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June 24, 2016

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Re: June Vyral Advertising Update


I want to write you an update this week with what’s working with Facebook advertising. It’s an extra $500 plus ad spend, month-to-month, with a 30-day money back guarantee we can drive leads to your business who actually hire you or we give you the entire management fee back.
Vyral CEO
Frank Klestiz

We have about 40 clients running Facebook ads with us, which is great – it gives us a lot of information and ability to test various messages to find out what’s working to give you a warm list of people to call.

I wrote this message to our advertising clients last week. I spent 30 days with Lindsay, one of our advertising managers, in San Diego last month to find out what ads are consistently working on Facebook.

Here are the best ads for real estate:
  1. Promote your listing to the neighborhood 
  2. Promoting homes for sale in a zip code to that zip code 
  3. Offering a free home value report to homeowners
You’ll pay about $5 per buyer lead and $10 per seller lead in a typical sub-$200k home price point market with these niche, personalized advertising messages. I cover cost-per-lead details and the ROI you can expect on Facebook in the message above.

Our best advertising clients, like Vyral Client Marti Hampton, make advertising a “value-add” to every client since it helps sell the home by attracting buyers in a way most agents don’t know how to do.

This is, by far, the best way to use Facebook advertising in real estate since it adds value for your client.

Watch the Google Hangout I hosted with Marti last week – we talk about Facebook advertising in addition to her database marketing results. She sold 425 homes last year and is the #5 real estate agent at ReMax.

I do not recommend you spend any money on advertising until you maximize your database. Then, make sure you maximize your PPC spend (if applicable) since you’ll get better leads with Adwords than Facebook in most markets since there is search intent. I’m holding a webinar with Chris Tamm, the CEO of Firepoint, on the best Google Adwords campaigns working in real estate next week.

NOTE: I walk a delicate line sharing advertising results when you must first focus on building your database, sending out two great videos a month, and calling the people who watch your videos. Do not worry - next week I’ll share the top performing video topics working right now. We publish the top performing video topics every Saturday in our weekly Vyral marketing e-newsletter, too.

I asked our advertising managers to pick two of the best Facebook campaigns that worked in June in addition to the 3 core advertising campaigns we recommend for real estate.

Check this out:

Campaign #1: Real Estate Agent Recruiting

The Opportunity

Vyral Client Tom Daves wanted to recruit new real estate professionals to his team. We invested $191.61 into Facebook for 21 days, generated 1,517 clicks, and drove 15 qualified people to a group interview.

The Advertisement

We ran an ad with an offer to take a DISC personality assessment.

The Landing Page

The ad drives people to a landing page where we ask for their email address and phone number. The “thank you” page sends them to the DISC assessment and they are asked to email the assessment results to him. Setting up the offer this way allowed us to set up the landing page fast. Tom followed up with everyone who put their email and phone number into the form with a group interview invite.

The Audience

We ran this ad to a large and very general audience – basically every who lived within 25 miles of Tom’s office between the ages 23 and 40.

The Metrics

Within 21 days, with a $10 per day max budget, we were able to reach almost 21,000 people and the ad received over 1,500 clicks to the landing page.

The Results

Tom called us and said he was receiving “at least 3” applicants every day. He plans on hiring at least one of the applicants directly from this ad who attended the group interview.

Campaign #2: “Coming Soon” Listings

The Opportunity

Vyral Client “Handy” Andy Mulholland wanted to offer a list of coming soon properties to potential buyers in return for their contact information. We invested $301.87 into Facebook for 15 days and generated 31 leads, arriving at about $10 a lead.

The Advertisement

Inventory is tight in his market. Everyone wants access to homes “before” they hit the market.

Landing Page

We asked for their name, phone, email and these three important qualification questions:

1. Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage?
2. What is your time frame for buying?
3. Do you have a home to sell before you buy?

The Audience

We targeted everyone who lives in a 20-mile radius around Rochester to two audiences. We first targeted everyone in Andy’s email database and all his website visitors. The second group is a “lookalike audience” based on Andy’s databases and website visitors. Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to people already in your database or who have visited your websites. In both audiences we included detailed targeting of people who are likely to move, homeowners and people who own a condo or single home.

The Metrics

In 15 days, we reached 21,062 people at about $.48 a click. After investing $301.87, we brought 631 clicks to the landing page and captured 31 leads at about $10 a lead.

The Results

Andy received 31 leads in 15 days and we are still waiting to hear back from Andy’s team about qualified leads put into their pipeline or appointments set.


So that’s it for this week – I hope you enjoyed the advertising update! If you hire an advertising manager, you want reports in this format to track results for every campaign. Next week we’re going to talk about two great July video topics for your real estate database. I’ll give you the headline, the teaser copy, and the bullet points to bring up in your videos. Until then, have a great weekend and I’ll visit with you next week.


Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

We're Excited to Launch Dan Ellison

Vyral Client
Dan Ellison 
Dan Ellison has worked in a professional sales environment for over ten years and has a clear understanding of people, business and what it takes to meet and exceed expectations and crush goals.

Vyral Coach
Maddie Huerter
 He has always had a passion for real estate and started in the industry doing commercial lending on investment and owner occupied properties with US Bank in Los Angeles.

He was compelled toward a position that allowed him to be more involved with clients on the ground level and hooked up with, by far, the number one real estate agency in the world, Keller Williams. He now runs the #1 team at Keller Williams Sacramento (Units & Volume) and he is committed to giving top notch service to his clients when buying, selling or investing in real estate.

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SUCCESS STORY: How Realtor Mario Romero Gets Referrals Through Community Highlight Videos

"I knew it was important, I knew I had to be relevant. I’m not one to go on about myself, on Facebook, about how great of a real estate agent I am. When everything's said and done, people work with people they like and who are like-minded people. They know I’m a real estate agent, I don’t need to tell them." 

- Vyral Client Mario Romero

[Full Transcript Below]

John: John McMillan here with Mario Romero out of Phoenix. You had some recent success using Vyral, why don’t you tell us a little bit about that.

Mario: I’m using Vyral to create community videos for restaurants, nonprofits, history of the city, and arts organizations. I decided to approach a friend of mine who was the executive director for a leadership organization and she’s been very kind to introduce me to talk to some of these people I haven’t met. On top of that, these people are often young adults, millennials, just starting their careers. These people are appreciative of what I do because I’m promoting their cause, organization, or restaurant and I’m not asking for compensation on this.

John: You're doing something a little bit different than some of our clients. You’re not talking directly about real estate, you’re talking more about the community and appealing in that way. You’re positioning yourself as an expert in this community. You do real estate, but you care about the city.

Mario: Exactly. Because of that, I have been able to get business and referrals from some of these people. The best part was this woman who gave me an introduction calls me and says “Mario, my husband and I are ready to buy a house, will you help us?” She knows I'm working on behalf of the people she knows so indirectly the lead came in that way. Just by helping people and not asking for something in return and developing a relationship, I was able to get business indirectly. Early on, when I set up the account, I belonged to some different groups on Facebook and you guys were able to pull the information to create the database. I had somebody who I never met who happened to belong to a men’s yoga group and his email got pulled into my database. He responded to my video and asked me to meet him about buying a house, and he did.

John: Fantastic. You’ve been going with us for about two years now. If you can think back, why did you hire Vyral Marketing to begin with?

Mario: I understand the importance of video, I always have. Also, you need to be relevant. The email is going by the wayside. Video has always captured more attention and people pay more attention to it. Like a lot of agents, I knew how important it was but figuring out how to brand them, how to get them out there, can be overwhelming. You know you need to do it, but when do you find time? I heard about you through somebody I happened to know who just started using you. I decided I’d give you a try, and I did. It’s something I’m doing that sets me apart from my competition, it’s relevant, and it also creates Google juice for me, my community, and my website. I’ve been in business a very long time and I observe what’s happening out there with who is doing what and how they’re doing it. Whenever I try something new, I always give it at least a year for it to kick in and see if it works. That’s part of the reason I decided to do it too. I knew it was important, I knew I had to be relevant. I’m not one to go on about myself on Facebook about how great of a real estate agent I am. When everything's said and done, people work with people they like and who are like-minded people. They know I’m a real estate agent, I don’t need to tell them.

John: After a couple of years, you understand what we're doing. Was there ever a thought to bring this in-house at all?

Mario: No. You do a very good job of the branding on all my social media. It’s got a consistent look. For what I pay you guys, you are doing an excellent job. I just don’t see bringing it in-house because it’s not what I do. My job is to connect with people, my staff processes the paperwork. The challenge I have with video is to find time to meet with people. Get the footage together, and send it over with all the necessary information. Then it gets done.

John: Were there ever any fears for you?

Mario: The fear of being on camera. Everybody doesn’t like the way they look or sound. It came down to “If I’m successful face to face with people, what’s the difference?” What they see is what they’re going to get.

John: For sure. What would you say you enjoy most about working with Vyral Marketing?

Mario: The convenience. Your staff is also very good at getting me to do what I need to do. I have had coaches before and I’m not the easiest person to get to do stuff. My consultant is really good about pushing me, too - not that he’s been successful at all times.

John: A lot of people that will listen to this might be on the fence about hiring us. What do you say to them?

Mario: You need to be relevant, you need to have video going. Just do it and you won’t regret it.

John: Any tips you could offer those people to be successful working with us as well?

