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What’s the best direct mail letter for seller lead generation?

By Frank Klesitz in Classroom on Nov 29, 2019

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You'll learn the envelope and letter style to get maximum seller lead response when mailed to homeowners who are likely to sell to build your database.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you're getting rest over the weekend, ready to end the year strong. 

We're working with our clients in December on how to build their database with people who want to sell their home. Specifically this week by using direct mail to get homeowners to call you about listing their home. 

In my last video, I answered the question “How do I get a mailing or phone list of homeowners likely to sell?

Now once you have that list, what's the best way to approach them to see if they are interested in selling their home using media (direct mail, email, Facebook ads, direct mail, etc) over manual cold calling?

If you don’t have any money, you’re stuck making cold calls. This is prospecting. This is the art of persuasion one-to-one. It’s where most people start. And it's where you should start to learn how to sell.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have money to invest in marketing (typically $250k+ GCI), you can write that same message down on paper and mail it to them - saving you a lot of time. This is the art of salesmanship in print. We call this "copywriting." This way people call you, instead of you calling them.

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How To Ease The Pain of Prospecting By Publishing Helpful Videos To Your Database

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Nov 25, 2019

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Download His Video Marketing Plan

Download Video Marketing Plan

Watch All Real Estate Client Interviews

Key Takeaways

  • Bob sold over 350 homes last year with a GCI of $1.8 million from using video to stay in touch with his database where over 30% of his business came from.

  • He has made strategic hires in the Philippines to help structure and maintain his database so that he can focus on listings and working with buyers.

  • Bob uses a drip campaign of video emails every two weeks to his database to stay top of mind for future sales.

  • He has made shooting video part of his day so that he physically doesn’t have to carve out time. He has integrated this type of marketing to fit seamlessly with his schedule.

  • Bob compiles a house list of contacts into one spot so that he can send great communication in a 1-to-many form instead of 1-to-1.

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How do I get a mailing or phone list of homeowners likely to sell?

By Frank Klesitz in Classroom on Nov 23, 2019

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Here's what clients implemented in our add-on Database Marketing Course to our Core Service this week…

A: There’s no better database than a list of homeowners in your target market who may want to sell their home who have given you permission to stay in touch with them. Once you've reconnected with your current database of past clients, sphere and other people you know - it's now time to break into a new target market to build your database. There are (3) lists you want to approach with phone calls, direct mail and Facebook ads with an offer of “I’ll help you get the most offers on your home if you want to sell. Call, email or message me.” The first list is your “likely to sell” list. These are homeowners in key zip codes who have lived in their homes around 10 years and around the median price point. This list should get a personal letter every 1-3 months, phone calls, and targeted on Facebook. The second list is distressed homeowners including people facing or who are in divorce, foreclosure, liens, bankruptcy, vacant, failed to sell on the MLS, probate, or code violations. This list needs a 3-step letter campaign with phone calls, quickly. The third list is from a “big data” company who can statistically tell you who is going to sell their home in a few months like Likely.ai. They need an approach strategy, too. You can get most of this data using Propstream from the county which is $99 a month for 10,000 records a month and they will append phone numbers for you. We get probates through All The Leads. Code violations you get with a FOIA request with the county. We’ve also had good results with V12 phone append, Microbilt Enhanced People Search if you’re an investor with permissible use under the FCRA, and BeenVerified to manually look each person up. The goal is to get these homeowners to call you about selling their home (or you call them), then you add them to your database to stay in touch - with their permission - so they see you as the trusted expert when they are ready to sell and they call you, not your competitors.

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Mastermind Club November 14-15 Agenda

By Frank Klesitz on Nov 9, 2019

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Real estate clients and friends –

We still have room if you’re interested in joining us this week in San Diego November 14-15th for our Mastermind Club meeting.

Apparently, we’re expecting an Arctic Blast with the weather across the country and this is a great reason to come down here and get some sunshine!


Here’s who will be in the room – everyone is speaking on something that’s making them money.

  1. Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi - Honolulu - 102 units and $1,520,000 GCI
  2. Ron Cedillo - Brea - 101 units and $1,100,000 GCI
  3. Jay Bourgana - Los Angeles - 225 units and $1,400,000 GCI
  4. Shawn O'Neill - Jacksonville - 225 units and $1,400,000 GCI
  5. Leonardo Montenegro - Palm Springs - 42 units and $611,000 GCI
  6. Joe Corbisiero - San Diego - 96 units and $1,000,000 GCI
  7. Matt Stevens - Boise - 115 units and $1,200,000 GCI
  8. Laurie McCarty - Bakersfield - 150 units
  9. Billy Phong - Elk Grove
  10. Brian Burds - El Paso
  11. Scott Agnew - Phoenix

Here’s the agenda:


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Mastermind Club Meeting November 14-15th

By Frank Klesitz on Oct 31, 2019

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Email me frank@getvyral.com if you’re interested in joining us.

