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October 18, 2014

Vyral Marketing Client Message


If you’re in real estate sales, here’s a tip for you this week…

The Vyral Marketing System can be positioned to show home sellers how you help find buyers for their home.

Here’s an example presentation aid we can create for you (ask your Success Coach about getting one made for you).

Here are the talking points…


- All other agents do not leverage their database of contacts
- All other agents do not use video to educate and promote homes
- All other agents do not stay in touch with their contacts consistently
- All other agents do not publish content to earn higher search rank


- Hundreds of people open my emails every month who arrive back at my website
 - I publish an educational video and article every two weeks to stay in touch
- My content puts 'more tickets in the Google lottery' for highest search rank
- My videos are 50x more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results
- I consistently stay in touch with my entire database; effectively your buyer network.

Here’s what to say with your presentation aid…

"I publish an educational article and video every two weeks on my blog. I then use social media and email to announce my new content and get the attention of my network of POWERFUL contacts. They arrive back on my blog to watch my video, where they, of course, see your listing(s). Additionally, I can create a YouTube video tour of your home and literally place it in my emails - effectively creating 'an open house at the click of a mouse' for hundreds, if not thousands of people I know. My contacts are also encouraged to forward my emails to their friends, family, and co-workers for highly leveraged, active exposure. This is the UNIQUE value I provide for you."

Good tip, eh?

In other news, we finalized our first Vyral Marketing Mastermind live event to be held in Napa, CA at Jamieson Ranch March 20th, 2015 for 25 invited guests who want to share ideas with other like-minded professionals.

Details and applications will come in November. Tickets are only $500, but strictly limited to 25 invitations. This is an invite only event. We want to make these the best small group masterminds in the industry….a big thanks to Vyral Client Lisa Treu for helping us put it on.

And as promised, my latest video on “The 6 Follow Up Sequences You Need” is done.

We’re working hard to get these sequences streamlined and implemented for you.

John our COO is shooting the weekly videos going forward to show what can be done with the full power of Vyral Marketing editing and a HD webcam.

Next week he will cover “How to Track Your Marketing ROI”.

The 100% custom homebuyer follow up sequence (over 5,000 words!) will be done by the end of the month. I’m very excited to share this with you and I think custom lead conversion campaigns are the next step for Vyral Marketing.

It will be something we must charge extra to complete.

It takes about 12-15 hours of work to write a full sequence and it must be updated 2-3 times a year to keep it current. We’re thinking $1,000-1,500 per custom written sequence (includes revisions) once we have the results to back it up.

Or you can use the pre-written sequences for free included complimentary with Vyral Marketing if you’re in the real estate industry.

So, I write these weekly messages to keep you updated and make sure you’re informed about what we’re doing to relentlessly pursue results.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them for you.

If there’s anything we can do for you, just ask – 1-800-323-9974, or email me directly.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Thank you for being a client.

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

P.S. Scott Sillari will be in Dallas all week next week for real estate events, contact him if you’ll be in the area. He would love to meet with you and talk strategy.

October 17, 2014

We're Excited to Launch New Client Chris Upham this Week!

Vyral Client Chris Upham
Vyral Coach Matt Johnson

Chris, founder of the Upham Group and one of the charter members of the National Association of Expert Advisors, came to Vyral to expand his reach in the District of Columbia area. 

Chris is looking to develop deeper relationships with past clients to generate more referrals and repeat business, and help nurture his unconverted buyer leads coming in through various lead generation sites. During the launch process we focused on working together to update Chris' entire online presence and optimize everything to focus on the DC Metro and his unique positioning in the market.

Due to Chris' involvement with NAEA, he has a variety of strong guarantee programs and marketing materials to work with, most of which needed to be optimized in conjunction with the brand new blog we built for Chris. We really focused on bringing those guarantee programs to the forefront with Chris' Why Hire Me video and description of Chris' services, and we'll be working on unique ways to work those guarantee programs into Chris' marketing and online presence.

