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January 23, 2015

We're Excited to Launch New Client Justin Udy

Vyral Client Justin Udy
Justin Udy is a full-time, professional real estate agent backed by a full-time team. He sells a wide variety of property at a high volume, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the clients he works with. In 2014, Justin made the REAL Trends list of Top Sales Professionals, placing him in the top .1% of agents nationwide for closed transactions. His goal now is to take his expertise and share it in a personable way using Vyral videos.

Vyral Coach Leah Johnson
One of the best parts of working with Justin is his professionalism. He was always quick to get me the things I needed to make his launch a complete success and was incredibly
easy to work with. He kept his videos short and sweet (like we prefer) and was always on time for his video shoots. Justin is a natural presence on video, and I think his database will agree. I look forward to helping him continue his steady growth and market his expertise to the people that truly need it!

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Secret to Pay Less in Taxes

We’d like to congratulate Vyral Client Michael Perna in Detroit, MI with the best video of the week, scoring 19 out of 22 points (86.3%) on the perfect video checklist. “The Secret to Pay Less in Taxes"

See the live video here

Your fluent and friendly approach has a way of keeping the viewers attention. The use of the giant paper pad is great, it helps the viewer understand exactly what they should be looking for. The video is pretty long though, reaching well past the suggested 3 minute mark. You also didn't properly introduce yourself of give a call to action at the beginning of the video. Overall, the video was very informative, giving a lot of useful information for homebuyers. Keep up the great work!

 Ideal Videography (10 points)

(yes) Is the audio clear and strong?
(yes) Did you record 16:9 widescreen at least 720p?
(yes) Does the video and the audio sync (lips match voice)?
(yes) Are you off-center in the frame for graphics (rule of thirds)?
(yes) Are you zoomed in to fill 1/3 of the frame?
(yes) Are you looking slightly up or directly at the camera?
(yes) Did you remove all background noise?
(yes) Did you remove all background light (i.e. close the window)?
(yes) Do you have a light source shining on you (ideally outdoor)?
(yes) Is the background simple as not to distract from the message?

Ideal Presentation (8 points)

(no) Is your video under 3 minutes in length?
(no) Did you introduce yourself and what you do first?
(yes) Did you state the point of the video second (and the benefit)?
(no) Did you give a quick call to action third?
(yes) Are you enthusiastic in your presentation (show emotion/smiling)?
(yes) Are you conversational and not obviously reading a script?
(yes) Do you look at the camera the entire time?
(yes) Did you share 1 specific, clear idea (ideally Q&A)?

Ideal Editing (4 points)

(yes) Are the video transitions smooth?
(yes) Did we include a brief animation logo introduction?
(yes) Did we include graphical text on key points?
(yes) Did we include your contact information on a lower third?

We're Excited to Launch New Client Tyler Head

Vyral Client Tyler Head
Tyler Head founded Turning Point Realty in his living room in 2009. Thanks to hard work and dedication, the company has blossomed into a group of professionals who consistently rank in the top 1% of brokers in Lane County. When Tyler first began his career in real estate, he was awarded Rookie of the Year and was consistently ranked among the Top 10 Brokers he worked with, before breaking off on his own.

Vyral Coach Leah Johnson
Because Tyler is dedicated to doing what it takes to give him an edge over the competition, he sought Vyral's help. Since he specializes in short sales, we've been working to create a series of
videos on the topic. On his blog, I've helped him to add an additional page that provides more information on the short sale process, and have made the videos readily available there. Because Tyler has shown his dedication to getting things right, I think we'll be able to help him connect with more short sale prospects and grow his business. I'm looking forward to Tyler seeing significant results!

January 22, 2015

How Stacie Peterson Found Results Through Her Past Client Database

"If you are on the fence, I challenge you to look at how many sales you are really getting from past clients and referrals. If it's not where you'd like it to be, Vyral is the answer. Its minimal cost and minimal time. If you can do something like this quickly, while also positioning yourself as an expert, there's no reason not to."