Real estate clients and friends -

You’re invited to learn more about our next Mastermind Club meeting in San Diego November 14th-15th.

A ticket is a break-even $700 and includes all our meals together (top notch), a luxury venue, and a Yacht cruise on Friday evening.

You can get all the details at www.mastermindclub.us.

We just booked our 2020 dates, too. They are:

  • March 26-27
  • May 14-15
  • September 24-25
  • October 22-23

They are all in downtown San Diego, CA.

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New Flagship Video, Email & Social Media Database Marketing Course Starts Jan 2020

By Frank Klesitz in Classroom on Oct 28, 2019

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Real estate clients and friends

As promised from my latest email to you, here's what I've been up to...

I’m stepping up my game to provide more guidance on how to get the most from social media, video and database marketing in your real estate business.

I’m teaching a weekly class now for the new Video, Email & Social Media Database Marketing Course I’m officially rolling out in Jan 2020.

The purpose is to help you build a profitable seller lead generation system that's focused 100% on talking to sellers and your database.


Clients will now get the latest workbook lesson each week as a part of your fee with us. It’s free to you. I'll also make you a quick summary video about what we covered in class that week.

This is for real estate professionals only.

We gather the office every Wednesday morning for 3 hours to review that week’s material. That way, when you talk to your Marketing Consultant you're working with here, they know how to implement it all for you.

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Latest calling assistant upgrade numbers

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Oct 28, 2019

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Clients and friends,

I want to give you a quick update on the results of our new calling add-on service.


We’ve been calling the people who click the links in your videos since April.

  • We made 10,442 attempts
  • We spoke to 2,515 people
  • We found 126 people who want to buy or sell in a year (nurtures)
  • We found 178 people who want a call back now to buy or sell

That means…

We speak to 24% of the people we call and every 14 or so people we speak to want a call back to buy or sell a home right now.

These are great numbers.

The cost of the calling add-on is only $175 a month. It’s the best ROI in the business, hands down.

We give this to you free for 30 days. That way you know if it’s worth paying to call the people who watch your videos and click your “call to action” links in your emails. For most of you, it’s worth it.

Here’s what the calls sound like (listen to Scott make the calls live):


If you’re interested in getting your database called, let us know.

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Fall 2019 Survey Monkey Seller Lead Generation Message

By Frank Klesitz on Oct 12, 2019

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Real estate clients and friends,

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What we learned at the September 2019 Mastermind Club meeting

By Frank Klesitz on Sep 30, 2019

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Real estate clients and friends,

We just got done with our Mastermind Club meeting this weekend.

It was awesome. Just a few things that were shared…

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Kenny Klaus defends against disruption by better working his database

By Frank Klesitz on Sep 28, 2019

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Dear KW friends,

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The best real estate agent newsletter (it’s printed)

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Sep 25, 2019

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Clients and friends,

I wrote you a while back that I went to Dan Kennedy’s Mailbox Millions 2.0 in Cleveland. I received deep insight to understand the nuances of direct mail and how to get people to read and respond. I've packaged this all up for you, tested it, and ready to implement it.

I’m excited to announce we’ve upgraded our monthly direct mail service.

Instead of a monthly postcard, we will now create a one-page newsletter for you.

Here’s what it looks like for our client Ashley Carter:

Example Real Estate Agent Newsletter

This is an example of a newsletter my wife Katy sends to her database monthly:

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How Kari Cross Sells 30 Homes a Year As a Solo Agent From Her Database

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Sep 19, 2019

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Download Her Video Marketing Plan

Download Video Marketing Plan

Watch all Real Estate Client Interviews

Key Takeaways

  • Kari built her business on video marketing, social media, and expired leads which generated over 80% of her income last year.

  • Kari sells 30-35 homes a year with an average price point of $650,000 because she has mastered the art of staying in front of her audience.

  • As her business continues to grow, she plans to keep her team small and bring in a buyer's agents so that she can focus primarily on money-making opportunities.

  • She is very active in the community and runs a community Instagram account that has increased her reach to a new audience.

  • With over 2,000 people in her database, Kari continues to nurture anyone and everyone she can to ensure the most benefit. 

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