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April 17, 2014

Welcome Vyral Client Jeff Cook!

Vyral Client Jeff Cook
Charleston real estate agent Jeff Cook sold 291 homes in 2013 at an average selling price of $198,000. With a team of 18 people, 13 of those people in sales, their goal is to open a third location and sell 400 homes by this time next year.

“Most of our business comes from helping new sellers and buyers who call us from our advertising”, says Jeff. “We have 850 past clients in our customer database, and only 4 months ago we starting mailing out a monthly newsletter to stay in better touch.”

“This one print newsletter, mailed with postage, takes about 8 hours to create and costs about $1200 a month”, says Jeff. His newsletters include articles, market stats, employee spotlights, recipes, Sudoku, and a ‘Message from Jeff.’

How Vyral Client Ken Pozek Attracts Affluent Home Sellers with Educational Video Database Marketing

“In 45 days I have 7 deals directly from Vyral Marketing for $84,000 in commissions. That’s measurable ROI; and the affluent crowd I thought wouldn't like my videos are the very people sharing them!”

Michigan real estate agent Ken Pozek talks to 80-100 people a month about real estate to find people he can help, mostly higher end executives in a very affluent market (average $395k selling price). He was concerned the “higher-end” market would not appreciate his videos. Now, his clients are asking him to do business interviews they enjoy his videos so much! From his first few emails (under 45 days into the program), Ken has put 7 high-end deals into his sales pipeline which at his price point is upward to $84,000 in commissions directly generated from Vyral Marketing. He has 1 client he was “mailing every month consistently for 3 years” who responded to his videos, and not the mailers. The biggest benefit he says about Vyral Marketing is we keep him up to date on the best topics to share with his database, as well as keeping him informed of the latest marketing that’s working for top producing real estate agents around the country. “I used to send out emails all the time and get like a zero response, but with Vyral Marketing we can track it and it works.”

April 16, 2014

How to Leverage The Social Networks Of Your Employees or Salespeople for Faster Results

So you’re committed to The Vyral Marketing System.

You’ve exported all the emails from your email account, your contact management systems (CRM), online lead generation systems, your LinkedIn contacts, and your Facebook contacts.

You're scheduling 1 appointment a month with yourself (or your Vyral Marketing Success Coach) to record 2 short educational Q&A tips for your database.

And you’re calling the people who watch your videos to ask for referrals and repeat business.

But how can you increase your exposure faster than just asking everyone you talk to for an email address?

Leverage the social networks of your team!

It’s simple – after you send your email to your database, email everyone on your team the YouTube link and ask them to post it on their Facebook account.

How Jeremy Larkin Compliments Prospecting with Video Marketing to Win a $5.9 Million Expired Listing

“I’ll generate at least 24 sales directly from Vyral Marketing this year, even internet leads I've never spoken to are hiring me. This has immediate impact; the fee is ‘pennies’ to get this automatically implemented.”

St. George real estate agent Jeremy Larkin has been on the Vyral Marketing program for just over 2 months and has sent only 4 videos out to his database (following The Vyral Marketing System perfectly). He has already landed a $5.9 million dollar expired listing, had people stop him at the gas station to compliment him on his branding, and received responses from internet leads he had no existing relationship with. He says the biggest single benefit of hiring Vyral Marketing is ‘forced implementation” to consistently communicate to his database with value. Jeremy shares his best tips on how to get the most out of working with Vyral Marketing, and how he spends an extra hour a month “tweaking” the writing to get his message just perfect for his audience.

April 15, 2014

Welcome Vyral Client Connie Carlson!

Vyral Client Connie Carlson
Cobb County real estate agent Connie Carlson has been selling real estate for 10 years (today is her anniversary!). Last year she sold 66 homes, which was “low” since she is also provides real estate training for MAPS Coaching. In 2014 her goal, with increased prospecting and marketing, is to sell 100 homes. Her average sales price is about $250,000 in Cobb County, Georgia.

“I want to sell 150-200 homes in 2015,” says Connie.

With a strong reputation in the community, about half of her business comes from agent referrals and her “MET” database of 338 people – for a total of 39 deals last year generated by her database.

With the 10% rule (meaning at least 10% of your “MET” database will give you 1 deal a year by referral or by repeat transaction if you communicate with them enough), Connie is doing everything right.

How Vyral Client Scott Ashbaugh "Cashed In" on His Contact Database in Only 1 Month for 13x ROI

“Literally, in only 1 month I have over $7,000 pending commissions (13x ROI) from my videos. Every time I do a video I get phone calls - it’s been one of the most effective marketing decisions I’ve made hands-down.” - Vyral Client Scott Ashbaugh

Vyral Client and Kalamazoo real estate agent Scott Ashbaugh is only 18 months into the business and has quickly learned how to leverage all his existing contact database for new business. Scott exported all his connections on Facebook and LinkedIn he established as a real estate investor and now educates them with 2 timely and valuable Q&A video tips a month with the help of Vyral Marketing.

April 12, 2014

How Scott Himelstien Compliments Door Knocking with Database Marketing for 12x ROI in 6 Months

"In only 6 months I brought in $41,000 directly from Vyral Marketing for a 12x ROI. It's a no brainer - I get a lot more response than anything else." - Vyral Client Scott Himelstien

Vyral Client and San Fernando Valley real estate agent Scott Himelstien knocks on over 2300 home owners' doors a month to generate business by "heavy farming." In only 6 months on the Vyral Marketing program, Scott has seen a 12x ROI by asking for emails after each business conversation, staying in touch with his database with educational videos twice a month, and calling the people who watch his videos for business to increase referrals, repeat business, and lead conversion. Well qualified home buyers are also finding him online and contacting him because of his positioning as the local area real estate expert.

