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February 27, 2015

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Frank Klesitz, CEO Vyral Marketing

Here’s what’s going on this week…

1. Penthouse Suite Mixer at ReMax R4 in Vegas

Jeff Manson with Real Geeks and I are having a mixer in our suite at Delano in Vegas on Tuesday if you’re going to be at the ReMax convention. Just food, networking, and drinks from 5pm – 8pm. Come one, come all – but grab a free ticket so we know how many people to expect in the room. We’d love to see you there!  Grab your ticket here.

2. [Replay] Realtor Bob Guest Database Marketing Hangout

Bob gave a bunch of great tips on how he’s getting a 36x ROI on his database, earning over $500k from it, on our last database marketing hangout this week. He lays out the numbers of how many calls he and his prospector make a week (and to whom), how many emails he acquires from those people, and then the action plan to stay in touch that generates all that business for him.

The full replay, along with the replays of all previous hangouts, are up on our website for you to review:

3. NEW 2-Day Mastermind Dates in the Works

We SOLD OUT our first real estate mastermind event next month in Napa, CA with 25 very bright and high producing real estate professionals!  We are finalizing the details for another mastermind in Chicago this June, and then a third and final mastermind for 2015 somewhere warm in early November to early December time period.  Tell us if you’re interested in coming to an upcoming mastermind, we want you there! Here are the details of what we have so far, with a list of attendees who will be at the Napa event.

4. The Basics of Vyral Marketing Videos

Earlier this year I recorded videos that show you exactly how to get the best ROI on the Vyral Marketing Plan. They are my best work, and the first 3 videos are the most important. They are the foundations of how to build your email list, how to make videos people want to watch, and then how to prospect the people who watch them proactively for business. It’s a good idea from time to time to watch each video, and you can see them all under the “Marketing Plan” tab on our website:

5. #AskFrank Videos!

I want you to know I’m here for you and you have ‘access’ to me at anytime. Call my cell at 402.515.5438 or email me at if there’s anything I should know, you want to talk business strategy, or is there’s a question you have that’s outside of the scope of our program that you need answers to – I’m happy to help.

For example, one of our great clients has a $3,000 a month Facebook and YouTube advertising budget and I’m working with them to get the maximum bang for their buck next week. I’m always looking for new services (that work!) to provide for you.

I’ll be honest with you, if I feel your idea is worth the time and money to invest for the potential ROI based on empirical evidence I’ve seen, them email me your question – any question. With your permission, I’ll make a video with your answer and share it.

And that’s it – we’re hiring 3 new people in the Omaha office this week so we have more staff to get things done…I always want to have more capacity than we need so everyone can put in the time required in that’s necessary to create a great product for you.

With that, have a wonderful weekend, and THANK YOU for being a Vyral Marketing client!


Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

February 26, 2015

We're Excited to Launch New Client Derek Bauer

Vyral Client Derek Bauer
Derek Bauer is a real estate professional from the Southeast Michigan area. He’s been a top producing agent since 2002, received numerous awards, and has even authored books on how to make it in the real estate business. For 2015, one of Derek’s main goals was to stay in better touch with his past clients and increase his referral business.
Vyral Coach Tanya Gastrock

Derek was very eager and diligent in preparing everything we needed to get the launch process going. He was consistent in showing up to scheduled calls and already had a video ready to go before our first video shoot. I’m very excited to continue to work with Derek in achieving his goals and helping him get great results!

We're Excited To Launch New Client Steve Schwab

Vyral Client Steve Schwab
Steve Schwab is the owner and principal broker of the Portland Lifestyle Team in Oregon. He is known for going the extra mile with his clients and really listening to their needs when he helps them through their transaction. He started with Vyral to help nurture his past client database and hopes to increase his referrals.
Vyral Coach Tanya Gastrock

Steve was dedicated to the program from the start and was always prepared for every scheduled call with me. Immediately after launching his first email, Steve received numerous replies with positive feedback. I'm thrilled to continue working with Steve and hope to help them expand their referral business!

We're Excited to Launch New Client Heidi Phong

Vyral Client Heidi Phong
Heidi Phong is a real estate agent from the Elk Grove area and has been a real estate adviser since 2007. Heidi and her husband, Billy, have built up a real estate team of full-time professionals to cater to their client's needs and have a full marketing team to help market their listings.

Vyral Coach Tanya Gastrock
 Their goal is to continue to grow their business and their database to reach more people in their area. They already have great numbers from their first email and are staying ahead of the game by starting to shoot extra videos. They've been committed to the program and I'm excited to help them achieve their goals!

We're Excited to Launch New Client Jose Morales

Vyral Client Jose Morales
Jose has been great to work with and I look forward to getting him continued success on the program. Throughout the launch process Jose came prepared with questions and ready to work on his videos to get the professional look he desired. We were able to effectively shoot videos and work on any other items through each one of our schedule calls that he consistently attended.

Vyral Coach Leah Johnson
Jose is looking to work further on improving his marketing and dive into a few of the other products Vyral Marketing offers, such as drip campaigns. Now that we have plenty of videos in the queue for Jose's real estate blog, we will be shooting a series of expired drip campaign videos. Jose is always looking for the best and most valuable information he can find to make his marketing better and to get the results he wants!