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Start mailing personal letters to your best contacts

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on May 21, 2023

I hope you’re having a great Sunday. I’m reflecting on my week and wanted to share this with you.

I had 3 conversations with past clients calling back to rehire us last week.

They are all done chasing top-of-funnel internet buyer leads from Facebook and Google. 

I asked them to “declare bankruptcy” on their “40,000 leads” and rebuild a list of all their actual past clients, the top 150 people in their sphere, and any warm buyer and seller potentials they’ve spoken with.

You must send these extremely valuable people a monthly personal physical written USPS letter.

We do this for you at Vyral Marketing. Just pay the postage and printing cost directly – there are zero markups from us. It’s about $1 a letter.

Here’s what it should look like and how to place the order.

I also put the letter example at the bottom of this message.

It’s just like sending an email. You upload your USPS mailing list, the PDF of the letter, and press send.

I can’t stress how important this is. You’ll be lucky if 30% of the people in your database open your email. You have zero idea if your database sees your ads on social media. You’re not reaching everyone.

It’s also going to cost a lot more than $1 a name to hire and train someone to call them (who represents your brand well); let alone get them all on the phone.

How else are you going to actually reach these extremely valuable people with your message in a way that’s profitable and consistent with ease?

A personal letter to a confirmed mailing address arguably has a 100% open rate.

You’re also positioned as the guest, not the pest. They call you – not the other way around.

I’ve been to Dan Kennedy’s Mailbox Millions, studied Gary Halbert’s letters, read all of Ogilvy’s sales letters, and personally built my own real estate acquisitions business dropping 70,000 letters a month at my peak. It’s the only medium I could get to work where homeowners in the zip codes I wanted called me asking for an appointment to get an offer on their house. The best part is, the taxpayer picked up a big part of the tab. Thank you my friends!

I can go on about this for a long time…

The point is you need business. Yes, get on the Vyral Marketing plan if not already. Start sending videos to your database with email and social media. We will do all that for you. Call the people who watch them and work the leads generated from the landing pages to set appointments.

However....in addition to all that, I want you to invest the additional money to send your videos to your best contacts by physical personal mail, too.

A business built entirely on digital marketing is one on a shaky foundation.

I want you to stay a client, paying us. You’ll do that when the phone rings, and direct mail to your in-house list of best contacts darn near guarantees I’ll never get a cancellation request from you.

I challenge you to come up with a real, legitimate list of 150 people. Put them all on your monthly letter. It will cost you about $150 a month. 

If you’re a big-time team you will come up with more names, but this is a fine list size to start. Then, just scale it up from there as you see success.

Give that some thought this week.

Reset your mind to focus on the tried and true. Direct mail. Personal letters. A targeted list of confirmed warm relationships with a personal message and a strong call to action for immediate response.

Steve is the #1 listing agent in Sacramento. He executes digital marketing at the highest level. And what does he talk about in his video success story with us? Old school letters.

The letter example is below.

Hit me up if you need help getting this done. We’re here.

We 100% guarantee the work.

Frank Klesitz

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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