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October 24, 2014

Vyral Marketing Client Message


I just want to say how excited I am to put more time into improving the marketing for you. 

Our sales and marketing team here is taking care of the lead-generation and sales work, so I can focus entirely on you.

Our FIRST 100% custom-written homebuyer lead conversion sequence will be done by the end of the month, as promised, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Next week I am working with the Success Coaches to improve headlines in your emails…the BEST headlines I have found are either questions or “pain avoidance”.

For example…

Instead of “2014 Fall Real Estate Market Update”, you may get better results with “Where is the value of your home headed this fall?”

Or, instead of “3 Ways to Save Money on Your Taxes”, you may get better results with “3 Costly Mistakes You’re Making When Paying Taxes.”

So, this week we’re going to split test a few client emails. Half will have a traditional headline, and the other half will use a question or a “pain-avoidance” headline.

I’ll send the results to you – we’ll see which one did better.

Also this week I want to thank our great client Jon Carbutti in Connecticut for his kind words about the results he’s seeing following The Vyral Marketing Plan.

Listen to this interview about his success (there’s a full transcript, too).

Finally, several of you I know have been fortunate to attend some powerful conferences recently and have a list of ideas to implement. That’s great!

If you want to talk about them and they are not a part of the program (at least as of yet), call me at 402.515.5438 or ask your Success Coach to bring me into your next call. This is what I love.

Instead of finding customers for our service, I want to create services for our customers!

Have a wonderful weekend, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of value.

Thank you for being a client.

Talk to you next week.


NEW EPISODE: How to Measure Your ROI with Your Database Marketing

As a client of Vyral Marketing, you're following the Vyral plan to get more sales from, and add more unconverted leads to, your database. But how do you measure the direct financial results, especially if these people are already in your database? In today's video, you'll learn just that.

Tip #1: Call the people who watch your videos
Through the Vyral Marketing system, we give you a list of all the people who watch your videos - this is the #1 benefit of working with us. It's important to reach out to people who are watching your video RIGHT NOW, because they are interested in what you're saying. If they're interested in buying your product or service, either now or in the future, they are a prospect. If the video helps you identify that prospect before you would have on your own, that's 100% ROI! So, instead of calling 1,000 people in your database, just call the 50 who watched your videos. This is how you identify hot leads faster!

Tip #2: Ask people why they hired you
Right when you make a sale, ask your customer, "What motivated you to do business with me?" If they say they saw your videos and that they were the number one reason they reached out to you, that's 100% ROI. If they say something else - that they heard you on the radio, for example - ask a followup question: "Well, did my educational videos play a role in motivating you to do business with me?" People may hear of you through an ad or a referral, but it might have been their online research that ended up really motivating them to call you. If you're only following the original lead source, you're only getting part of the story - so you need to dive a little bit deeper. You need to ask them if they watched your videos and whether they made a difference in their decision to hire you. 

Tip #3: Track your repeat and referral business
When you start a marketing plan, or in this case the Vyral Marketing plan, you need to record how many sales came from your database in the last 12 months. When you start with Vyral Marketing, you need to track those numbers - if there is an increase in repeat and referral sales and the only thing you did differently was the Vyral program, that's great. There is a really good chance Vyral was the reason behind the increase in sales, but you'll never know unless you follow the preceding steps!

If you haven't started sending videos to your database, you're missing out on a great opportunity to generate more leads for your business. That's why we challenge you to pick up a webcam and record your very first educational video by simply answering a customer question you receive all the time. Give it a try and post it here on our YouTube channel as a video reply. We'll have a coach take a look at it and give you some feedback on how you can make it better next time.

If you like what you see, we invite you to reach out to us and request a free consultation with a senior partner here at our firm to see if Vyral Marketing is the right fit for your business. We'll do all the work for you. We simply interview you to help you create content that will help you make a meaningful connection with your database. 

What results can you expect? Depending on your goals and the needs of your business, we can help you determine that over a simple phone call.

