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How Alexander Prewitt Maintained $25 Million (Volume) with Phoenix Transactions Down 50%

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Sep 18, 2023

Alexander Prewitt, an agent for 12 years in Phoenix, effectively worked for a lead generator getting all their bottom-of-the-funnel seller leads for years. It went gangbusters for him from 2021-2022. However, the “sell your home in 8 days” message wasn't congruent for him this year. He decided to leave his brokerage who provided the leads.

With the move, he had to put new marketing systems in place to generate his own business. “It was like coming off an addiction”, he says. “My life was surrounded by one easy lead source”. Alex hired us to get his 36-touch marketing plan in place for his past client, sphere, and lead nurture database. He also stepped up his social media game and picked a list of 3,000 homes to let them know he has buyers with USPS letters.

Alex follows a 2-appointment system that starts with a “Seller Strategy Call” to help homeowners understand all their options before presenting them with cash offers, fix-and-sell solutions, and a traditional listing plan. If you’re looking to diversify from 3rd party lead sources (so you’re in better control of your business), or you’re thinking about leaving your brokerage for greener pastures, Alexander will share in this interview how he did both - all while growing his team along the way from 9 to 26 agents, maintaining $25 million in production, and fighting a 50% decrease in Phoenix area transactions. Whew! Watch the full interview to hear how Alexander handled this transition well.

Download Alexander's video marketing plan: https://www.getvyral.com/plan

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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