Why David Robinson Came Back to Vyral Marketing

"The onboarding process was very smooth and you guys set clear expectations for me. I knew what to expect, I knew when to expect it, and for the most part you guys really delivered." -- Vyral Client David Robinson

Vyral Client and Orem real estate agent David Robinson had tried the Vyral program before, but didn't commit to it like he knew he had to. He thought he could try to do it himself and cut the expense, but came to the realization that it was too time consuming and that he wasn't being consistent enough to make an impact. Since coming back to Vyral, David has been impressed with how much value the program continues to add. The additional emails and audio testimonials from past clients Vyral does for him has led to an increased online presence and better name recognition already. It's probably safe to say that David is glad to be back!

John: Jason told me that you guys had a conversation with Frank yesterday, and it sounded like your experience was night and day from the first time you had signed up to work with us. Is that why you volunteered?

David: I first connected with Frank a couple years ago and made a commitment. I didn't really execute very well with the commitment. I just bagged it all and determined I could do what you guys did myself and cut the expense. So, I attempted to do that on my own for about a year and came to the realization that: one, I shouldn't be spending time doing this and, two, I'm so inconsistent that it is having very little impact.

So, outsourcing it to you guys and really committing has added value -it's just been huge. I've only been at it for about three months now, and it isn't like my business has doubled or anything, but I can see the significant value that you guys provide.

John: That's great. So, when we go back to 2012, when you were originally a client, can you talk about the difference from what you have seen trying to get set up and going through it a couple years ago, to getting set up and going through it now?

David: Yeah, absolutely, you guys have really streamlined your systems and tuned up your systems and the onboarding process as well. I think the fact that you've grown and brought on more staff and you learn from mistakes is impressive. Ultimately, the onboarding process was very smooth and I think you set clear expectations for me. I knew what to expect, and I knew when to expect it, and for the most part you guys really delivered on that.

John: That's good to hear. That is something we worked really hard over the last couple years to get in place. It was one of the struggles we identified, and it sounds like we fixed it. From a coaching aspect, have you noticed a difference?

David: This time around, the accountability and the regular appointments is what is most helpful. Just knowing that I have an appointment with Jason that is scheduled, booked, and is when I'm going to record those videos, is great. I would venture to guess that the biggest challenge for agents in our busy, crazy whirlwind that we have to deal with on a daily basis is really executing and blocking out the time to record the two videos. The system that you have in place to help us record those - scheduling time, doing them from the webcam - has really helped me be consistent with recording the videos and consistent about touching my database.

John: You've only been back for a few months, but have you seen any results so far?

David: Yeah, absolutely. Just from the email you guys provided - it wasn't even the videos, it was the Spring Seller Lead Gen. So, my database isn't huge, and we had almost 20 requests for evaluations from our database, and we took a listing just from that one email. In addition, I've had multiple leads come in - as a matter of fact, I just went on an appointment a couple days ago with a woman that I didn't really even know. I contacted her randomly through circle prospecting over a year ago and we just sent out one of the videos that we recently recorded about "3 tips that we can use to maximize the value of your home" and you guys provided me with a click report, you said "call these people that we highlighted". I called her and she was like, "Oh yeah, thank you very much, I really liked your video and am implementing some of those things," and I went ahead and scheduled a listing appointment with her, and I have a listing appointment with her next week. She would have fallen through the cracks had you guys not sent me the click report and said "Hey, call these people."

John: How do you plan to implement the measurement of your ROI?

David: I'm not measuring an ROI specifically from Vyral. What I'll be measuring is the ROI off of my database. Vyral is one tool that I use to communicate with my database. So, it gets lumped in with other systems that we have in place. But this system is by far the most helpful - I'm a high DC, I don't communicate well with my database. It isn't something I do naturally. So, this can be a really simple way to sort of have that face to face contact through video and is a really ideal way for me to communicate with my database.

John: Did you have any fears before signing back up with us?

