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August 28, 2015

Vyral Marketing Client Message

Frank Klesitz,
CEO Vyral Marketing

If you’re having trouble seeing results, or you want better results than you’re getting now with your database, I invite you to join our monthly accountability groups.

Our next group meetings are Wednesday, September 30th @ 4:00 and 4:30pm CST.

Email for a meeting request invite to join the meeting.

You’ll meet once a month in a small group over GoToMeeting to discuss how to grow your database, record great videos, and follow up with the people who watch them.

We tested the idea out about 2 months ago, it worked, it’s a great value-add, and we want to keep them going. They are at no charge to you.

You report your numbers, ask us questions, and see what’s working for your peers. The topic is strictly education-based marketing to your database.

Scott, here in our office, started them and now John, my original partner in the company, will lead your accountability group going forward.

He’s in charge of all operations at Vyral Marketing and oversees everything in our Omaha office for you.

His entire day is spent talking to you and “coaching our coaches” on how to get you better results. He’s uniquely qualified to lead you.

I’ve been where you’re at – crushing the phones and working super hard to set up systems and grow the business. It’s so easy to get caught up in chasing, chasing, and chasing. You must step back, see the forest from the trees, and make great videos (not sales oriented) to communicate with your database that you’re meticulously building along the way.

I recently had a call with a great Vyral client who gave me permission to record it and publish the transcript that I took great liberty to edit down so it’s easier to read.

These were the challenges he was facing, and it’s conversations like this you’ll have in your accountability groups.  Enjoy the writeup. We cover how to make better videos and how to build his database. I’m sure you’ll get some great value from it.

Thank you again for being a Vyral Marketing client, and have a wonderful weekend.

Frank Klesitz

[start of transcript]

Frank: What are some of the frustrations you're facing with your database, with your videos, with Vyral, or your business in general?

Greg: It's not necessarily frustration; it's more a matter of trying to understand the indicators in the open/click reports you send. One of the big things you harp on is feeding your database, and I've been adding several people every day. In my initial open and click report there were 982 opens, which equated to about 15%, and there were 156 clicks, which was roughly 2.35%. When I compare that to my last one that went out, it drops to 15 clicks, and I want to pick your brain on how to interpret that.

Frank: Absolutely. First thing, let's look at the messaging of the email and your headline. Let's look at the headline that got 150 clicks and compare it to your most recent one. What were the two different messages?

Greg: The first one was the Charleston Real Estate Market update, and the second one with the lower click-through was titled Home Inspections and Home Appraisals: What's the Difference?

Frank: Okay, so the #1 best topic in real estate is this: where is the direction of home prices headed? Or what's happening with home prices? You get 24 topics per year, and I'm fine with half of those being just a market update. You could just call it a market update, but I think we could certainly make it more compelling. You would really want to say: What's happening with Charleston home prices this summer? It may seem incredibly repetitive to you to make that same video every month, but it's not repetitive to the audience. This is the #1 thing homeowners in your database want to hear.

So, home prices are the #1 topic, but the other two topics I would pick are six buyer questions and six seller questions to answer. Then you have 24 videos for the whole year. On our weekly newsletter, we go through and find which emails have the highest click-through rates. The emails that beat out market updates for real estate are usually things that are extremely specific to a local community. I would suggest you look at what emails are doing well in our weekly newsletter in order to get a better idea of what's working and what's not. We could spoon-feed you content, but it's not going to come off well in the video if you don't really know what you're talking about.

As a framework, do 12 market updates, and then 6 buyer questions and 6 seller questions. Some of the stuff that is pretty common knowledge to you may be news to prospective buyers and sellers. What's more important than the content, however, is you come on camera with authority and vigor when you discuss these topics. People may not necessarily care for the content in your video, but they want to see you and feel confident you know what you're talking about.

The #1 most important thing in your video is the headline, so here's what I want you to do: ask yourself the point of your two videos you shoot with your coach on your monthly interview over the webcam. This will force you to think about what you're saying and help you to create a much better headline. If you can come up with a headline with your coach BEFORE you shoot the video, everything will go great. Write down the headline with your coach and make sure it's compelling. You have to be honest with yourself and see if you would click on a given headline.

