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April 24, 2015

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Frank Klesitz, CEO Vyral Marketing

You’re invited to a live client training I’m going to host on Thursday, May 14th @ 8am PST for 30 minutes on how to use Facebook video advertising for business.

We’re going to focus on how to increase branding and engagements with your database and people who visit your website (called retargeting or remarketing).

Here’s the link to RSVP for the live Google Hangout OnAir with me >

I’m going to run a Facebook advertisement for Vyral Client Goran Forss about his Guaranteed Sale program starting on Monday. We’re going to run the ad to his database (which is possible to do with a custom audience) and to all the people who visit his website.

We’re going to spend $10 a day for the next two weeks. We’ll go over the results of the campaign on the live hangout together.

Here’s a screenshot of the video.

I’ve also been running Facebook video ads for Vyral Marketing, with some pretty impressive results – at least from an engagement standpoint.

Here’s a screenshot of the results so far – 10/10 relevance score with 404 clicks for only $107. That’s VERY good, better than 99% of all other Facebook video ads!

I want to walk you through how a video marketing campaign on Facebook works and how you have to think beyond just generating a lead.

But this is very, very important…

Facebook ads is not an “offering” at Vyral Marketing at this time. These ads, however, are simple to set up, and if you have the budget, I’ll walk you through how I would do it for results.

But I want to be clear – FACEBOOK ADS ARE A COMPLETE DISTRACTION if you’re not following the basics of building a database by asking people you talk to for an email addresses, sending out two educational Q&A videos a month, and calling the people who watch your videos for business. If you’re not following the core system, press delete on this email now.

The hangout will be recorded if you can’t make it.

With that, thank you for being a Vyral Marketing client – and we’re always look for ways to help you get more results. I think talking about more ways to get exposure for your videos is helpful.

If you have the budget and you’re following the core Vyral Marketing Plan, Facebook video ads targeting only your database and the people who visit your website may be a nice way to stay top of mind in addition to phone calls, client events, email, and direct mail.

We’ll talk about it more on the live client hangout coming up.

Next week, Matt Johnson will be at a real estate mastermind in Huntington Beach, CA and I’ll be attending a real estate event here in San Diego (two blocks from our 9th and J Street office, in fact) – if you’re in the area and you’d like to get together, reply to this email and let me know.
Have a great weekend!

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

How Realtor Justin Udy Plans to DOUBLE His Past Client & Referral Business

"I've enjoyed Vyral and the activity it has generated, and the ability to add more content and information to clients and potential leads. Last year 24% of my business was from past clients and referrals. This year, my goal is 50%."

– Vyral Client Justin Udy

[Full transcription below]

Leah: What results have you seen on the Vyral Marketing program? 

Justin: I've seen more interactive responses from clients I hadn't heard from. I have received additional leads, and one closing to date directly from Vyral. 

Leah: How do you measure the results with regards to ROI? 

Justin: I would say based on leads generated and leads closed. 

Leah: Are there any specific stories you can tell me about how this has helped your business so far? 

Justin: That closing I had, I hadn't met her. I didn't know her. When I asked her where she was from, she just said she saw my video. That was a person I would have never reached out to or talked to, or had the experience with. That's what was interesting. It wasn't somebody I knew. She was somehow in my database, but we would have never reached out to her. I tried to find her info, and I couldn't even find it. 

Leah: Why did you hire Vyral Marketing to start with? 

Justin: I wanted to go deeper on my sphere of influence and referrals. Last year 24% of my business was from past clients and referrals. This year, my goal was 50%. So implementing Vyral and a few other tools is what I wanted to do. 

Leah: Why did you choose to hire us instead of doing this yourself? 

Justin: I had done it myself for a few years. Not a few years, but it wasn't constant. I was referred to you, and you had additional resources that I feel are added values that make it stand out rather just being a video blog. I want to start doing something of t

Leah: Where there any fears that you had before signing up with us? 

Justin: Yeah, just the cost and if it was going to get results. That was it. And me being embarrassed about the content I was providing, and it maybe having a negative connotation on clients rather than positive.

Leah: And so far, you said that one closing alone pretty much paid for the program, didn't it? 

Justin: For the year, definitely. It was basically an 8,000 dollar deal, and then Vyral's $500 a month plus the $1,000 set up. So it paid for the year. 

Leah: What do you like most about working with us? 

Justin: I like the consistency. I like that you're continually in contact because it makes me think about what I need to do, and then I can just get it done right then. 

Leah: What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring us? 

Justin: I would say look at your goals, and see if they align with adding something else to your business that's going to either add value or content, if that's where you're at. 

Leah: Are there any tips you could offer to someone to be successful at the Vyral program? 

Justin: Probably just research content. If you have the ability to do a broadcasting class or something, that would be good. I'd love to be able to find something like that. Just so you can be better while you're talking, so you're not literally an amateur. 

Leah: If you could sum up your experience in one sentence, what would it be? 

Justin: I've enjoyed Vyral and the activity it has generated, and the ability to add more content and information to clients and potential leads. 

[End of transcription]





April 23, 2015

We're Excited to Launch New Client Kurt Duffeck

Vyral Client Kurt Duffeck
Kurt Duffeck is a Realtor from the Austin, Texas area. He has over 14 years of expertise in Real Estate Marketing, Sales, Negotiating, and Investing so he can provide a wide range of services to his clients.  He’s also the founder of Anew Real Estate at Keller Williams Realty.
Vyral Coach Tanya Gastrock

Kurt was awesome during the launch process. He was prepared for every call and is very committed to staying consistent with the Vyral Program.  I’m very excited to continue working with Kurt and helping him achieve results!




We're Excited to Launch New Client Kris Lindahl

Vyral Client Kris Lindahl
Kris Lindahl was born and raised in the Twin Cities area and has built an expansive network that he employs, along with innovative marketing plans, to get his listings sold. Through his contacts he often hears of homes for sale before they hit the Multiple Listing Service database, giving his buying clients an edge over others. These strategies are so successful that Kris has been ranked as the listing leader for 3 years straight, in 2015 he has sold a home every 24 hours.

Vyral Coach Tanya Gastrock
Kris was extremely motivated during the launch process. Immediately after our orientation call, he sent over all of the information we needed to build out his account, because of that we were able to get everything done in a timely manner. He already has excellent numbers from his first email and I am happy to help Kris expand his marketing!




GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped David with his real estate transaction by always going above and beyond

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Chris Colgan on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with his client after the sale to help him increase social proof and gather more online reviews.

"I wouldn’t use anybody else. We worked primarily with Sebastian. Things came up during closing and they handled all of the negotiations with that. We had another Realtor for five months that didn’t do any of that, so as far as I’m concerned, everything they did was above and beyond."