David: Yeah, I was concerned with the upfront cost and just following through and executing it. One thing you did change, is you require a commitment. It's an actual contract, whereas when I first did it, it was month to month, and to be honest, that gave me an out the first time around. The contract has been beneficial, it made me think harder about my business model and if this was a piece I really wanted to add to my business model. It made me make a bigger commitment. I think once you make that type of commitment, you are going to do whatever is necessary to execute on that, be consistent, and drive an ROI on that particular medium.

John: What do you like most about working with us?

David: You know what is really cool about you guys? You are continually looking for ways to add more value. I just got off a call with Jason and Frank where we are working on a follow up sequence for internet valuation site leads. I think at some point in time you will charge for that service, but at this point in time it's great. I mean, just the additional emails that you provide is huge. Another thing that I love is when you guys call our past clients we just closed with and get an audio testimonial from them. What I enjoy most is that you guys are trying to innovate. You're not just settling for a system that you developed. You're constantly looking for ways to add more value to your clients, and really innovate and be a leader in this, sort of niche, in the real estate world.

John: What would you say to someone that was on the fence about hiring us?

David: I would say that it is a real no brainer. When you take it all into consideration, it's a pretty low cost way to communicate with your database on a regular basis and have a high level communication. There is a difference between just sending a postcard and sending a video where you are trying to add value to your database every other week. People appreciate that. I've gotten multiple comments from people, and again we are only a couple of months into this with you guys, but I get comments from people in my database just saying, "Hey, I got your video email, thanks for that. That was a great tip." I think for anybody that is on the fence, if they don't already have a systematized, organized way to communicate with their database, and want to do it regularly and consistently, it's a no brainer. If you aren't doing video email, then you are way behind.

John: Any tips you could offer to someone to be successful using the Vyral program?

David: Look for ways to add value. For example, one of the videos we just sent out was an offer to help our database dispute their property tax valuation that came out a couple of months ago. We sent out some instructions on how to do that, we linked to the website they need to go to fill out the right form, and told them that we would help them identify the current market value of their home. Looking for ways to add value to people, and educating them. Coming up with good content is number one. One thing I think is cool is the email that you send out that shows the top video emails. I'm not having to be really creative, I just look at what the top open and click rate emails that have gone out for other clients and I just mimic that.

John: Is there anything else you want to add? Those are all the questions I have.

David: I appreciate what you guys do. I consider you guys an intricate part of my business. So, I look forward to a continued relationship.

MARKETING TAINING REPLAY: Vyral Marketing Weekly Team Training

RSVP for Next Week's Event:

In this week's Vyral Marketing Team Training you'll Learn...

00:01 Opening statement and introduction
5:40 what Dan does before, during, and after a Mastermind event
7:00 Mastermind checklist
12:20 What makes Masterminds successful
13:05 The different Mastermind groups
15:00 What happens after the Masterminds are over
21:00 The Sizzle Reel
22:15 The custom follow-up sequences program
22:30 The origin of the program
23:50 The process of writing a custom follow-up sequence
26:30 The different kinds of campaigns that are available
29:15 A preview of a 5000 word, custom buyer sequence that the chamber of commerce would be proud of
30:05 The benefits of doing a custom follow up sequence
33:55 Vyral Copywriters
35:10 Where our writers get their information to make quality content
35:58 How we position our clients through our writing
37:05 Making content that is engaging through our writing
39:20 Feedback that our clients have given us for our writing
46:01 Adding graphical quotes into our articles and how they are made
49:00 Using Adobe Kuler for creating color schemes
50:40 Pull quotes vs images in copyright law
52:50 Responsive design to make content accessible through any internet enabled device 
56:20 Examples of unresponsive video embeds
57:30 The code we use to make our videos responsive for all types of devices
1:01:22 Closing statement 

NEW EPISODE: The 6 Most Important Email Sequences Every Business Should Have

When you're following the Vyral Marketing plan - building a database by getting emails, staying in touch those people by sending them two educational videos a month, and prioritizing your follow-up with the people who are watching those videos - you may wonder whether there's another way you can use email to help grow your business. The answer lies in making use of an email follow-up sequence to stay engaged with interested prospects.

