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August 29, 2014

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Frank Klesitz

An update for you this week…

The #1 thing you can do to get results is make sure we get all the emails you’ve collected every month from all your databases.

Then, remind yourself to always ask for an email address after every conversation you have.

(including the people on your sales team if you have people making calls for you).

Vyral Client Jeff Quintin on a hangout last night says “he gets about 20 email addresses a day” all by phone prospecting.


We also covered list building tips on our monthly Vyral Database Marketing Hangout yesterday.

A few ways to make this easy.

1. Make sure we know who in your office should send us all your updated lists every month, and we’ll work with them to make that happen.

2. We’ll remind you on your monthly call to re-export your database to us.

Remember, just export everything as it is – our system will organize and de-duplicate it all. If you send in separate lists, we’ll keep them separate on our end, too.

Also, a big congratulations to Vyral Client Tina Caul on an AMAZING 43% open rate and 15% click through on her first email to her database this week. And great results from Vyral Clients Andrew Duncan and Jay Campbell following The Vyral Marketing Plan this week.

Here’s what they said:

It’s all about a consistent commitment to build your database, sending educational content to it, and then prioritizing your follow up with the people who watch your videos. 

If we can help you with any of the above three things, ask us – we’re here to help. 

More details in our weekly newsletter you’ll gettomorrow at 11:30am EST

Let’s get more sales from your database! 

Thanks for being a client, and have a wonderful weekend. 

Frank Klesitz

NEW EPISODE: How to Segment Your Database

Let's say you have gathered every contact from your lead generation systems and compiled one massive database in an Excel Spreadsheet. While it's great to have everything on one place, you can't effectively communicate with your database if it's a mess.

Organizing your contacts can be a difficult process. If you implement a faulty organization structure, you will spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to find the information you need to make proper use of your database.

You need to structure your contact list so you can send precise messages to the right people. In order to do so, you should answer the following questions: Where did these contacts come from? Who is responsible for them? What stage of the sales process is each contact in? How did I get them in the first place?

These questions provide the framework for the four extra columns you need to add to your spreadsheet so you can begin organizing your contacts effectively. Segmenting your database will provide a frame of reference that will enable you to know where you stand with each person and how you can refine your message to get better results.

Category #1: Person Type

Categorize person type with the following descriptions: suspect, prospect, customer, past customer, employee, referral partner, and recruits. This way, you can send unique messages based on your relationship with the person. Here's the definition of each:
  • Suspect: Someone who has not expressed interest but may be a great fit for your product or service.
  • Prospect: Someone who has expressed interest and wants to learn more about your service.
  • Customers, past customers, and employees: Self-explanatory.
  • Referral partner: Somebody you're working with who isn't necessarily paying you, but can potentially refer you business.
  • Recruit: Someone you're trying to get to come work for your company and trying to build a relationship with.

Category #2: Lead Source

Where did your contacts come from? Some generally acceptable lead sources you can put in this column include: referral, PPC, radio, television, organic search, direct mail, Facebook ad, print newsletter, conference, networking, telemarketing, or list broker. Knowing where your contacts are coming from from will allow you to look at which lead sources are effective and which need to be improved.

Category #3: Contact Owner

It is crucial you have the following questions answered about each contact: Who is responsible for this contact? If you have a lead coming in, who is their account manager?  Who is the person following up with the lead to set the appointment for the salesperson? Who is the salesperson involved with providing the client with your product or service? Starting off, you're going to be the contact owner of everything. But as you grow, you may start hiring employees to help you out with various roles. Bottom line: make sure somebody is accountable for every single contact in your database.

Category #4: Referral Partner 

This is the person responsible for sending you the lead in the first place. This category will allow you to track which contacts came to you by referral and who referred them. It's important to build and maintain relationships with people who send you business - if you take care of your friends, they'll take care of you.

Bonus Category: Opportunity Stage 

So, you know where your contacts came from, who they are, who is responsible for them, and who sent them to you - but where are they in the sales process? This stage category allows you to track where each contact currently sits in the sales process. To organize this category, you can use the following labels: new lead, attempted at contacts, educating stage, appointment set, thinking it over, and won/lost. This is what business is all about - how many leads you can generate, appointments you can set, and people you can get to buy what your selling.

