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Live Unreal LeadUp Leadership Event 2022 With Jeff Glover

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on May 7, 2022

This message is for all the brokers and team leaders who attended the event.

It was great seeing you at Jeff’s event. I was the guy in the back at the Vyral Marketing booth all by myself. It was just me at the event without any staff helping me this time. Here's a copy of the handout that was on the table that you can see below.

Vyral Marketing Booth

On the second day, Spring Bengtzen was on a panel and gave me a nice shout-out in the back. That was just before her sales manager, Justin, got the whole room revved up with the Tony Robbins power moves. Remember that powerful moment? That was sweet.




Here’s a success story that Spring recorded for me about her transformation from a struggling agent to leading a powerhouse team that has done 1,000+ deals in Utah. She put in place everything we teach at Vyral Marketing for recruiting and agent attraction. It was awesome to see her on that panel. Congratulations, Spring!

Now I want to share a bit about what we’re doing specifically with Jeff to help with his agent attraction marketing as he seeks to build a coaching company.

You can do the same with us for your brokerage or team, too.

I’ve known Jeff since we both got started early in our careers in the Mike Ferry world. We’ve both been kicked out since then because we have our own businesses selling to real estate agents, but that’s another story for another time. I think very highly of Mike. I would not be here if it were not for him. Go to his SuperStar Retreats while you still can. That’s where I started Vyral in 2010. I may go to his event at Caesars this year in Vegas, but I’ll need to wear a disguise!

If you have to choose, however, come with us to Jeff's Retreat in Traverse City in August. We'll be there sharing what works for a great 36-touch campaign whether to get listings or for agent attraction. 

Jeff asked for our help...

Jeff asked me how to sell tickets to his events, book more strategy calls, and get more agents involved with his vision of being the #1 coaching company in the world. After seeing him at his past two events, I have no doubt he will do it.

He was already making a ton of videos, publishing a podcast, writing a daily message, and more. You can check out all the free resources on his website.

There’s no lack of training material he’s putting out. It’s excellent, and I highly recommend it. I would consider Jeff to be a contemporary version of Mike Ferry as he is selling real estate today in the trenches with us – and teaching just enough marketing to not take away from the sales fundamentals of the business. I can’t speak too highly of him.

Rather than creating more free training, I suggested we start telling success stories from his agents. It would be a simple process: Introduce us to agents who have the best story to tell, and then we would play journalist and interview them on www.riverside.fm and then edit these interviews into nice, "mess/turning point/success” case study videos applying what we learned in the Story Brand book. The goal will be to highlight stories of massive change that happen when agents follow his program – from their perspective. It's always better when you have "them" say it for you.

He follows the core Vyral Marketing plan for agent attraction, but by publishing two agent success story videos a month instead of his own educational videos.

His monthly lead-generation campaigns, which we also implement to complement your two helpful videos each month, center around selling tickets to events and inviting agents to book free strategy calls. 

This is a nice selling point because it requires little extra time from Jeff. He does not shoot any additional video. It's entirely hands-off for him; we report to his marketing director. 

Agent success stories

Here are a few examples of Jeff's Facebook retargeting ads:

Example #1

Jeff Glover Ad 2

Example #2

Jeff Glover Ad 3

Example #3

Jeff Glover Ad 1

These videos are also emailed to his database while being advertised on Facebook and Instagram to his warmest audiences. The calls to action are to buy an event ticket or book a strategy call.

We show them to all the people who visited GloverU.com over the past 180 days, all the people who interacted with his GloverU Facebook page over the past year, and all the agents in his database/email list. This is called retargeting. It’s where you start with any social media advertising before advertising to the unwashed masses.

Jeff has a big agent audience because he’s the #1 real estate agent in Michigan. We put $30 a day into the ads to reach this agent retargeting audience 4-6 times over a 30-day period, which is the ideal frequency for social media ads to work. For many of you, it only takes $1 a day to reach warm agents in your list and hit the recommended ad frequency. We do this for you at Vyral Marketing.

8,697 clicks!

The results are staggering. We’ve spent $1,801 since the campaign started, reached 74,432 agents, and got 8,679 clicks to this page to book a free strategy call. That’s pretty much the holy grail of direct response offers, right before you just ask people to pay you directly online without a consultation. What's nice about these ads is that they are "offer-agnostic," meaning we can put these agent stories with any offer, such as getting a ticket, downloading an e-book, joining a Facebook community, etc.

Jeff Glover Facebook Ad Results

How many turned into appointments and customers? I don’t know. I’m flying to his office June 23-24 to meet with his marketing team to fully integrate the funnel, but these are tremendous initial results on the front end. We need to set up the Meta pixel on his website, figure out the complex conversion tracking, determine how many appointments were kept and who signed up, and ascertain the lifetime revenue of each respective customer. At this level, marketing and sales must be super aligned to get a clear picture of the full results.

The process of working with Jeff is simple. We schedule a monthly time when we interview two of his most successful agents a month. We knock both out at the same time in roughly 30 minutes. Each interview is about 15min that's edited down to 2-3min. We ask his agents about the pain/problem they had before Jeff, what it was like working with Jeff, and how their life has changed now that Jeff solved their problem. That's how every great story is told, and it will work the same for your business no matter what you sell. We then edit, optimize, and promote these videos to his agent database and on social media. He also mails 40,000 magazines a quarter. We’ll make sure these stories are featured there, too.

On a side note, please take direct mail seriously as it will only get harder to reach people digitally with the changing climate of new privacy rules. We mail a monthly letter for you to your top contacts as a part of our program; we recommend that you start with your top 150 people. It costs about $1 a letter that you pay directly to the mailing service.

The next step is to get an assistant to call all the agents in his database who watch the success stories. I just completed training for you on how to hire a database calling assistant for a few hours a day from Upwork. We can track all the agents who click the links to watch the videos in his email list. They will hire someone to call each of them to invite them to either one of Jeff’s next events or to take a free strategy call. That’s a fast way to prove ROI – how many appointments were booked from the email link clicks and the landing page opt-ins - or just the straight-up responses or phone calls that come in,

Let's do it for you, too

Anyway, if you need help stepping up your agent attraction game, watch our new client orientation workshop on our website that deals with agent attraction.

If you hire us, we’ll do all this for you with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Our marketing works or you don't pay us. We want to see you earn an additional $90,000 a year (10x ROI) from the appointments you book from the people clicking links to watch your videos and the opportunities we regenerate from your existing database with your monthly lead-generation campaigns.

Jeff went the alternative route of asking us to gather success stories. We can do that for you if you properly introduce us – instead of you showing up to be interviewed on your webcam for your two educational agent training Q&A videos a month. We cannot hunt your introductions down for you. We ask for one strategy call a month, and then one interview a month to record your videos. In that case, just bring the agents we should interview to this second call. We'll interview them, not you.

Want to get this rocking and rolling? Book a strategy call here, and let’s visit.

Thanks for reading all this - I'm stepping up the game on this blog.


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