Mario: I really don’t because I’m a big believer that every style of agent works. When you start, make it your own. Don’t try to be something you're not. The public will pick up a fake a mile away. Sometimes as real estate agents we get too slick for our own good. We have to be conscious of that. This is a people business and people like to work with people they like.

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June 23, 2016

EMAIL OF THE WEEK: Don't Miss These New-to-Market Homes

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Maria Hoffman in Tampa, FL for a having the best performing topic this week, achieving a 15% open rate and a 5% click rate. Awesome job, Maria.

Take a look back at all the emails sent out for our clients this past week:

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June 22, 2016

GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How Marty Became Dan's Go-To Real Estate Agent

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Marty Millner in Yardley, PA on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with his client.

"I loved working with Marty, he was great with everything, especially getting back to me. It was honestly freakishly fast. It’s as if he was waiting for an email or a text in order to get back to me. So, very happy with the whole process I mean he pretty much held my hand and anything that I asked him he got back, if he didn’t know the answer, he would find out and then get back to me. Very happy and pleased. I told him if I ever sell a house or buy another house I hope he’s still in the business because I’m going to use him." -Dan

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June 21, 2016

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: You Don't Need as Much Cash as You Think

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client Kathy Lamb in Mason, Ohio with the best video of the week, scoring 20 out of 22 points (90.9%) on the perfect video checklist.

Ideal Videography (10 points)

Is the audio clear and strong?
Did you record 16:9 widescreen at least 720p?
Does the video and the audio sync (lips match voice)?
Are you off-center in the frame for graphics (rule of thirds)?
Are you zoomed in to fill 1/3 of the frame?
Are you looking slightly up or directly at the camera?
Did you remove all background noise?
Did you remove all background light (i.e. close the window)?
Do you have a light source shining on you (ideally outdoor)?
Is the background simple as not to distract from the message?

Ideal Presentation (8 points)

Is your video under 3 minutes in length?
Did you introduce yourself and what you do first?
Did you state the point of the video second (and the benefit)?
Did you give a quick call to action third?
Are you enthusiastic in your presentation (show emotion/smiling)?
Are you conversational and not obviously reading a script?
Do you look at the camera the entire time?
Did you share 1 specific, clear idea (ideally Q&A)?

Ideal Editing (4 points)

Are the video transitions smooth?
Did we include a brief animation logo introduction?
Did we include graphical text on key points?
Did we include your contact information on a lower third?

First time here? Download the video marketing plan we recommend or request a complimentary marketing strategy session to visit about working together.


John: Alright, so, John McMillan here with another employee hangout. Today, we have Andrea Neal, who is a client manager, recently promoted. You’re in probably, month two, month three of being a client manager?

Andrea: Yep, month two.

John: Cool, so how long have you been at Vyral? Eight months? Close to a year?

Andrea: I think this is seven months actually.

John: OK, cool. So why did you start with Vyral Marketing to begin with?

Andrea: I was looking for a job and I saw you guys had quite a few different positions open, so originally I applied for graphic design I believe, and I think right when I had my interview with you, I was also planning a trip to go to Colorado, so when I came back, there were certain jobs that were available and you said that you thought I would fit best in the project managing position, and I didn’t know if I wanted it or not for sure, and once I got in it, I really enjoyed it a lot.

John: Cool. So what was your first impression of Vyral?

Andrea: When I walked in here you guys were doing a Tuesday meeting, so there was a ton of people and I was just like “Oh my goodness, where am I right now?” And it looked really cool though. I was kind of stoked because it seemed like there was a lot of people my age here and our interview was really comfortable, so I kind of liked it.

John: Cool. So where do you think - obviously you got promoted, which is big and that’s probably one of the reasons why you’re still here - why do you think you’d like to stay at Vyral for the foreseeable future and where do you think you’re headed with your career?

Andrea: Yeah, moving up so quickly within the six months that I’ve been here kind of was exciting to me. It seems like there’s a lot of opportunities here, and this being a semi-new company it seems like there’s a lot of positions that are available and that are becoming available. For instance, just advertising in general, it seems like there’s tons of opportunities that are opening up, so it encourages me to stick around and see what happens.

John: Cool. So what do you think you’ve learned since you’ve worked here at Vyral? Probably a lot.

Andrea: Yeah, I definitely have. Originally, I graduated from college with PR and advertising so I did a little more emphasis on advertising and graphic design. I hadn’t really spoken with clients, so I think as far as learning goes, I’ve learned to kind of speak and consult people, and I think that’s an important skill to have, especially in my position right now or in the future. So that’s probably the biggest thing.

John: Cool. Have you had any breakthroughs, in your mindset since you’ve been working here - and I know you went to Tony Robbins as well, so that might have given you some insight there.

