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Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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July 2019 Real Estate Client Newsletter

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on Jul 7, 2019

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Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 12.17.34 PM

It's up! Here's our newsletter for July 2019.

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I Spent 3 Days with Dan Kennedy. Here Are My Notes...

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on Jun 19, 2019

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It was his Mailbox Millions & Ultimate Sales Letter 2.0

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How Dan Beer Sold 303 Homes in Hyper-Competitive San Diego with Database-Driven Marketing

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz in Case Study on Jun 2, 2019

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Download His Video Marketing Plan

Download Video Marketing Plan

I interviewed Vyral Client Dan Beer, a real estate agent for 14 years, who sold 303 homes in San Diego last year earning $4.5+ million GCI. It’s a great interview.

I got it entirely transcribed for you. It cost $60 on Rev.com.

This way if you’re at the doctor’s office, waiting for an Uber - or what have you - you can scan through the material faster than watching the video.

I’ll get right to the point. Here’s the #1 take away I’m testing for Vyral Marketing clients right now.

Dan said to take your entire database, upload it to Survey Monkey, and send out a survey like the one below asking one question: “Do you plan to buy or sell a home in the next 12 months?"

SurveyMonkey Example for Real Estate Agents to Generate Leads From Their DatabaseIt’s so stupidly simple. And brilliant.

  • The email comes from you via Survey Monkey
  • It looks different than any other broadcast email message
  • It’s positioned as a real survey
  • They don’t have to opt-in – you have their email already
  • We can easily scale this for you
  • It quickly tells you who may, or may not, be a lead right now

I'm working on the details to make this the next quarterly direct offer for our real estate clients to spike lead response from your database.

In addition to that juicy tip, Dan shares how to get started sending direct mail – or in his case a 12+ page newsletter - to a target farm along with open houses and community events to build your database.

He follows the core Vyral Marketing Plan to stay in touch with his database.

Enjoy the interview!

Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

P.S. Our contact center is growing! We're getting a 26% contact rate calling the people who watch your videos with our Calling Assistant Upgrade for $175 a month. 1 in every 9 people we speak with want a call back about buying or selling a home. If you're not getting your "opens/clicks" called, tell me and I'll give you a 30 day free trial of our Calling Assistant upgrade so you can hear the quality of our Omaha, NE based calls and see the results.

Also, my next 6 month real estate agent recruiting course starts July 8th. I teach two semesters a year. I have room for 32 students. 75 agents and brokers have taken it over the past two years. It's an "add-on" to our core service where you meet with me on Zoom for an hour in a small group weekly. If you'd like a copy of the 200 page workbook to review the 24 lessons, I'll ship you one at cost for $40 or invite you to the restricted access PDF for free. You can learn more about it here and what clients are saying about it. It's hands-down the best (no joke - and I will defend this claim) recruiting plan with marketing in the industry. It's my life's work and I'm proud to teach it with you.

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What’s the best YouTube video title strategy for SEO?

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on May 20, 2019

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You'll learn how to optimize your video on YouTube to get found online.


Have a marketing question? Email frank@getvyral.com. I will answer it. If we pick your question to publish, you'll get a free marketing book shipped right to you.

Q: John, a real estate agent in Phoenix asks, “What’s the best YouTube video title strategy for SEO [Search Engine Optimization]?”

A: Thank you for your question, John! I'm going to send you a free copy of Predictable Revenue - it's a book that really changed how I think about scaling a sales team. It's about specializing outbound, inbound, the people to do new client consultations, and the account managers who keep your client happy and successful. It's how we organize our team here at Vyral Marketing, and it's how I recommend you do it, too.

Now to answer your question, when we started our firm back in 2009 our strategy was to put the keyword phrase at the start of the video, followed by the title.

For example, your video title would be “Omaha real estate agent – Home buyer tips”. This was super effective. We got your video ranked for the keywords you wanted, fast.

This does not work as well as it did before.

The results are mixed. It could be seen as keyword stuffing since the main keyword phrase really isn't what the video is "about". It’s also passé. It’s also been 10 years! (We’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary at Vyral Marketing this June).

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Anna Krueger Calling Assistant Training Call

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on May 3, 2019

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Edited Version (Contact Center Training)

Listen in on today's calling assistant training call

Upgrade Your Marketing with a Calling Assistant

"What I Learned From My Calling Assistant Training Today"

by Brayden, Calling Assistant


Today I was able to receive training from Coach Anna Krueger of ISA MAPS Coaching.

The training was from the phone conversations I have been experiencing from the people who open and click on the emails sent out by Vyral Marketing.

We started by having some regular objections I have gotten back on the phone calls answered by Anna.

On the list I have been reaching out to, a majority of the people have a vacation home already which makes it difficult to push the conversation forward.

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Guaranteed Offer Lead Generation Campaign

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Apr 17, 2019

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Sequence 01

We recommend on our Official Video Marketing Plan you send a direct offer to your email list four times a year to spike lead generation.

I want to show you an example that worked well for Vyral Client Jeremy Larkin in St. George, Utah.

A hot offer right now to homeowners is to skip the showings and wholesale your home to a company. Rich Barton, the new CEO of Zillow, says "it's 10-20% of the market". With about 5.3 million existing home sales a year in America, that's a big slice for the instant offer market to win.

You, as the real estate, can “shop” all the instant Buyer companies who will buy your client’s home. This is the new value proposition to compete with them. You can sign up for a notification when OfferDepot.com of available in your market here.

