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LookOverSpringsShoulder Summer 2023 update

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on Jun 26, 2023

I’m writing you since you signed up for this program, or you were interested at one point in time.

All the replays of my meetings with Spring to get her listing marketing dialed in are at www.LookOverSpringsShoulder.com. Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

We got her marketing up and running right away.

You’ll see us:

  • Export and clean up her database
  • Create her seller website (sellingthe801.com)
  • Make a “Why List with Us” pitch video
  • Make her seller YouTube videos
  • Send a seller lead-generation email out
  • Create a letter for her top database contacts
  • FB/IG retargeting videos for sellers
  • Pick a “likely to sell” farm of homeowners
  • Build a VIP buyer list to market for seller leads
  • Get a VA in place to set appointments

The challenge you’re seeing at our meetings, however, is she’s not the one going on the listing appointments – her agents are. It takes time to train them.


There’s a new 2-step appointment system where you inspect the home for the cash offer first, and then explain the benefits of listing for a likely higher price. Most people will take the listing.

We’ve spent a lot of time on that process. That’s outside the scope of my core expertise in getting your phone to ring with seller leads. We also struggle with availability – she’s very busy. They have already sold 400 homes this year!

I love the premise behind the “look over their shoulder” style of teaching. I've never seen anyone do it before in our industry.

Many of you sent me emails about how incredibly helpful it’s been to watch the work get done in a real meeting, instead of just talking about it.

You also asked if you could sit in on more client meetings as I specifically improve their Vyral Marketing services. 

I think that makes a lot of sense.

I’ve decided to offer small group 36-touch database marketing coaching for our clients at Vyral Marketing, including anyone else who wants to join us as well.

It’s $100 one time for 8 weeks.

It’s for our current clients who want to get better, those on the fence about hiring us, and anyone following what we’re doing on their own from afar.

I call it The Database Reset. I pick 2-3 clients who aren’t seeing the results they want (or crushing it and want to get better). I then meet with them every week for an hour in a small group on Zoom to improve one key part of the Vyral Marketing plan.

Here are the lesson plans to audit our client's marketing:

Meeting #1: Are you prospecting/advertising correctly to build the database of your target client? (#1 most important)
Meeting #2: Do we have your latest database in the system?
Meeting #3: Are they getting 2 helpful videos a month by email?
Meeting #4: Are they getting 1 lead-generation email a month?
Meeting #5: Are your best contacts getting 1 letter a month?
Meeting #6: Are they seeing you 6-8x a month on social media with paid retargeting ads?
Meeting #7: Are the people who watch your videos and opting-in to your web forms getting called? (#2 most important)
Meeting #8: Is a complementary business advertising with you to lower your cost?

If you’re a client not seeing the results you want, please sit in.

If you’re thinking about hiring us, and you’d like to better understand how to maximize your efforts when you do, please sit in as well.

If you're a student from afar implementing on your own, join us too.

It’s the same idea behind the program with Spring. Now, we have specific dates and a clear curriculum that’s focused on improving the marketing to your database (and building your database with the right people) to get listings.

It also makes sense to attend if you’re a client because it’s exactly what we implement for you should you decide to hire us. It's 100% specific coaching to our own Vyral Marketing plan.

It’s just $100 one time. You get all the replays. We start July 13th.

You can sign up and learn more here.



Frank Klesitz

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Frank Klesitz

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