single outbound phone call, and we discussed how he’s doing it with the help of Vyral Marketing so you can model it. Thank you Jeremy!

Watch it here with previous hangouts:

Also, Vyral Client Kodi Riddle shared a great success story about getting more business from her database with Vyral Marketing. She’s made 5x her money back in the past 9 months following The Vyral Marketing Plan, and in the next 3 months with the spring selling season I’m sure she will get that up to the expected 10x ROI we want her to see. She gave us a great interview on her results to date – with a full write up and examples of her marketing you can review.

And that’s it! I want to do my best to communicate with you, keep you updated on what we’re doing to get you better results, and show you how we’re always working to bring more value to your fee you pay us. If there’s anything we can do for you – call us or just reply to this email that goes directly to me.

Thank you - very much - for being a Vyral Marketing client.

Have a great weekend,

Frank Klesitz,
CEO Vyral Marketing

Vyral Marketing Elite Real Estate Mastermind - Napa, CA 2015

Connect with 25 other elite real estate professionals (1 per market) in a small mastermind environment to learn what works and what does not work selling real estate today. Application only. Clients and non clients invited. Here's a quick video of what you missed at our last Napa, CA mastermind, it was a great event! More exciting small mastermind events to come this year: June 11-12 in downtown Chicago and we're working on a mastermind in the Bahamas for early November...stay tuned for details.

GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped Cameron find a condo by exploring all the options

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Danielle Damianov on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with her client after the sale to help her increase social proof and gather more online reviews.

"Our situation was a little unique in that we were looking for a second home from a hundred miles away. She did a good job making a complicated process as easy as possible. When we were able to go and look at properties, everything was organized to make it an easy day. If there was something in a unit that needed to be fixed, she had contacts to update everything to our specifications. She was very responsive, and gave us a lot of options. She was excellent!"

Here are some other testimonials we posted for our clients this past week:

Nelson Diaz: "How we helped Ernie sell his home by always being positive"
Kinder Reese: "Bobby was 'very pleased'."