(My apologies for my microphone rubbing against my shirt - note to
 keep the mic farther away next time - Frank Klesitz)

April 8, 2014

Welcome Vyral Client Tosha Corrigan!

Vyral Client Tosha Corrigan

We’d like to welcome Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate Agent Tosha Corrigan to Vyral Marketing today. In 2013 she sold 30 homes at an average selling price of $750,000 which mostly came from online buyers, agent referrals, and past client lead sources.

With roughly 300 past clients, 1,000 Facebook friends, a few LinkedIn connections, 2,000+ active buyer leads, and “hundreds” of people in her email program she hired us to do a better job of staying in touch with all of them in an educational way because her past clients were listing with her competitors! Before Vyral Marketing follow up was a few phone calls a year and plan text email drips to her online leads.

That's all changed now with Vyral Marketing.

To get a 10x return on her Vyral Marketing investment she will need to sell 5 homes that came directly from her new database marketing program she would have not sold otherwise. With her 13 years' experience, a strong relationship in the community, and her professionalism to get homes bought and sold at the very best prices, achieving this ROI will be a near “sure thing” with The Vyral Marketing System.

We plan to have Tosha’s first video launched to her entire prospect and customer database by May 15th 2014, and in the meantime, she will be asking everyone she talks to for an email address “to keep them updated on what’s happening in the market that directly effects their home value.”

We look forward to working with you Tosha, and we’d like to especially thank Vyral Client and Palm Beach Real Estate Agent Lisa Treu for the kind introduction.

April 6, 2014

8x8 Real Estate Marketing Follow Up Sequence for New Contacts

If you're in real estate, we're in the process of writing excellent follow up sequences for each of your lead sources to be implemented for you on the Vyral Marketing program. Here's a preview of the 8x8 marketing follow up campaign for real estate agents. This is an 8 week campaign with 1 weekly touch to demonstrate your value to establish the relationship with anyone you meet. Click here to see a preview.

April 3, 2014

Real Estate Educational Email April 2014 - 1 of 2

I hope you're enjoying these emails I've been writing for you! If you're a Vyral Marketing real estate client, and if for some reason you can't get your 2 educational videos a month in, we can send plain text emails out (which sometimes get a better response, but NOT a long term replacement for your videos) so we touch your database consistently.

April 2, 2014

How Vyral Client Lorie Gould Got 14 Deals in 6 Months with The Vyral Marketing System

Vyral Client Lorie Gould, a top Atlanta real estate agent, shares how she measures her direct return on investment of her Vyral Marketing by tracking her sources of business. Her entire investment was recovered in 2 short months because prospects found her videos online and replied back to her educational emails.

March 28, 2014

Real Estate Recruiting Email to Send to Your Entire Customer Database to Attract Talent

If you're looking to hire talent on your real estate team, the best place to start is asking the people you know for a referral. You can "shortcut" this by sending an email like the one below to your database.

Here's an email to send to your entire database to peak interest in anyone who may be interested in working for you. Include an interview of how you built your business for maximum results (Talent is attracted to this. They get to know you, see how you're generating business, what you're like etc). At the bottom of this blog post I include some great questions to answer in your video interview to go with this email.

How Vyral Client Lee Tessier Prevents Past Clients From Hiring The Competition in Only 1 Hour a Month

Read the press release about Baltimore Real Estate Agent Lee Tessier's database marketing results.

Lee: I'm Lee Tessier with ReMax, American Dream. I am a Realtor, which we always hate to say in a way, because I'd rather be a Real Estate Expert, which is what we really are, rather than a Realtor that's not giving good advice, true advice.

Frank: Okay. So why did you make the jump to use video and social media in your business? What trends have you seen out there? Obviously you're putting the time and the finances into this. Of all the other options out there, why did you choose this?

How Vyral Client Doug Leugers Generates Leads with Educational Videos on Facebook

How Quarterly Offers to Your Database Generates Immediate Response with Vyral Client Chris Myers

Vyral Client Chris Myers - a top producing Realtor in Orlando, FL - shares how 1 simple, plain text email properly written generated over 180 inquiries to his home seller price evaluation website, which lead to 11 sales appointments and 5 firm potential clients in only 1 week. You’ll also learn how Chris comes up with great content ideas for his 2 educational videos a month to nurture his entire database so he builds trust and authority. To get the exact email Chris sent to his whole real estate database, see our Spring 2014 Magical Home Seller Lead Generation Email

*NOTE FROM FRANK: “My apologies for my breathing in the background of this interview, note to self not to keep the microphone so close to your mouth when you’re on an interview!”

March 24, 2014

How to Get Interviews with Affiliates & Partners with Vyral Client Andy Sachs

Vyral Client and Connecticut Realtor Andy Sachs shares how we went from 25 to 50 deals with the help of Vyral Marketing. He also shares how he interviews local town leaders to create useful and unique content for his blog that gets a "better response" than sending out his own videos with just him. To see Andy's blog and examples of his video interviews with strategic partners in local real estate, visit his Connecticut Real Estate Video Blog.