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3 Step Video Marketing Plan

We do all the work for you

We interview you on an HD webcam and then do all the editing, optimization, and promotion
  • We build your video blog
  • We brand your social media
  • We research your keywords
  • We plan your video topics
  • We export your email database(s)
  • We reconnect with your contacts
  • We edit your video
  • We optimize it for search
  • We write blog articles
  • We send your video email
  • We update your social media
  • We run your iTunes podcast
  • We give you warm leads to call
  • We advertise you on Facebook
  • We call you with feedback weekly
  • We hold you accountable
...and much, much more!

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"Hiring Vyral Marketing has been a game changer. It's allowed us to stay top of mind with our clients and referral partners with only a 10-minute time investment per month. We tried to replicate everything they do and realized that we didn't have the time nor the skills to do so. Investing in video through Vyral is a no-brainer."

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Kyle Whissel, Real Estate Professional #1 Real Estate Agent in San Diego, CA

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"This is the first and only time in my career where I have done zero prospecting - zero! People call me who are interested in my services and I have about a 95% close rate. Vyral Marketing has been a total game changer for me enabling me to build a six figure income in my first year and concurrently improving my quality of life so I can spend more time with family."

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John Pyke, Sales Recruiter The Talent Genius

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