For example, the other day I saw a headline that said: How to Hire a Buyer's Agent. I knew it could be better, because I knew I wouldn't click that. It's just not compelling enough. Instead, it could be: How a Buyer's Agent Will Help You Avoid a Catastrophe in Your Home Purchase. What you'll find is the best headlines are questions or “how-to's”, but if you can angle them towards pain-avoidance, they generally get a better click-through rate. It's a little more risky to run that style of headline, but go ahead and run it.

Look, these emails must to be congruent with you - they have to be authentic. Make sure that the video is an extension of you. I usually include some funny b-roll with my videos because I try to educate and I also try to entertain, too. If you’re a serious person your videos will be serious. If you’re a fun person, they will be fun. Make them you.

Greg: These are really simple suggestions you're making but I haven't really looked at the program in this way before.

Frank: Great! I want you to see this more than just sending out an email to get a deal. You’re building a relationship by being useful, even entertaining. We want a great headline, a great share image, and possibly an entertaining aspect of the video. And we want your marketing to align with who you are as a person. When people watch your video they want to see your energy, enthusiasm, and they want to know that you're knowledgeable about what you're talking about. If you put your viewers to sleep, they won't want to work with you, let alone watch your videos.

Now let's talk about one other thing: building your database. When you start with us, we grab all of your emails and contacts and we pretty much get away with emailing all of them, at least for now. You probably know a percentage of these people. Interesting thing is you could film a horrible video and that percentage would still trust you and listen to you. The content is important, but having a database of people who know you is even more important.

You mentioned that you were still adding people to your database. How are you doing with that?

Greg: My leads come from all over the place. A lot of them are online, and my sphere in Charleston is rather large as well because I've been here for such a long time.

Frank: Okay, let's go deeper. You should be tracking how many legitimate people you've met, not passive opt-ins online. How many people have you added that you have legitimately met in person or with a quality phone conversation? Mets are extremely important for what we do. That’s the core of whom you want to stay in touch with. With “mets”, there is a larger fear of rejection because you know them. That’s why I believe most people don’t work their mets effectively. This is different than Internet leads rejecting you since they do not know you. Rejection is easier with them.

Greg: I agree, and everything you're saying is making sense. I want to see better results, and I'm definitely going to try these things.

Frank: One last thing, when you get your open and click reports, I want you to call the people who clicked the links. I can give you a script, and then I can give you an alternative script so your assistant can make those calls if you like to save time.

So, when you get your report back and you're going through it, this is what I want you to say when you call them:
Hey this is Greg, I see you subscribed to some of the videos I sent about the Charleston real estate market and I have 2 quick questions for you. I'll let you get back to your day. I'm not selling anything. First, do you have any feedback for me or any questions I could answer in future videos? I'm looking to help more people make smart real estate decisions. Also do you know anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home?
That's it.

Greg: I like that. That's actually a little different. You're not selling anything and it's very helpful.

Frank: Now if you have an assistant making these calls, you'd want this person to say something like this. They simply call on your behalf using your name.
Hi! Greg, who I believe is your local real estate agent, asked me to call you because you subscribe to his videos. He wanted me to ask if there is anything you want to know or any questions he could answer for you about real estate, maybe in an upcoming video? I’ll pass this information over to him. Any questions we can answer or do you know someone who needs help buying or selling a home?
When you or your assistant makes calls to your database it's a very soft touch. You don't need to bombard them with sales questions because they already know you’re an agent.  They get it. There's a real estate agent in Huntsville, AL, by the name of Amanda Howard. She hired a full-time, client concierge, and all this person does is call past clients for feedback and referrals with the goal of working her database for business. There’s a hangout on the website we did all about it under the “Hangouts” tab.

I know how easy it is to get wrapped up with sales and deals, and to pull yourself out of that mindset takes a little work. If you can't pull yourself out of that mindset, you're going to be making a video that is way too sales-oriented, and you're going to scare away your database. That's not necessarily the best video to send out.