-Vyral Client Stacie Peterson

Read the full interview transcript below:

John: Stacie, tell me about the results you have seen so far working with the Vyral Marketing program.

Stacie: We've had Vyral Marketing for over a year now. We have a normal website for past clients, as well as a recruiting blog that we use to help grow our business and hire top talent. We have had people calling us to join our team, where previously we were always struggling just to find people to interview. As far as our real estate blog, our past clients love it and it makes making multiple touches a month a breeze. We actually shoot our videos in one afternoon, and it takes 30 minutes. We don't have to do anything else. It's posted, emailed, edited. We don't have to do any of that. People calling to say they appreciate our videos is a nice change from only hearing from them every once in a while.

John: Are you guys doing anything to measure your results, in terms of ROI?

Stacie: Yes, we have separate phone numbers set up on our blogs to show if somebody calls us from the site that you guys have set up, and we know exactly how many calls we are getting. I can't give you specific numbers as to what our return has been, it far exceeds what we pay monthly, I can tell you that for sure.

John: Any specific stories you can tell us about how this has helped your business?

Stacie: There is a client that felt like we dropped the ball during the process when we were working with them. As things go in a transaction, part of it was ours, and part of it was their lack of understanding that  we can't control every facet of the transaction. We kept them on our list, however, and just this year, he sent us 2 referrals. His experience was not good and he wasn't happy with us, but after educating him and keeping in contact with him through video, he realized that we do know what we are doing, although his experience may not have been the best. That's the power of following up with people. He didn't have a great experience, but knew his family and friends could.

John: Why did you hire Vyral Marketing to start with?

Stacie: It was a recommendation from other agents. We have been with Vyral twice, actually. The first time, we were horrible at shooting videos. We just didn't time block the time and just never did it. We cancelled because it was our fault for not doing it. Later on, it was recommended to us again by our coach to do Vyral so we just signed up again right away. The process, by this time, had been refined to giving us topics, asking us questions on videos. It became such an easy process, there was no reason not to be a part of it.

John: In the time where you quit, was there any thought about you trying to do this yourself?

Stacie: Not really, because we were already bad at shooting videos when we had help. It was something I didn't need to have my hands in. There is no way I could tinker with anything and do it for the inexpensive cost of what you charge us per month.

John: Any fears about signing up initially?

Stacie: The first time, it was probably just not having done much marketing. We were just starting radio and direct mail, so it was something else we were spending money on. The 2nd time, we had no hesitation. Compared to everything else we are spending money on, the cost at Vyral is small based on the returns we get from them.

John: What would you say you like most about working with us?

Stacie: We really like working with Jason as our Vyral coach.  Sometimes we laugh a lot and goof up a video, and he'll completely edit it out and make it look like we did a good job. We love the topics he comes up with as well. These are topics I can't even come up with. He will come up with 4 or 5 topics right off the top of his head, every month. He asks me the questions, and I answer them. It's plug and play. I plug in my camera, and you guys take care of everything else.

John: Anything you would say to someone on the fence about hiring us? Any tips you can give someone to be successful at the program?

Stacie: If anybody is on the fence, wondering if it's the right avenue for them, visit Vyral's home page. They have hundreds of people that are using the program currently and any of them would be happy to give them your experience as well ,including myself. If you are on the fence, I challenge you to look at how many sales you are really getting from past clients and referrals. If it's not where you'd like it to be, Vyral is the answer. Its minimal cost and minimal time. If you can do something like this quickly, while also positioning yourself as an expert, there's no reason not to.

GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped Sean get a great deal by negotiating with the buyer

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Spencer Janke on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with his client after the sale to help him increase social proof and gather more online reviews.

"Katrina was excellent. In just a short amount of time, we were able to find a home that had great value and great equity. Katrina got me a really good deal! Initially, the sellers thought they could take some appliances with them, but Katrina followed up and made sure they understood the contract. She really went above and beyond to make sure that those items stayed in the house for us!"

See the audio testimonial here

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