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Vyral Marketing RealSynch Integration

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on Aug 1, 2023

Frank Klesitz Mail a Letter


I want to recommend you sign up for RealSynch as a Vyral Marketing client.

The reason is simple. When we send a video email out through your email marketing program, we can track the people who click the links. You want to call these people.

For example, let’s say we send out a video on ‘The 3 Things You Must Know Before You Sell Your Home”.

We can track everyone in your database who takes time out of their day to watch it. That’s a very, very, very valuable list. We can “shake the trees” to find it for you with a relevant video.

The problem is that information is stuck in your email marketing program. Normally, we go in and export it for you into a spreadsheet. But there’s still a problem…

It does not give you any context as to who the contact is, their transaction history, the last time you contacted them, additional phone numbers, notes from past conversations, etc.

That’s all on the contact record over in your CRM.

RealSynch will push the people clicking email links back to your CRM with a call task.

This makes it super cheap and easy to set appointments from your database. All the information is right there for your salespeople or appointment setters to make their calls.

It takes two steps to make an immediate call list of engaged people in your database:

  1. Send out a video email message that’s relevant to someone thinking of selling their home

  2. Call the people who click to watch it for appointments from a follow-up task in your CRM

That’s the first integration I would set up immediately as a client.

The second integration is whenever a new contact is added or updated in your CRM, it needs to get pushed over to your email marketing program to start the 36-touch campaign we run for you.

That way your email marketing database is always up to date. There’s no reason to export all the people in your CRM and upload them to your email marketing program.

That’s just one less thing you have to do every month.

I also know the CEO Scott Sillari. He worked for us at Vyral Marketing for years. He also officiated my wedding. 


One of the main investors, Chris Watters the #1 listing agent in Austin, is a paying client and friend.

Chris Watters

I don’t have any ownership in the company (I should!), nor am I paid to make the recommendation.

If you’re a RealSynch client, and you’re not with Vyral Marketing yet, you’re missing out.

We’ll send out a free seller lead-generation email to your database for you. This is a $500 value. It's free.

It’s my way to helping my friends at RealSynch and hopefully earning your long-term business as a client. Just email me frank@getvyral.com. I’ll get you in touch with a Marketing Coach to execute.

(We will verify you are a current paying customer of RealSynch to get this for free. We will also make it free for past RealSynch customers so they can earn your business back, too)

We’ll get your integration set up, email written, database exported/cleaned, and message sent out from you to your list that you approve so you can get warm opportunities as CRM tasks to call.

Here are the details: https://www.getvyral.com/email

Hit me up - we’re here to help.

Frank Klesitz

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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