What has helped me a lot is that I've stopped taking calls on certain days. I only take phone calls on Mondays and Thursdays, and then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday all I do is write and think creatively. It is impossible to go from a call, try to be creative, respond to a text, follow-up on an email, and then back to writing or being creative, etc. You have to get your environment and mindset right to see the forest from the trees and develop that skill. That’s why I live in San Diego!

Think about the best time to shoot your videos and ask your coach if you can do it at that point in time because you have to be mentally prepared for it. If you're running around like a maniac Monday-Friday, it's going to be difficult to shoot a good video in the middle of the day in-between appointments or calls. I get some of my best work done on Saturdays when I come into the office early morning.

[end of transcript]

We're Excited to Launch New Client Ann Marie McManus

Vyral Client Ann
Marie McManus
Ann Marie McManus is a second-generation Realtor from the Augusta Georgia area. She is passionate about helping people build a good life and firmly believes that her client’s needs should be met and their experiences should be exceeded.
Vyral Coach Tanya Gastrock

Ann Marie and her team were prepared from the get-go. They always stayed in contact with me and made sure that they were sticking with the program. Ann Marie is passionate about what she does and helping her clients and it really shows through her videos. I’m very excited to help Ann Marie and her team strengthen their relationships with their past clients.




August 27, 2015

Welcome New Client Cathy Naiser

John: How did you hear about Vyral?

Cathy: I saw an ad on Facebook.

John: What motivated you to give us a call?

Cathy: I have wanted to do video marketing and have more of a social media presence. I simply have not had the time, nor have I had the tools or knowledge, so I just haven't done it.

John: Can you summarize where you're at with your business and your goals moving forward?

Cathy: My business comes from five streams and two are database related. I'm on track to close 120 transactions this year. I closed 90 transactions last year, so I'm up already on my own. I really want to move to 250, so I need to create new ways of going after new business. Mailing to my database is as far as I've taken it and it's gotten extremely expensive. That's where I am in a nutshell.

John: Are you doing anything to market to your database right now?

Cathy: I've been snail mailing and phone calling. It works because I probably get one-third of my business from my database, but it's extremely expensive. I'm not doing it as consistently as I need to and I don't want that much coming out of my bottom line. So, doing more with video seems to be a good alternative because it's way less that I am paying for snail mail and it's more personable.

John: Do you know how many people are in your database?

Cathy: About 3,500 are in my database. I have some sort of relationship with about 700 of them. There's a whole channel of teachers I market to in a district and just about everyone in that district knows who I am.

John: Was there ever any thought of doing this kind of marketing yourself?

Cathy: Yeah, I used InfusionSoft for a year and spent an enormous amount of money and frustration because I was the one who had to do it all! It was just too much for me. I finally killed the whole program because it was costing me more money and negatively affecting my business because of the time I had to put into it. I just never have the time to consistently do it, nor the skill to make it look professional.

John: What does success look like to you?

Cathy: Right now, close to three quarters of my business comes from my database if you count the teachers I market to in my database. I would expect that 75% to continue, but in larger numbers. I would like to time and a half or double what I'm already getting out of my database.

Welcome New Client Shane Stanfield

John: How did you hear about Vyral Marketing?

Shane: We heard about you through Debbie De Grote.

John: What motivated you to get in touch with us?

Shane: We started doing a little bit of research, and we're big into video with our properties. We've always wanted to do something more creative that would add value to our database. We're still making a lot of property and lifestyle videos, but we want Vyral to help us come up with more creative content.

John: Summarize where you're at with your business right now. What are your goals going forward?

Shane: Last year, we did $284 million in sales volume. We're on track to do more than that this year. Right now, our team is ranked number one by transaction volume in Orange County. We want to continue to grow our team and help more people. A lot of our business is through referral and past clients, and we haven't really been reaching out to our sphere of influence, so I think Vyral will really help us grow our business.

John: Do you know how many people are in your database?

