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September 29, 2014

Welcome New Client Ben Martin

Vyral Client Ben Martin
Scott: How did you hear about Vyral Marketing?

Ben: I think maybe through someone on radio or television. I don't know exactly where I heard about you.

Scott: What motivated you to get on a call with us?

Ben: I know videos can be a great way to generate more traffic and provide more value to our clients. Nobody in our area is doing anything with video marketing consistently, and I wanted another way to reach my clients.

Scott: Summarize to me where you're at with your business now, and what would your ideal business look like?

Ben: Right now, year-to-date, we've done just under $9 million in sales and we'll finish off somewhere between 12 and 13 million this year with roughly 60 or 65 transactions. As far as our ideal business, we have a 5 year goal of doing 500 transactions a year, and we are one year into that.

Scott: What would your position be at that point?

Ben: At that point, I would be mostly working on other ways to market and grow the team in other areas.

Scott: How many people do you have in your database?

Ben:  Close to 4000.

Scott: How many of those people do you truly know? How many are people that you could call and ask for a referral?

Ben: Let's say 350.

Scott: What are you doing now, as far as marketing goes? What works or doesn't work?

Ben:  The type of marketing we are doing right now, with our database, is all phone calls. That's pretty much it.

Scott. Why did you hire us? Why not do this yourself, in-house?

Ben: Well, the biggest reason why is that when I calculate my dollar per hour activity, it would cost me too much money to do it myself. I hired you because I liked the idea and I liked the concept of Vyral Marketing. I think it's unique. It fulfills my desire to have more of a video presence online and it gives me the ability to post my blogs on my different websites. For $550 a month, you just can't beat that.

Scott: What does success look like to you, within the Vyral Marketing plan?

Ben: You guys set a goal of a 10x ROI, but I'd like to see a 30x ROI. I don't think that's wishful thinking. I think it's something that could absolutely happen.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: What's Happening in Glendora and Upland?

We’d like to congratulate Vyral Client Paul Vyhnalek in Glendora, CA with the best video of the week, scoring 19.5 out of 22 points (88.6%) on the perfect video checklist. “What's Happening in Glendora and Upland?" 

See the live video here

Nice job, Paul! You remained clear and to the point on your video all the way through. Your call to action was great, but needs to go at the beginning of your video after you introduce yourself and state your topic. The video would look better if you were zoomed in a little further and showed more emphasis on your key points to be more engaging. Remember to remain conversational and keep smiling all the way through the video. Good work, Paul! We are looking forward to seeing more videos like this!

Ideal Videography (10 points)

(yes) Is the audio clear and strong?
(yes) Did you record 16:9 widescreen at least 720p?
(yes) Does the video and the audio sync (lips match voice)?
(yes) Are you off-center in the frame for graphics (rule of thirds)?
(no) Are you zoomed in to fill 1/3 of the frame?
(yes) Are you looking slightly up or directly at the camera?
(yes) Did you remove all background noise?
(yes) Did you remove all background light (i.e. close the window)?
(yes) Do you have a light source shining on you (ideally outdoor)?
(yes) Is the background simple as not to distract from the message?

Ideal Presentation (8 points)

(yes) Is your video under 3 minutes in length?
(yes) Did you introduce yourself and what you do first?
(yes) Did you state the point of the video second (and the benefit)?
(1/2) Did you give a quick call to action third?
(1/2) Are you enthusiastic in your presentation (show emotion/smiling)?
(1/2) Are you conversational and not obviously reading a script?
(yes) Do you look at the camera the entire time?
(yes) Did you share 1 specific, clear idea (ideally Q&A)?

Ideal Editing (4 points)

(yes) Are the video transitions smooth?
(yes) Did we include a brief animation logo introduction?
(yes) Did we include graphical text on key points?
(yes) Did we include your contact information on a lower third?

+BONUS Points (4 points)

(no) Did we use jump cuts to keep the video moving and tight?
(no) Did we zoom in for a close up portrait to emphasis important points?
(no) Did we include client approved background music from YouTube library?

