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May 22, 2015

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

Thank you for your excellent feedback from our first 30 minute client training on how to retarget all your leads and website visitors on Facebook.

What future client training topics do you want? My ideas include…

How to Use a GoPro to Shoot Neighborhood Video Tours
How to Retarget Website Visitors with YouTube Advertisements
How to Get Your Client to Email Their Database About You
How to Write & Mail a Monthly Print Client Newsletter
How to Promote Your Upcoming Client Appreciation Event Online

This is a great format for extra strategies – I test out an idea with a client, and if it works, I hold a live training on the topic which you can do yourself or ask your Success Coach for help based on the training video I made.

I’m working on the GoPro system now. Vyral Client Adrienne Lally is sending me footage of Hawaii and we’re systematizing the process to be seamless for you.

Here are the results so far from the Facebook advertising…

We’ve spent $231 and 7,953 leads and website visitors have seen Vyral Client Goran Forss’s Barbara Corcoran commercial an average of 5 times on Facebook @ $0.04 per view over the past 3 weeks – really, really inexpensive.

Here’s what the ad looks like:

And he’s received at least 1 solid lead since I last checked:

The goal, in my opinion, of retargeting your database and website visitors on Facebook is not for lead generation, but to improve conversion when you call since they now know who you are from seeing you on Facebook.

This, of course, is harder to measure - but you’ll feel it on the phone for sure.

We don’t run Facebook ads for you at Vyral Marketing currently, but we’re happy to help you set it up one-time. Ask your Success Coach, who has watched the client training video, and who can bring me into your next call for more advice if needed.

Your marketing expenses should never exceed 10% of your revenue (10x ROI), so if you have extra room in the budget, this could be a valuable investment.

Remember, our “extra strategies” complement The Vyral Marketing Plan of asking for email addresses, sending out 2 educational Q&A videos a month people want, and calling the people who watch them to look for feedback and referrals.

Watch the core Vyral Marketing Plan training videos here. >

Do a great job with your two videos a month as your foundation, and then we can work on extra strategies to accelerate your results.

The weekly newsletter we send out covers a lot of tips; best video topics of the week, hangouts with successful clients, and more so you can get the most from the core plan.

Vyral Client Darren James Success Story

I also just want to thank you for your success stories – here’s what Darren James said about his results with Vyral marketing so far:

"The one [lead source] that has been tried and true every single month, consistent and persistent with their messages with the value-added content we're delivering to clients, has been the Vyral Marketing program. Our GCI last year was $2.8 million. I can't attribute it to one source, but I can attribute a lot of that $2.8 million GCI to the Vyral Marketing program. There was absolutely no hesitation what-so-ever in hiring you guys. It's one of the best decisions I've made in my business. "

Listen to his voicemail and see examples of his marketing here. >

I’m back to work next week after a wonderful wedding and relaxing honeymoon in Maui. If there’s anything I can help you with, or any feedback for me on how we can improve and get you better and faster results – let me know.

I have a whole checklist here to implement for you, most importantly, getting John out of a management role and Scott out of sales so they can get on the phones with you to find out more problems we can solve.

The quarterly theme is a more valuable, proactive phone communication with you.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for being a Vyral Marketing client!

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

How Realtor Mike Hicks Attracted Real Estate Investors to Buy Multiple Properties with Video

"Video's supposed to be the new wave, and if it were just up to me, I wouldn't get it done. I have you and Amy in charge of it, and you guys get it scheduled and taken care of. It really is like having someone else manage the program to make sure it happens. Just the fact that it gets done. You're reliable, responsive when I want changes, and you're proactive with your suggestions."

- Vyral Client Mike Hicks

[Full transcription below]

Leah: What results have you seen on the Vyral Marketing program?

Mike: One of the obvious things is that the clients are getting something from me, they hadn't been getting things before. The video that got the greatest results was the video with the investors. There's four folks that have surfaced who are interested in acquiring investment properties, and one of them will end up with multiple properties. That one video will end up paying for the program.

Leah: How do you measure results with regards to ROI?

Mike: It's surfaced business. We've been running for our lives just in reactive mode, so one of the things we have not been doing is following up with the open and click report. Once we get done with our next hire, we'll be able to follow up with those folks. I really haven't had any time to do that. Anything that's come of that has been people who have called after an email. So pursuit has not been happening, and pursuit alone would alter the results again.

Leah: I know you already mentioned the one investment video you sent, but are there any other stories about how this has helped your business further?

Mike: Some of it's just been running into clients and they say that they're watching the videos. We're staying top of mind.

Leah: Why did you hire Vyral Marketing to start with?

Mike: Just as a different method of contact. Video's supposed to be the new wave, and if it were just up to me, I wouldn't get it done. I have you and Amy in charge of it, and you guys get it scheduled and taken care of. It really is like having someone else manage the program to make sure it happens.

Leah: Related to that question, why hire Vyral Marketing instead of doing this yourself?

Mike: Exactly the same answer. I just couldn't rely on my own discipline to do it and measure the metrics and see the results.

Leah: What fears did you have before signing up?

Mike: I don't think I had any, really. I know people might be nervous about making the videos, but I've been speaking in front of groups for a long time, so the camera didn't intimidate me. If I had anything at all, I'd say I was nervous about coming up with 26 topics per year that everyone would be interested in. But it's not a matter of finding topics for everyone, it's a matter of varying the topics so they reach out to as many people as possible.

Leah: What do you like the most about working with us?

Mike: Just the fact that it gets done. You're reliable, responsive when I want changes, and you're proactive with your suggestions.

Amy: I like your follow through as well. Even with something as simple as keeping our database updated, your follow through has been really nice to work with.

Leah: Thanks, I appreciate that. What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring us?

Mike: Stay on the fence. [laughs] Really, it's just a matter of making the decision to commit to it. When you're paying for it, you think, "I may as well make it work."

Leah: Are there any tips you could offer someone to be successful at working with us?

Mike: I don't know anything other than just work through the suggestions you all make. Understand your own market, try to understand the topics that might be appealing to people, and be willing to experiment a little bit in order to find what does and doesn't work.

Leah: If you could sum up your experience in one sentence, what would it be?

Mike: I think it's been a great opportunity to get back in front of clients who I don't have time to reach out to on a personal letter, and I think that a video is more personal than an email.

[End of transcription]





May 21, 2015

We're Excited to Launch New Clients Robin and David Phillips

Vyral Clients Robin & David Phillips 
Robin and David Phillips are agents from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The Phillips Realty Group was founded to change the way buyers and sellers work with their real estate agents. They are experienced, trustworthy agents who work with their clients' best interests in mind.

Vyral Coach Kristin Berry
Robin and David were awesome to work with during the launch process. They were prompt in getting us everything we needed and were always ready for the next step. I am very excited to continue to work with Robin and David and help get them results!




GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped Deb sell her home by always being professional

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Kevin Yoder on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with his client after the sale to help him increase social proof and gather more online reviews.

"They were responsive and on top of things throughout the entire process. They are an extremely professional organization, and we were very pleased in working with them."

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May 19, 2015

EMAIL OF THE WEEK: What's in Store for Silicon Valley Real Estate in 2015?

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