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By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Jul 27, 2020

Steve LaMothe

“It will cost you more money to try to replicate what they do.  I found myself going through a very difficult time back when I was transitioning from running a multi-million dollar organization to launching a brand-new business. I lost staff and resources, and my family and I were finding it hard to sleep at night. But everything changed when we decided to hire Vyral Marketing to help us get our new brand in front of consumer’s faces. They did more than just create videos and execute content; they actively worked to make all my marketing better."

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Steve LaMothe, a top selling Realtor® in Sacramento, left his previous real estate team to start his own business. He was now responsible for his own leads, marketing, and business systems with a new brand.

We put a video, email, and social media database marketing plan in place right away.

Steve, however, found the most value in connecting with our entrepreneurial clients through our masterminds and Zoom meetings we host from time to time.

For example, after hearing about the results, he sent a personal letter to the top contacts in his database; in addition to being in front of them digitally and with regular phone call follow up.

“I always thought direct mail didn’t work,” he says. “We turned a video into a letter. It was probably the most powerful piece of mail we’ve sent. We got so much positive feedback from that. It was just a little letter. I would have never done that on my own.”

We include a monthly personal direct mail letter to your top contacts on the Vyral Marketing Plan.

Steve closed 126 units at $42 million in his first year, on his own, earning just under $1 million GCI.

“Vyral Marketing is far more than just editing the video and pushing it out for you. If I were to describe Vyral Marketing in one word – it would be partnership.”



The most challenging time for our business was transitioning from running a large organization to launching a brand-new business. It wasn’t like starting from scratch—it was like taking a $40 million production team from one business to another, then rebranding and launching it all over again. I had to rehire an all-new staff—even after losing five different administrators, I still had to run my business and keep moving.

It was very difficult for me and my wife, and at the time, we had a one-month-old daughter, so I didn’t get much sleep at night. But we eventually heard about Vyral through our brokerage’s top agent masterminds. 

Many people referred to Vyral as a simple and seamless way to get your message out. When we hired Vyral, we simply expected them to create videos and execute the content on all our social media platforms. However, I quickly found out that they do far more.

Working with Vyral is like working with a group of people who share what is and is not working, and we’ve seen a lot of success with the ideas that they’ve suggested. One area we found success was in direct mailing. I always thought that direct mail didn’t work. 

But Vyral levied the idea to take our video and turn it into just a letter—it was probably the most powerful piece of mail that we ever sent. We got so much positive feedback from that simple letter, and it was something I would never have done on my own. In our first year, we closed on 126 units at nearly $42 million.

The biggest reason for making a change by working with Vyral was to deliver options to my family, and to be able to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want, however I want to do it.

To those who are thinking about hiring Vyral: do it. It will cost you more money to try to replicate what they do. My second piece of advice is to remember that everything is there for you. The playbook is written; you just need to execute on it.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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