(no) Did we include client provided B-roll of pictures or slides?

September 26, 2014

NEW EPISODE: How to Get More Online Reviews

Let's say you're following the Vyral Marketing Plan and sending out educational videos to build trust and authority with your database. Perhaps, on your website, you've also put a powerful presentation of your value presentation of why someone should hire you. But there's still something missing to really convince prospects to buy your product or service. You need success stories to prove to your prospects you have the solution to their problem

Online reviews serve as proof that your product or service is the solution to your prospects' problems. But how do you go about collecting success stories? How do you make sure they're effective? And how do you get a system down to consistently get a success story every time you work with a customer or client?

Today, we have 4 great tips to do help you do just that:

Step #1: Set expectations up front

Say up front you would like a testimonial or review if you provide great service. You don't want to wait until the end of the transaction or sale to ask for a review; because you haven't set that expectation, it might catch people off guard and leave them feeling uncomfortable. Right when a prospect commits to buying from you, simply say: "If I provide you great service, if you're really happy with our product or service, would you be willing to give us a testimonial or a review at the end of the transaction?" Nine times out of 10 they will say "Yes." That it shows how committed you are to providing great service is an added bonus!

Step #2: Deliver remarkable service

How do you measure remarkable service? WE suggest using something called the Net Promoter Score - it's a fantastic concept you can learn more about online. The beautiful thing about it is it's only one simple question. At the end of the transaction you ask: "On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to refer to us?" Those who give a 9 or 10 are your promoters, they're the the people you're looking for when you ask that question. So, at the end of every sale, ask it and seek testimonials from those who give you a 9 or a 10.

Step #3: Conduct an interview

This is an important step before sending your promoters to your online review site, but it's really simple. Pull out your cellphone and record a phone interview. You can prompt them to give a great review by saying: "Tell me what problem you had before hiring us, the success you've had working with us, and what you're able to do now." The best way to get great answers from your best clients is to us the "Mess, Turning Point, Success" framework. Have them focus on the problem they had and how you fixed it. Once you've completed the interview, you own the review - it's your asset. At this point you have coached them, subconsciously, on how to write a powerful review for you online that will help you generate new business.

Step #4: Ask for the review

This is the easiest step. You've now set the expectation up front, earned a 9 or 10 promoter score from the client, and interviewed them to capture their story, which you now own. All you have to do now is ask for a review. If you have a waiting room, provide a computer or a tablet that's already on the site you want them to leave the review on. Additionally, after the transaction, it's a good idea to have a series of two or three emails that go out saying, "Hey, would you be so kind as to leave an online review for us? Here are a few examples of great reviews to model yours on." This will give them more ideas and will prompt them to write an effective review. Once you do that, you'll start getting a lot more reviews, more people will see the proof that you're really great at what you do, and you'll be able to help a lot more people!

In sum: before you begin doing business with someone, set expectations up front. Follow through by delivering remarkable service and ask them one simple question to see how likely they are to refer you. Then, interview clients who gave you a 9 or 10 promoter score and follow up with those people, making sure they left a review on the site you wanted them to. That's it!

Once you have proof of past success, people start coming to you with their problems. It's an easy way to generate leads with minimal effort. In fact, we want to congratulate two of our great clients in the Greater Los Angeles area who are sending out their powerful videos every two weeks, and they're getting great results. The reviews on Jay Campbell and Monica Diaz's sites are of such a high quality that people are coming to them asking for help, which is a great lead source for their service!

If you're not shooting web videos for your database, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field and generate more business. We challenge you to pick up a webcam and answer a customer question you're frequently asked. Post it here on our YouTube channel as a video reply, on our Facebook, or send it to us through our website to get feedback from our coaches.

If you like the results, we invite you to sit down with a senior partner of our firm for a free consultation. At Vyral Marketing, we do all the work for you. All you need to do is sit down and get interviewed by us. We'll edit the footage to make an educational video full of content your database will find valuable.

