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August 20, 2014

How Vyral Client Lorie Gould Got 14 Deals in 6 Months with The Vyral Marketing System

Vyral Client Lorie Gould
"I have 14 closed deals in the pipeline directly from my education-based customer database marketing in only 6 months. We immediately see results after an email is sent out due to the number of replies from buyers and sellers we may have never even spoken to!" -- Vyral Client Lorie Gould

Vyral Client Lorie Gould, a top Atlanta real estate agent, shares how she measures her direct return on investment of her Vyral Marketing by tracking her sources of business. Her entire investment was recovered in 2 short months because prospects found her videos online and replied back to her educational emails. Her big “ah-ha” was to include all of her leads in on her emails in addition to her close relationships of past clients, customers, and people she met.

Lorie's a great example of following The Vyral Marketing System of adding as many people as you can to your database, shooting 2 videos a month like clockwork, and calling the people who click the links in your emails for priority follow-up.

Great work Lorie! You are an example of everyone to follow for results.


Frank: So, Lorie what results have you seen on Vyral Marketing program?

Lorie: Well, I have seen fabulous results so far as past clients really responding to the videos. And it’s really fun. Because when the video goes out, then you just start getting all these reply emails. So, it’s fun to watch. And we know exactly when it went out just because of all the reply emails that we get.

And so through the Masterminds that you guys have had – Mega Agents and Family Reunion and so forth - I picked up a lot of great tips from people that have been clients of yours for along time. Now so we started taking all of our leads and sending them over to our Get Vyral database so that the videos started going out to everybody.

And we immediately started seeing results from that with buyers we have never even spoken to, sellers that we never spoken to that just maybe found us through Zillow or Trulia and just saw a listing of ours. Then they started responding to the videos. And we started getting them preapproved and going on listing appointments.

So I can tell you that literally when we started utilizing it, we had immediate results. So last year was paid for from the few deals that we did at the end of the year. So it’s as a result of what we started in October. And then we already more than paid for it this year with closed transactions directly as a result of Get Vyral and just popping all of our leads in there.

People are loving the videos. And at this point I’m starting to get people calling me saying, I want you to come list my house. We want to get pre approved. I loved your video. And in addition to that of them receiving it, we are getting calls from people who are seeing it on YouTube and other things like that.
So it’s actually really exciting. And I can just feel it just building and building and building upon itself. So it’s very exciting.

Frank: Well, that’s great. Thanks for all those – that’s good to hear. So tell me, how do you know it’s from Vyral Marketing and you wouldn't have received that business otherwise?

Lorie: Because we ask all of – you know, our callers where they found us on there. As far as past clients, we do a lot of repeats and a lot of referrals. And so all of my past clients, they call me The Video Star. They call and they tell me they really love the videos. And they respond that to them via email.

And as result of those, we have people who have been their leasing their homes for the past couple of years because they were waiting for the market to get better. And they are now like, Okay. Now I want to list it now and get it done. So we always ask to track where the leads come from.

So it’s real exciting. So we know if somebody actually saw the video just on YouTube just by doing whatever search they do and they find us just by the key words that you guys put in to the description. And we know that’s a result because they received a video, because we pulled them from Zillow or Tulia or or any of our website leads and popped them in to your database so they can receive the video.
So we know exactly where they are coming from.

Frank: So what would you say your return on investment has been on the Vyral Marketing program?

Lorie: Oh my gosh. I mean last year just when we started it, we really got into October. I mean like I said - I mean that paid for it for all the time that I paid for it last year plus some. And that just in those couple of months that we did it in 2013.

Frank: Do you know how many deals you got because of Vyral Marketing?

Lorie: From the time that we started in October to the end of the year, we closed three.

Frank: Okay. Good.

Lorie: But that just the short period of time because that point I think we were only like talking what? Maybe 5, 6 videos? Tops? Not even actually for looking at October November because they close by the end of the year. So we’re talking very few videos got that kind of result.

Frank: Two or three emails got you three listings.

Lorie: Exactly. And this year through 1st quarter we are right at probably about six closed transactions as a result. And I can tell you that I’ve got about four or five listings right now that are active as a result of it. And the phone is just ringing off the hook.

Frank: Well, that’s fantastic.

Lorie: I mean – literally it’s a lot of fun. Yeah.

Frank: How has Vyral Marketing changed your business then? Has it changed it?

Lorie: It has changed it. Well, when I originally met you, I was really in need of an up-to-date 33-touch program. You know to really keep in touch with past clients that put my space out there and give my message out there. And so I wanted something that was different than what other people were doing.

And I knew video was really big but I don’t – I wanted something very professional. And so I was immediately drawn to what you guys do because it’s just a great website on there. And the videos are great. And you guys edit them. And it was – it just makes it turnkey.