If you want to convert more prospects to sales, ensure a great customer experience, and get great feedback at the end of every transaction, your business needs to have some sort of email follow-up strategy. To implement a follow-up sequence you're going to need an autoresponder email service provider. 

There are many great options out there, including: iContact, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, pardot, or Marketo. These software programs will allow you to load up a series of emails that will drip out on specified dates. There are different types of drip campaigns out there - today, we're going to cover the 6 your business needs to have.

Step #1: Lead conversion campaign

When someone first expresses interest, you need to try to convert that person from interest into an appointment. You obviously want to follow up with this person on the phone, but it doesn't hurt to have a series of emails dripping one at a time to them, answering commonly asked questions or objections you typically get during your sales presentation. We recommend writing out the answers to 5 commonly asked questions and dripping out a video with an answer to each question every day, or every other day, as you're trying to convert that interested person into an appointment.

Step #2: Pre-appointment sequence

Great news! They love your video and now they're going to take an appointment with you. Don't you get tired of explaining what you do over and over? You can make it a lot easier on yourself if you create a quick 5-minute demo video about a problem that you solve, how you solve it, the benefits of it, and a rough estimate of how much it will cost. Every time you schedule an appointment, send this video to the prospect before they come in so they know what to expect. That way, you can focus your time handling objections and overcoming areas of concern to close the sale. It also lessens the burden on your sales team, who may not be as talented as you at closing sales.

Step #3: Post-appointment sequence

This one is simple: get some of your best testimonials together and prepare them to drip out over the period of time your prospect is thinking it over. The goal is to educate the prospect on why you're the best solution to the problem. Instead of following up with a simple, "Are you ready yet?" You can ask them about the educational testimonial videos and elaborate on how those people got great results from your service. This step is going to help you because it adds a ton of value to your follow-up.

Step #4: New customer welcome sequence

So, the testimonial videos got the prospect to commit to your product or service and is now a client. At this point you want to create a new customer welcome campaign to make them feel loved. This is where you set expectations upfront. When someone engages with your business, immediately send them a welcome letter or expectations video to explain how your team works, who is responsible for what, and what they can expect during the onboarding process. This is incredibly important - we recommend having a series of emails dripping out to your new client during the entire welcome campaign, explaining how they can maximize your product or service to get the best results. It also sets up the expectation for referrals and reviews at the end of the transaction.

Step #5: Feedback follow-up sequence

At the end of the transaction, you want to make sure you're asking how you did. In the first email, ask them on a scale of 1-10 how happy they are to refer you and document that number. In the second email, ask them to leave an online review. Include a link to the site in the email, as well as some instructions on how to conduct the review. This sequence will ensure you're getting feedback and generating plenty of online reviews to prove to people you're the best at what you do.

Step #6: Long term nurture sequence

You still want your former client to feel loved because they or someone they know may need the product or service you provide in the future. This is not a canned autoresponder that you create once and drips out over a set period of time. Rather, this is code for the Vyral Marketing plan. Set one appointment for yourself to answer two commonly asked questions, record yourself doing it, and send it to your database every two weeks. This will make sure that any prospects or leads that fall through the cracks are getting plenty of communication so they can refer you, hire you again, or buy more of whatever it is you're selling. 

Need an example of how helpful the Vyral Marketing program can be? Our fantastic client Justin Woodall, who has been following the Vyral plan precisely, by making videos and prioritizing his follow-up calling with his database, has had incredible results. "My database business went from 18% to 45%," he says, "and Vyral Marketing is the only thing that I've done differently." It doesn't get more obvious than that - our service simply works.

What's stopping you from getting in front of a webcam and answering a few questions your customers commonly ask? If you want tips on how you can do that effectively, check out our weekly Vyral Marketing newsletter for example topics, tips, and tricks on how you can get the most out of using web video to grow your business. 

If you want someone to do all the time-consuming work for you, so you have more time to do what you do best, we invite you to reach out for a free consultation with a senior partner at our firm. We'll ask you a few questions about your business and figure out what you can expect from our services. 

Or, if you want more free tips on how you can get your database to start viewing you as an expert in your industry, subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. You won't regret it.

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