Or, if you want more free tips to help grow your business with web video, to market your passion and expertise so you can reach more people and impact more lives - subscribe to our YouTube channel, podcast, follow us on Facebook, and sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Take action and start scaling your impact today!

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Frank Klesitz

I want to give you an update on our plan to write 100% custom follow up sequences for you.

Like I said last week, your follow up emails must be so good people are willing to pay money to receive them – most of what I’ve seen written by others does not pass this test.

You’ll get better results if you send better, more useful emails to your prospects.

These very specific follow up campaigns compliment (do not replace) your 2 timely, educational videos a month to everyone in your database.

Your follow up sequences are working when you hear this:

“Thank you by the way for sending me such valuable information! I was hesitant about taking your call, but since you’ve been so helpful – I want to talk to you.”

So here’s the plan…

1. You tell us what sequence you want written
2. We schedule a time to interview you (60-90min)
3. We write the outline with bullet points (1 week)
4. We write the first draft (1 week)
5. We write the final draft (1 week)
6. We load into your autoresponder (1 week)

We feel we can write a custom follow up sequence personalized to your local market, prospect, or customer in about 30 days.

We’ll have a call weekly to go over the progress of the writing.

As of right now, we’re going to write these on a first come, first serve at no charge for our clients. Availability is limited to how many our writers feel they can complete at one time, which is to be determined.

We’re going to publish these on our website to showcase our 100% custom lead-conversion campaign writing, and once we have this small library of examples and proof of results, we’ll hire more writers and charge a small fee to cover their time.

If you want to work with us to write a hyper-specific follow up sequence, contact your Success Coach who will set up a time for your first interview.

I am personally overseeing and editing each sequence at this time.

Next week we have our second call with Vyral Client Thomas March to go over his outline, and we expect to have the first draft done by late next week…I’ll send the final draft for you to review in an upcoming message.

I’m excited to see what we can create together.

We meet every week to talk about what else we can do to help you solve more problems in your business. Let me know how else we can help.

Have a great weekend,

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

MARKETING TRAINING REPLAY: The Hiring and Retention Systems at Vyral Marketing

RSVP for Next Week's Event:

In this week's Vyral Marketing Team Training, we're covering The Hiring and Retention Systems at Vyral Marketing. You'll learn...

1:00 How Vyral Marketing finds hourly and entry level employees
2:30 Coaches explain their day to day operations
4:30 Dan Schmidt discusses the role of Success Manager for the Coach
6:00 The training of Vyral Marketing's Success Managers
9:30 Matt Johnson talks about the training of Coaches
13:20 Scott Sillari and John McMillan talk about the retention of employees
17:30 Scott Sillari discusses how he was hired at Vyral marketing and why he continues to stay at Vyral Marketing
20:00 John McMillan discusses the potential for employees at Vyral Marketing
21:30 John McMillan talks about the importance of 411 meetings with employees and sharing ideas
23:00 John McMillan discusses open bookeeping and profit sharing of employees
27:30 Allison McMickell talks about why she was hired and why she continues to work at Vyral Marketing
29:30 Dan Schmidt talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
32:30 Leah Johnson talks about why she was hired and why she continues to work at Vyral Marketing
34:20 Matt Johnson talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
36:00 Chris Dryden talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
38:30 Mark Waring talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
40:20 Scott Hollingsworth talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
42:00 Bryce Stradling talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
44:30 Chelsea Stockton talks about why she was hired and her training as a new employee
46:30 Sarah Pfeifer talks about why she was hired and her training at Vyral Marketing
48:00 John McMillan discusses his interviewing process
50:30 Mike Gottschalk talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
51:10 Jack Haley talks about why he was hired and why he continues to work at Vyral Marketing
53:30 John McMillan discusses past employees and helping them with their career goals
56:00 John McMillan talks about how the employees care about the growth of the company