In short, segmenting effectively can help you craft specific messages on a contact-by-contact basis so you can get better results from database marketing.

We challenge you to pick up a webcam and start spreading your knowledge to your database. Social media makes it easier than ever to put yourself out there and market your passion and expertise. It's not just about making a video to get one more client - it's about sharing what you know with the world so you can reach people and scale your impact.

If you want to make web videos to grow your business, we invite you to reach out to us and speak with a senior partner of our firm about how we can help you do just that. We'll do all the work for you. All you have to do is get behind a webcam and let us interview you to help you create content-rich videos. What kind of results can you expect? Depending on your goals and the needs of your business, we can help you determine that over a simple phone call.

Want more free tips? Subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page, follow our podcast, and sign up for our weekly newsletter for strategies that will help you grow your business by sending useful information to people who need it.

What are you waiting for? Get to work and start scaling your impact today!

MARKETING TRAINING REPLAY: Project Management: How to Use Basecamp to Get Things Done

RSVP for Next Week's Event:

In this week's Vyral Marketing Team Training, we're covering Project Management: How to Use Basecamp to Get Things Done at Vyral Marketing. You'll learn...

3:00 The start of project management at Vyral Marketing
5:00 The pros and cons of investing in Basecamp
8:00 The templates of Basecamp for Vyral Marketing
14:00 Opens & clicks through Basecamp
17:00 Saving time using Basecamp
19:00 Daily Marketing Tasks
30:00 Having unlimited Basecamp
33:00 Using Basecamp to communicate with the client
38:00 Using project management software to get things done

August 28, 2014

GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped Phil with all his real estate needs by being attentive and responsive

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Erik Brown on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with his client after the sale to help him increase social proof and gather more online reviews.

"I’ve used Erik Brown for several properties since I do property investments. His whole team is very attentive and very quick in returning phone calls and getting my requests taken care of. On my last purchase, I actually had a situation where there were some sketchy things on my HUD settlement statement and I called Erik about it and within 5 minutes he’d already sent out an email to the title company and got everything handled. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody!"

Success Call Excerpt: For the Week of August 26th

Vyral Clients Don & Kathy Vallee
Listen to this excerpt from Vyral Success Coach Allison McMickell as she coaches Client Don Vallee on how to properly light, frame and shoot a video.

Allison: Okay it all looks good. I'm just going to have you close those blinds that are off to the side because of that glare.

Don: Okay.

Allison: There we go that's a lot better. So you're framed pretty good. I would just want to have you go off to either the right or the left just a little bit. I don't want you directly in the middle.

Don: Okay.

Allison: Then, I'll have you kind of tilt the camera down a little bit just because there is too much space between your head and the top of the screen. Yup, that looks perfect. So, our first topic is going to be a market update. Did you kind of jot down some notes?

Don: I'm not prepared, but I can wing something.

Allison: I can send it over again real quick, but I sent over some good talking points for a market update just essentially 4-5 questions. Let me send that over one more time. That way you can have it in front of you and it will be easier for you to collect your thoughts.

Don: Sorry about not being more prepared here.

Allison: That's okay, no worries. 

Don: Okay, I think I'm probably ready. 

Allison: So, first obviously I'll have you introduce yourself, introduce your company and you can give a call to action if you want in the beginning saying "If you or anyone your know is looking to buy or sell real estate we have a couple of free resources on our blog. There's a free home
value report, as well as, a free home search." Just make it seem very conversational, like you're talking to me. 

Don: Alright, sounds good. "Hi, I'm Don Vallee with Long Realty in Tucson Arizona. Welcome to our first video blog and attached to this blog you'll have several tools whether you're a buyer or seller, so you can access some free blog information that we have to help you sort out some of your decisions you have to make as a buyer or seller."

Allison: Awesome, that was perfect.

Don: That's a keeper?

Allison: Yeah, that's a keeper. 

Don: Okay, thanks very much for your patience on this I appreciate it.

Allison: Yeah, no worries. 

Don: It'll get easier as we go along.

Allison: Exactly, exactly.