Shane: We have an email list of 20,000 people. We've sent out a couple e-blasts so far, one introducing us and the two videos a month. We've gotten a lot of good feedback so far.

John: Of those 20,000, how many truly know you?

Shane: We have about 20 people on our team, so we gather databases from almost everyone on our team. We've assembled it as a team, so that's why we have such a large list.

John: Were you doing anything to market to the database before hiring Vyral?

Shane: No. We never really got the emails assembled into a list. It was more like they were connected with us on LinkedIn or Facebook.

John: Why hire us? Why not try to do this yourself?

Shane: We're in the business of real estate. That's what we're good at. Creating video content, editing content - it's more efficient for you guys to do that for us than for us to sit down and figure it out ourselves.

John: What results are you expecting? What does success working with us look like to you?

Shane: It looks like a lot of listings, that's what we're looking for. We really want to see this grow, and we want to see more people engaged on our website. We're going to spend the time following up with people to see if they need our services.

GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped Erin and Kobin by selling their home above their listed price

We'd like to congratulate Vyral Client David Robinson on a great customer success story we gathered for him to add to his website. Listen to this 1 minute interview we conducted over the phone with his client after the sale to help him increase social proof and gather more online reviews.

"They were very successful selling our home for more than what we had listed and got us a great house that we are very happy with. We had a multiple offer situation so they really went the extra mile making sure that all the people that were supposed to come look at our house did and that they had all offers in by a certain date. Then he sent out all these emails and made phone calls and everything like that to make sure everybody knew about it and was able to come in and see it."

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How Shawn Anderson Raised His Professional Image to Attract More Clients with Video

"[My clients say] they hear my name all over the place, and that I'm just the guy to call. That's what's been happening. So you guys are definitely a facet of that. The emails just reiterate the fact that we're the right choice in this area. I know it's working. People are talking about the videos and emailing me back."

– Vyral Client Shawn Anderson

[Full transcription below]

John: Any specific stories of people coming to you because of the videos? 

Shawn: We had a couple last week. It seems like the buyer and seller lead generation emails always get a good response. After we sent the last one, our free home valuation website just lit up. We got probably 20 responses on it, and our ISA was busy for a week following up with them.  We haven't listed any of the appointments that he made yet, but they are definitely in the works. These are people who I've talked to in the past, but I'm not prospecting to them directly. They just happened to be in my database.

John: You've been a client for almost a year at this point. In regards to your ROI, how have you been tracking that and what have you seen so far? 

Shawn: It's hard for me to pinpoint for you guys specifically. You keep us engaged with our database. Our marketing is very multi-faceted right now, and two years ago there was absolutely nothing. I just came from a listing appointment, and I asked them how they heard of me. They couldn't really pinpoint a person; they said that they hear my name all over the place, and that I'm just the guy to call. That's what's been happening. So you guys are definitely a facet of that. The emails just reiterate the fact that we're the right choice in this area. I know it's working. People are talking about the videos and emailing me back. Those people might not list for a year or two, but it's just all part of the big puzzle.

John: What was the reason you hired Vyral Marketing in the first place? 

Shawn: Matt Wagner recommended you, and I talked to a couple other people who were working with you guys. It's really Rate that I would attribute our relationship too.

John: Were you trying to do any email or video marketing before you hired us? 

Shawn: No. I used Market Leader through Keller Williams, but it was just a free offering and there was no response to it. It was very canned, plus they had 10,000 agents across the country using the same stuff.

John: What made you want to get involved with video? 

Shawn: I just want to raise the professional image of the company. People are getting a ton of emails now, and video is one thing that can make an email stand out. Also, having someone to walk me through the process was really valuable to me. I'll get a good idea, and a lot of times I won't execute it. So having someone to walk me through it was very valuable to me.

John: What would you say you enjoy working most about working with us? 

Shawn: I didn't really hire you guys for pleasure or leisure. I hired you for the professionalism. I will say that Jason is a really good coach.

[End of transcription]





August 25, 2015

EMAIL OF THE WEEK: Answering the Most Common Questions About Real Estate Deposits

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