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My Take Aways from a Listing Agent Mastermind

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on Nov 30, 2023

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Clients and friends -

I just got back from Jeff Glover’s mastermind in Phoenix.

I wanted to share my insights with you. He runs a top-selling real estate team in Michigan.

I’ll be at his next event in Phoenix for all brands and brokerages with 1,000+ agents in January. You can get a ticket here

His team of 32 agents have taken 228 listings in the past 90 days.

They are very listing-focused. Most of their listings come from working expired listings, database, and hybrid farming.

I asked him to email me his specific numbers…

  • 110 from SOI/PC Database 
  • 93 from Expireds
  • 25 from Hybrid Farming (print & digital)

Year-to-date GCI is $5.5 million with a gross profit (after agent splits) of 45-50%. They closed 982 last year and are on pace for the same this year, in a market that's down 28%.

They are also in position to earn a lot more money with the buy-side changes coming since they are listing-based.

Here are the value propositions of being an agent on Jeff’s team (they are all listing agents)…

  1. I will teach you how to fish through a training, structured, and accountable environment. 
  2. Everyone is taught how to take listings from day one
  3. We will help and encourage you to build your own brand
  4. Help you build and work your database. We will not take your database.
  5. We take all the administrative work off your plate so you get more time back
  6. I’ll teach you what it means to live an unreal life

The insight I want to share is Jeff implements the marketing to help his agents stay in better touch with their own database. 

He executes a lite version of the Vyral Marketing system for each agent without video, but he's soon adding video to it.

  1. Each agent on their team exports their CRM, Google, and Gmail contacts
  2. Jeff’s helps them send out 2 educational messages a month
  3. Jeff also helps them send out 1 direct response lead-generation message a month

He proactively helps each agent on his team build their own brand on social media and helps them stay in better touch with their own database using email and direct mail.

Jeff invested in the marketing agency staff necessary to pull this off for 32 agents. That’s 96-value-based and lead-generation style emails a month going out from all his agents to their own lists!

I flew up to Detroit and shared how we work at Vyral Marketing so he could build it for himself to offer to his agents.

As the market corrects and more agent teams must turn their lead-receiving buyer’s agents into lead-generating listing agents (or recruit new listing agents), this is a huge value proposition.

I just want to share that insight with you today. I’m seeing a trend of agent teams taking over the database marketing work for their listing agents and just doing “Vyral Marketing” for them.

We do have team owners hiring us directly to help a few key agents on their team, and they are paid back through their agents’ increased production or through a vendor program.

Here are the vendors who will pay money (or at a minimum be grateful for the exposure and more likely to refer) to be in your agent's videos, by the way:

Jan - Property Management - How Much Should I Charge for Rent?
Feb - Moving Service - 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mover
Mar - Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) - How Do I Invest My Home Sale Proceeds?
Apr - Home Cleaning - Is a Maid Worth the Money or Should I Clean Myself?
May - Pool Cleaning - What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done on a Pool?
Jun - Landscaper - Should You Landscape Before Selling Your House?
Jul - Home Builder - Where Can I Build a New Home in (City)?
Aug - Heating and Air (HVAC) - Preparing Your HVAC to Pass a Home Inspection
Sep - Tax Planner / CPA - How to Avoid Capital Gains When Selling
Oct - Garage Door - How Do You Fix a Garage Door That Keeps Stopping?
Nov - Divorce Attorney - How to Handle a Home Sale During a Divorce
Dec - Home Remodeling - Top 3 Renovations to Increase Home Value

Just something to think about – real estate agent teams are turning into database marketing agencies once they have their administrative and sales training value propositions streamlined.

I also like what Jeff recruits to and you're welcome to use those reasons in your agent recruiting presentation, too. He shared them all with us as the mastermind.

If you need help recruiting listing agents, come watch me as I help 3 clients get better results on our core marketing program for agent recruiting. www.getvyral.com/class

The replays from the past two classes are posted for you.

If you need help with any of this let me know.

Have a great holiday week,


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Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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