All I have to do is shoot the video with all my bloopers and blunders. And all of that. And you guys clean it up and send it out. So it’s very easy versus me having to do all that myself, you know, on the air. So to me it’s just a great 33 touch program. The past clients are loving it.

And I never – when I originally signed up I never thought to pump all the leads in there. Like I said as a result of going to the client things that you have and being able to network with agents that are doing far larger volumes than I’m doing and learning how they‘ve utilized it and how it’s grown their business, I immediately came back and implemented that. So, we started sending all of our leads to you guys. And it’s just – it’s amazing to see what’s happening. So I’m real excited about it.

Frank: Okay. So, tell me what are doing to make the program successful? Rather what would you recommend someone does so they see the same results as you?

Lorie: Well, not wait as long as I did to get going on there. And to really listen to the coach that‘s available to you and follow up on that. And not – when we first started I scheduled and we shot the videos - you guys helped me shoot the videos through my computer because I was very video reluctant on that. So you just have to start doing it.

And pick your great topics. And you guys send out topics to talk about. Various things like that. Also calling back. You guys send a lead sheet on all the people that clicked on one of the links. And following up on those. As a matter of fact I got a listing this week. I’m following up on one of those because it’s from the video that just went out. On the air we‘re still working that list.

So, I can say from – I have pages – literally pages of leads from the last video that we sent out where people then clicked on a link for wanting more information on something or whether it will be about their house value or looking for property. And so I then take those sheets and I give them to the proper people on the team.
So, I’ve got my ISA calling the seller leads. And I’ve got my buyer’s agent calling the buyer leads.

Frank: Great.

Lorie: And we have pages of them.

Frank: Great. So, why do you pay the premium for us versus doing it yourself or hiring someone cheaper?

Lorie: Because you guys give phenomenal service and a phenomenal product. The website’s fabulous. You guys put it all on YouTube. I mean it’s turnkey. So for a very little time on a monthly basis, I’m getting all this business. I mean it’s an unbelievable return on investment.

Where else can you say? It doesn’t even take an hour to shoot several videos. So, typically in an hour of video, we’re probably going to get six videos just out of that. So for an hour of time to get a minimum of one closing a month. But obviously it’s going to end up being 5, 10, 15 more closings a month if you’re putting all your leads in there. Where else are going to get that type of return investment? You’re not.

Frank: Sure. Was there anything else you want to say to someone who’s maybe on the fence about hiring Vyral Marketing?

Lorie: Literally they just need to come sit in my office and watch a video go out and watch all of the return emails come in of people wanting additional information, wanting to schedule an appointment, wanting to get pre-approved. I mean it’s instant. It is literally that instant.

So if you want a top quality service where you can shoot a video, have all your mistakes in there and somebody else cut them all out and send it out and have a huge return investment, you can’t even hesitate.

And I wish I would have found you guys a lot earlier. Because it’s just – I mean it’s great. It’s phenomenal.

And I tell everybody about it. Yeah.

Frank: Well, Lorie I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks a lot for your time.

Lorie: Absolutely, anytime.

August 19, 2014

Welcome New Client Tracy Paulsen

Vyral Client Tracy Paulsen
Scott: How did you hear about us?

Tracy: I've been mainly a new construction guy all my life, 35 years. The new construction market really crashed so in 2010 I jumped into coaching and I started doing all these things like following the top agents all over the country - on Facebook, webinars, etc. And then all of a sudden I see this Get Vyral thing. I kept seeing it more and more - and I knew I had to modernize myself and get more marketing. I've been doing business the old fashion way, so it's time to change.

Scott: What agents were you following?

Tracy: Greg Harrelson, Jeff Quinton, I've heard of Monica Diaz - I think I sat behind her the other day at an event. A video of hers I saw the other day really hit home because I was getting sick of this business. It got to the point where I wanted to get out. She went on and explained what her experience was and it made me realize that there are people out there selling more homes and working fewer hours. I'm not doing it right way, I'm doing it the old fashion way.

Scott: Summarize where you are with your business right now and what your goals are for this year and down the road...

Tracy: Long term I just want to get this more organized. I would like to get to the point where people are calling me and asking to list their house for them, rather than me doing the really old fashioned type of selling. I'm getting burnt out. I want to get modernized because I know this is where the world is going. Everybody loves video. You guys are attractive to me because you offer a coach. I need someone to help through the process - let me know what I'm doing right, doing wrong, what I need to change.

Scott: Tell me a little bit about your database - how many people do you have in there?

Tracy: I talked to my part-time assistant the other day about it. My database is pretty small because I didn't keep email addresses. I kept names, addresses, and some phone numbers. Now I'm going to have to start going back and calling people and letting them know I have some updates and need to get their emails. I'm going to get a lot of new emails, going to start working that hard.