Facebook Share Image OfferDepot™

You can also find investors in local meetup groups and local Google searches, too. The ones on local search are spending a lot of money and would likely love to partner with you (and pay for the privilege). Just ask them to pay your commission for finding the deal and guiding it to close.

Keller Williams even got into the "we'll buy your home" business recently. Here's what Jim Cramer says about Zillow flipping homes, too.

We put together this landing page for Jeremy. We will make the same for you.

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How do I get better engagement and response on Facebook?

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on Apr 16, 2019

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You'll learn how to put your videos on Facebook so people actually watch, comment, and share.

Have a marketing question? Email frank@getvyral.com. I will answer it. If we pick your question to publish you'll get a free marketing book shipped right to you.

Q: Greg, a real estate agent in Phoenix asks, "How do I get a better response and engagement on Facebook?"

A: Thank you for your question, Greg! I'm going to ship you a free copy of the Ultimate Sales Letter by my mentor Dan Kennedy. This taught me how to sell in print.

Now, first of all - this may come as a surprise - but I do not like Facebook. If your business comes mostly from Facebook you're in trouble. Keep in mind they are in "toll-position". You are on their platform. It can be regulated and taken away from you anytime. These platforms (and lead providers) who control the brand and data will put professional services providers who are not careful on the road to serfdom.

From a business standpoint, most "engagement" on Facebook is generally low quality. Case in point, we had 356 comments on this post a client of ours wrote for their group. We followed up with a FB message and/or researched their email with a Google search. Only a handful got back to us. Most said they were not interested! And, this is trying to give our service away to people who requested us to contact them! Engagement does not mean a quality response. These individuals have not spent any time with us online, likely don't know or trust us, and do not have any idea who we are (more on that later....)


Here's my response I wrote on the thread since I found this outcome just fascinating...


(We just generated 21 seller leads yesterday for a real estate client with the direct offer email I sent our friends in real estate last week. These are people who want an offer on their home, not "free value report" leads. We recommend a direct offer to your database four times a year, it's included in our marketing plan).

Reach (the number of people who actually see your Facebook post) is also at an all-time low. It's very likely only a few people will see your video on your business page if you don't put money into it.

Here are some slides of the keynote from the latest Traffic and Conversion Summit. You can watch the whole keynote about what's going on with Facebook and digital marketing here.

Your organic reach (without giving FB money) is an abysmal 0.5% of your fans on your Business page, on average:


You also have the Facebook cost-per-click going up (read the chart right to left):


Facebook keeps raising their ad prices to feed revenue since user growth is slowed:


And pretty much everyone knows Facebook isn't what it used to be, and it's getting worse...


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What should we ask so people call us back?

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on Apr 16, 2019

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You'll learn the email and voicemail script we use when calling the people who watch your videos on your behalf to call you back.

Have a marketing question? Email frank@getvyral.com. I will answer it. If we pick your question to publish you'll get a free marketing book shipped right to you.
Q: Travis, a real estate agent in Los Angeles, asks "What is the single most important thing that we should be asking in order to get them to call us back?"
A:  Thanks Travis for your question! To give context to this question first, I'll assume you're calling the people who watch your videos, or you have someone on your behalf calling them.
Let's say you sent out a video on "What do I need to know before selling my home this summer?"
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Haro just kicked off his local business owner mastermind

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on Apr 9, 2019

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Congratulations Haro!
I know many of you are looking to build out your Allied Resource groups for referrals and even to ask them to help financially participate in your marketing.
Haro just completed his first local business owner mastermind.  
Business Sponspor Project
He then includes them all in his videos with a coupon to his list, and in his local business owner directory on his website. 
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How to Hire a Calling Assistant

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Apr 2, 2019

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Clients and Friends,

Would you be interested in having us call the people who watch your videos?

This is the #1 way to get more business with us in the future. You can achieve an 8x ROI.

We just started calling this week for a few people in our test group.

"My agent Andrew called and converted to an appt next month when the buyer comes into town.  This is great, lets keep it going!" - Kelly Cook, Phoenix

"Today I pulled in 17 dials, 7 contacts, and 2 leads! One is a nurture the other is hot. I will have them both transcribed for Denise tomorrow. " - Brayden Schwab, Calling Assistant

We’ll use the same database-specific calling system that works for Vyral Client Jeff Cohn who sold 600+ homes last year. He has a calling assistant talk to everyone who watches his videos. 

He has done it for the past five years with consistent results.

We just completed a webinar last week on "How to Hire a Calling Assistant to Call Your Database".


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"I covered the cost of my administrative assistant" - How Mustafa Fiaz raised money to pay for a full-time assistant

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz on Mar 29, 2019

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Vyral Client Mustafa Fiaz, a real estate agent in Houston, has seven real estate agents in his office paying him $250 a month for guidance. He took the concept of the local business owner mastermind in our Business Sponsor Project Add-On and held one with agents in his office.

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The True ROI of Your Database

Frank Klesitz
By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Mar 14, 2019

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Real estate clients and friends,

I wanted to pass along two important slides I captured from Gary Keller’s presentation at their annual Keller Williams Family Reunion conference.

The message of the event was simple – build your database and take communicating with it seriously or else you risk being commoditized by discounters and disruptors.

First, you’ll see one of his many reasons why real estate agents are not profitable.

The size of your true database is measured by people you talk to (met) who have given you permission to continue communication with them.

This is in contrast to your email list that can be in the tens of thousands.

Take a look at the slide below closely. These are real ROI numbers from real estate agents.

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