Or, if you want more free tips to help grow your business with web video, to market your passion and expertise so you can reach more people and impact more lives - subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook, or sign up for our weekly newsletter, which is packed with examples of our clients doing this system and having great success.

We challenge you to scale your impact!

We're Excited to Launch New Clients The Bizzy Blondes Real Estate Team

When founders Rae Wayne and Judy Sheller teamed up to create the Bizzy Blondes in 1990, they knew they were on to something special. They were pioneers in the industry, developing a ground-breaking team approach unheard of in L.A. real estate at the time. Rae and Judy continued to expand and innovate, adopting the most modern selling tools and nurturing a new breed of agents specialized in creating the ultimate client experience, each and every time.

Before joining Vyral Marketing, The Bizzy Blondes Real Estate Team struggled to stay connected with past clients. Her team is currently doing 60 million in sales volume, but feel they could be doing better. They joined Vyral to get back in touch with their database to achieve an increase in volume to 100+ million. 

Both their company and their team are widely recognized for their high level of service. The Bizzy Blondes Team has helped over 2,600 Westside LA buyers and sellers walk away happy with our full scale real estate services. Their guiding principles have allowed them to create exceptional relationships with their clients and deliver outstanding results.

MARKETING TAINING REPLAY: Vyral Marketing Weekly Team Training

RSVP for Next Week's Event:

In this week's Vyral Marketing Team Training you'll learn...

0:50 How to properly set up chrome accounts the right way and to avoid installing mallicious software on your computer
1:30 A walkthrough on how to set up a chrome user profile
4:00 How to avoid installing mallicious programs on your chrome account
5:40 How to avoid downloading mallicious software from the internet
7:30 The advantages of having chrome user profiles
9:15 Mike talks about ideal email writing
10:30 Going through the email structure
14:45 Kaitlyn Goes over how to make a quality screen shot for our youtube videos
16:15 How to add a custom thumbnail to a youtube channel
19:05 video specific emails to client questions
21:20 How to implement client questions into your videos
24:22 Bryce talks about typography and how to choose the right font for your media
33:30 Examples of typography in our blogs

October 23, 2014

GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped Greg sell his home in 4 days by going above and beyond across the board

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client John Mikesh on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with his client after the sale to help him increase social proof and gather more online reviews.

"The property sold in 4 days and I was real impressed. He was very professional and really thorough. We were able to do a lot via email and DocuSign which made everything go very quickly. He was punctual, quick to react, and just went above and beyond across the board."

See audio testimonial here

Take a look at all the testimonials we published for our clients this week: 

Bob Guest: "How we helped Susan with her real estate needs by staying on top of the details"
Paul Vyhnalek: "How we helped Mary buy a home by always making himself available"
Martin Millner: "How we helped Xiaoxian sell her home by providing her a supreme quality of service"
Mary Peacock: "How we helped Rick sell his home within two weeks"
Michael Perna: "How we helped Jamie sell her home quickly with our persistence"
AJ Hazzi: "How we helped Cody with his real estate needs by being helpful throughout the entire process"
Robbie Breaux: "How we helped Chuck sell his home by getting things done and our negotiation skills"
Tim Majka: "How we helped Philip with his real estate needs by providing a lot of options"
Tim Majka: "How we helped Will with his real estate transaction by always being accessible"
Tim Majka: "How we helped Courtney with his real estate needs by going above and beyond"
Eric Burch: "How we helped Becky sell her home - by always keeping her up to date with the sale"
Shawn Culhane: "How we helped Marcie sell her home with our professionalism"
Shawn Culhane: "How we helped Arthur with his real estate needs by acting fast and helping him"
Shawn Culhane: "How we helped Janet sell her home by being prepared and ready to go when she was ready"
Jeff Cook: "How we helped Jeff buy a home by going above and beyond"
Todd Martin: "How we helped first time home buyer Cory with our great negotiation skills"
Todd Martin: "How we helped Mike purchase a new home by going above and beyond in the home search process"