Scott: How do you generate business now? What has been working well for you in your business?

Tracy: I do represent a builder, so that has been my number one source of income. I don't want to have to rely on that. I had two builders in 2010 that I'd worked with for 10 years but one retired and the other decided to list with his daughter. I'd love to not have to work on Sundays, be able to have a weekend off sometime. I admire these people that are selling 100 homes or more and they have lives, take vacations. They make a good income and don't have to work as much.

Scott: What results are you expecting by working with us?

Tracy: With as little as I've been doing, I'm thinking I could double my business. I think with your marketing it's going to be a lot easier to stand out. Being in a smaller town like Omaha, a lot of people don't know about, or aren't using this kind of technology. 

Welcome New Client Kathy Vallee

Vyral Client Kathy Vallee
Scott: Tell me a little bit about your team structure.

Kathy: It's a small team. It is my husband and a couple of part time administration staff.

Scott: What are you projections for the amount of deals you'll do this year?

Kathy: We are aiming to do about 100 and we are pretty consistent year in and year out with those numbers.

Scott: What's your average selling price?

Kathy: Probably around $215,000 obviously there is always a range of price.

Scott: Tell me a little bit about your database - how many total contacts do you think you might have?

Kathy: Around 700 – but that is not including all of our social media so there could be a lot more.

Scott: How are you staying in touch with them?

Kathy: Our Company has a pretty robust housing market update that we put out to them, mostly email. It's not custom, it's just housing reports based on the area they live in. We also do seasonal emails - for birthdays and holidays.

Scott: What do you see as your biggest marketing challenge?

Kathy: Doing it all. Getting it where it needs to go. We have a custom website and a Boomtown website, which has bothered me because, if you’re not an inbound client, all the content they create goes away - I'm not a fan of that.  I know videos are what we need to do - we need to create custom content that won't go away.

Scott: How did you hear about us?

Kathy: I signed up for a workshop last year but I was unable to attend because of timing and I have been following everything Vyral has been doing and now is the right time to implement this into our business.

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We’d like to congratulate Vyral Client Max Nizamov in Calgary, AB on having the best performing topic this week, achieving a 31% open rate and a 10% click rate. “What is Your Calgary Home Worth in Today's Market?"

Here are the other 4 top performing email topics this week:

Betsy Voegtlin (Fairfax, VA) "How to Determine the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home" 
Adam Butler (Kansas City, KS) "Would You Like to go to a Chiefs Game on Us?" 
Peterson Goff (Sioux Falls, SD) "How to Utilize Social Media to Grow your Business"
Mario Romero (Phoenix, AZ) "Meet the Folks Behind the Wonderful Restaurant Vovomeena!"

Success Call Excerpt: For the Week of August 19th

Vyral Client Thomas March
Listen to this excerpt from Vyral Success Coach Jason McMillan as he coaches Client Thomas March on successfully combining Happy Grasshopper drip campaigns with Vyral's program to attain the maximum amount of exposure for his recruiting and video blog.

Jason: Hey Thomas how are you?

Thomas: Good, Good, Good.

So, I think I told you we've hired Happy Grasshopper to do email campaigns for us on the recruiting and they come up with a couple of different campaigns for your sphere of influence for buyers, sellers and recruiting. Then, because we are doing this recruiting blog it just kind of ties into things. And it's not cheap what they're charging, but they broke it down into some monthly payments for me, so it's handable in that regards. Ben Kinney was talking about how it has helped him and their business and a couple of other people I've heard about it from. I said, you know, because I've been having trouble, and we've talked about this before, with email campaigns that actually work and sending the message out differently. It ties into what we're doing, anyhow with our video blog.

Jason: For sure, for sure. It will be a nice complement to it, absolutely.

Thomas: Yeah and so I just thought this was a missing component and it kind of goes all in line with what we're doing at Vyral and then with this. Obviously with their background in sending out thousands of emails and the responses they're getting over the past 3 or 4 years. You know, they kind of know what's working just like going to you guys, so I think the combination of the two things is going to be really powerful. That's just my opinion.

Jason: I think so too. I think that that's great. I would just love to see what we have in those drip campaigns just so that we can keep the message, you know especially for the recruiting one, kind of keep the message consistent with it, but also make sure that we're providing new content and value in each email that we send out, so that we're consistent, but not overlapping with the drip and then the video emails. Once you have those, once they have them drawn out for you, go ahead and just send them over my way and we'll take a look at them.

Thomas: I'd appreciate it.

Jason: Okay, absolutely love it. We'll be on the look out and thank you for your time, Thomas. And like I said if you need anything else from me just let me know sir.

Thomas: Alright, I appreciate your time man. Have a great day.

Jason: You too. Take care.