Andrea: Yeah, Tony Robbins was awesome. That was probably something that I really didn’t expect to have ever, and going there, I was very skeptical as I think other people usually tend to be, however, it blew my mind, and I feel so comfortable with just being able to step out of my comfort zone. There’s a lot of things I’m uncomfortable with as far as just speaking to people and not feeling confident in what I’m saying, and after going to that I definitely feel like I can just say whatever, and know what I’m speaking about, which is really cool. Other breakthroughs that I’ve probably had just being in this position are that this is a delegating position, and I am not usually very confrontational, and so it’s been a process, but I definitely feel like our team runs so smoothly, and it’s worked out a lot better than I thought.

John: Cool, that’s great. So you know, you came here right from college, but you have friends in the workforce, and you probably worked at some different places throughout college. What makes us different than other companies out there?

Andrea: This is so relaxed, and not in a way that you guys don’t care, it’s more like if you get your stuff done, you can definitely have the freedom to like, let’s so go on vacation or something like that. Whereas I know a lot of my friends, they have to wait until they start accruing PTO and things like that, and that’s really attractive to me working here.

John: Cool. So let’s talk about the people here. What makes the people here, you know, fun to work with, easy to work with? The kind of laid back stuff you’re talking about.

Andrea: Yeah, there’s so many people here that are very different, yet we all tend to get along really well, which I think is so cool. Just even on our team in general, JR is really quirky and kind of a goofball so he livens up our mornings usually, and Matt stays on track and is like “OK what do we need to get done today?” and it’s a really fun work environment just in our room. Currently our room is decorated; there are little streamers everywhere. So it’s just kind of fun.

John: Give us a little tour with the webcam!

Andrea: Our door is shut so you can’t see the coolest part, but I’ll show you the ceiling at least. There’s streamers and then we also have this window so we can see the writers, which is pretty cool. So we have a good time. Originally they were just for Mikaela’s leaving, and then we were like “we should keep them up, it’s kind of cool!” So we left them.

John: Alright, so that’s nice. So can you name any specific memorable moments that you’ve had while working here at Vyral?

Andrea: Memorable moments...the first day I was hired - I was hired on a Friday - or my first day was a Friday, and you guys went to Beercade, which was pretty cool.

John: Oh that’s right! That was your first day!

Andrea: Yeah, it was just cool to see that there was outings, but everyone hung out outside and it seemed like a great turnout, so I just came by to say what’s up and everyone was so friendly to me. And they’re like "it’s your first day!” you know, just kind of explaining to me how things work, and I thought that was really cool. But as far as work goes, the first day I was here, it was really comfortable. I remember that everyone was just like “Hey, who are you” and not in a weird way where you’re like “uh, sorry, I don’t know what to say to you,” it was really comfortable. Everyone’s cool. So I don’t know specifically, I guess it’s kind of an on-the-spot question. I’m sure as it happens I can think of a million things.

John: No, those are good ones though. So you’ve been working with clients now for a couple of months, would there be a time that you can remember where you’ve really wowed someone or you’ve been on a call with someone and they’ve been like “Yeah that’s great, thank you!” and how that made you feel?

Andrea: Yeah, it’s happened a couple times, and actually recently this week I was kind of just brainstorming with one of my clients; he wanted a certain layout for his home tours and he had just gotten like four or five videos done for home tours, and he was like “Yeah I just want all of them to be on a channel on YouTube,” and I was like “What if we put them not only on a channel on YouTube, but also on your blog so we can have your clients go to that page as well and see so many other things that you want them to go to,” and he was like “Yeah, that’d be awesome!” We’re like really - I love the way he emails me, we’re kind of like friends on email instead, and he was like “TONIGHT” and spelled it all out and was just so stoked about it. It’s just so cool that he feels comfortable with me to say whatever and just be kind of silly. So that was really cool. Or with Lisa Burridge, she’s new and we definitely hit it off right away. I’m pretty sure she got a hold of Frank and was just like “Andrea’s awesome, I love her!” and that made me feel awesome because that was my first week of coaching.

John: That’s great. So what would you tell someone - because people that actually are looking at Vyral or are looking at applying here watch these pretty religiously, so what do you tell those people that are thinking about working here?

Andrea: Definitely do it. If I was looking for a job when I was in college, I would have done it sooner. I had three jobs while I was in college so I was super busy anyways, but any time it’s a great place to work. If I would have known about it, I would have done it way sooner.

John: Cool, that’s great. Who do you think shouldn’t work here at Vyral? Maybe personality traits of someone?

Andrea: Anyone who doesn’t want to speak to people. You know, if you don’t like working on a team, you could work here still. You could be a writer or something like that, and just stay - not that they don’t work on a team, because they definitely are team-oriented - but I think that’s one of our biggest core values here is team, and seeing people succeed and helping everybody. So you know, if you don’t want to speak to people or you don’t want to have a good time then it’s definitely not the place to work.

John: There you go. Well thanks Andrea.

Andrea: Yeah, thank you.

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