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Vyral Marketing for Teams

By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Agent on Dec 27, 2022

I started Vyral Marketing in 2009 out of my own need for a 36 touch with my database. 

We’ve focused on helping rainmakers generate business from their own list. 

However, with the rise of agent teams and the need for brokerages to remain competitive by helping their agents get business, I’ve been asked “How can you implement a 36 touch for my agents, too?”

For perspective, this is in addition to - or in replacement of - spending money on various media at the team or brokerage level to generate leads or set appointments for your agents from the general public (cold calling, Facebook, Google Ads, radio, TV, direct mail, 3rd party referrals, etc).

It didn’t make sense to hire us at retail for each agent on your brokerage or team. Rather, it’s best you build your own in-house marketing department specific for 36-touch implementation.

You also need a way to break even on that marketing department, and if all goes to plan, use it as a profit center to make money. 

But let's be honest - it's ultimately about recruiting more agents. Specifically, the profitable 12-25 sales a year demographic. To reach and retain them, you need the following email lists ready to go:

  • All the agents in your office
  • All the agents who worked in your office previously whom left
  • All the agents in your recruiting pipeline
  • All the agents in your MLS who sell 12-24 homes a year

To book more appointments for your recruiter, you'll start teaching webinars on how agents in your office work their database and what messages they send out to get the best response.

The key is sharing the videos, emails and social media posts your office is helping your agents get out that's specific to your market and the message of the moment.

Just send all the people who register to your recruiter to talk about how to grow their business.

When it comes to helping your agents implement getting messages to their database, I recommend hiring a dedicated marketing manager and a marketing assistant.

The marketing manager’s job is to write the content, communicate with the agents, project manage the work, oversee the strategy, and hold results accountable. (i.e. Director of Lead Generation)

The marketing assistant’s job is to get updated lists, edit videos, upload to YouTube, send emails, update social media, proofread everything, and create landing pages. (i.e. Database Manager).

Let's say you wanted to do something like this.

You’ll let your agents know at your next team meeting you want to help them get more business from their database and you’re now providing them with the necessary marketing support.

Agents who are interested sign your participation agreement. The agents agree to pay for their email credit use plus a $100-200 a month marketing fee. I have this for you.

You recommend 2 helpful videos and 1 lead-generation message a month to their existing database. They get promoted via email and social media by your marketing assistant.

Here’s what makes this unique...

The emails come from the agent to their list, which means every agent has their own email account. They also get their own landing pages. Updates are made to their social media.

You’ll need an email marketing program with a “tiered account structure” to do this. We recommend MyEmma for Teams. Each agent gets their own account under your parent account.

You also need software to make agent landing pages to capture leads (request a free home value report, join my VIP home buyer list, search all homes for sale, free home selling guide download, get a cash offer, etc). We recommend Paperform Pro.

You’ll record 2 consumer videos a month on Riverside.fm under the direction of your Marketing Manager. These need to be on point. You’re asking your agents to send out your videos on their behalf!

Your agents send these videos to their list on the 1st and 15th of the month. These are market updates, buyer tips, seller tips, vendor interviews, or consumer success stories.

Here’s the full one-year content plan. You’re welcome to make your own topics, too.

Your agents can shoot your chosen topic on their own. It’s easy to switch out your "by-default" video for their own. We have teams and brokers putting streaming studios in their offices for agents to record themselves.

Your marketing assistant works with each agent to export their CRM, Google contacts, and mobile phone contacts. Each list is scrubbed through Neverbounce for quality and then sent an initial reconnect message.

You’ll then approve a monthly lead-generation message.

This goes out on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10am local time from each agent that drives traffic from their own list to their own landing page.

The agents simply log into their email account to follow up with the people watch the videos, and call the leads sent to them from their landing pages.

I hold a monthly training for all agents on the program to teach them how to do this.

Let’s talk about costs…

  1. The email marketing program will cost $250 a month plus any email credits over 10,000 a month for 10 agents. Bill your agents for their email credit use to break even on this.

  2. It will cost you $0.008 an email one time to clean the email for agents. Bill them for this as well to break even.

  3. A marketing assistant will run you $8 an hour in the Philippines or $25+ an hour in the USA. They can work anywhere from home.

  4. A landing page program like Paperform will cost $50 a month.

You can likely put 20-30 agents under one marketing assistant. 

That means they are responsible for getting out 60-90 emails a month. There’s a lot of attention to detail. You can’t press them too hard, or else there will be mistakes.

If you have more agents sign up, just hire another marketing assistant.

There’s no getting around these costs - it’s the same for any team or brokerage who wants to offer email and social media marketing support to their agents.

How to roll this out…

You’ll first need to find your Marketing Manager. I’d like to apply for the position.

This Marketing Manager will then hire your Marketing Assistant. 

I recommend we hire in the Philippines for $8 an hour and use a staffing company to ensure a minimum standard, and if we must fire them (or they quit), we have an immediate replacement.

We now need the train them. This takes 8 business days. I have a whole boot camp/course to get this done. You’re welcome to take it, too. They need to learn:

  • Email exporting
  • Email cleaning (Neverbounce)
  • Email marketing (MyEmma)
  • Video editing (Any free video editor)
  • YouTube Thumbnails (Canva free)
  • YouTube optimization (Copy.ai free)
  • Landing pages (Paperform)
  • Updating email lists (Google Sheets)
  • Social media posts (Meta Business Suite)
  • Proofreading (Grammarly free)
  • Agent phone communication

The goal of the boot camp is to get both a video and a lead-generation email out from you to your consumer list you can hold out as an example to your agents.

Next, it’s time to announce your 36-touch marketing support at a team meeting. You’ll share your examples, introduce your new marketing team, and ask agents to sign up.

Limit this at first to a small group of 10 agents. You’ll open it up to more agents with their success in 30 days. This should be a measured rollout – not a stampede of eager agents.

I suggest you charge each agent $250 to start plus $100-200 a month including the cost of their email credits. QuickBooks payments are the easiest way for you to do this – just send them a link to pay.

The marketing assistant will call all new participating agents and do a remote screen share to export their CRM, Google, and mobile phone contacts with ease.

Then, those contacts are scrubbed and uploaded to their email account. A reconnect email message is sent out with a link to a landing page to request a free home value report.

Any email replies and leads will immediately go right to the agent. The email comes from the agent and the replies go to them. Again, this is what makes this unique.

You’ll then record two videos with your Marketing Manager. Each participating agent will send your two videos to their list. These go out automatically without the agent’s individual approval.

This is all accomplished within 30 days of agent sign-up.

Again – and to be clear – if any participating agent wants to send out their own video instead of yours, they just send their YouTube link to your marketing assistant, and it’s switched out.

This is rare. It happens intermittently, if at all. However, it’s strongly encouraged.

The bottom line is your participating agents have leads to call in 30 days…

  1. The people watching their videos
  2. The people who opt into their landing page

To goal is they set appointments. If your agents don’t call to set appointments, you can charge them an additional referral fee to have your appointment setter/ISA call them.

If your agents leave, I suggest you ask permission to take over their database at the team/brokerage level and just pay them a referral fee over the next 12 months.

(Long term, I see this as an inevitable end game to build the team-owned or brokerage-owned database. Agents will leave or won’t want to pay the fees. You then agree to work their list at your expense and sell the leads back for a fee at close).

Your job is to lead your agents to build their database, communicate with their database, and call the leads from their database.

The most effective way is a daily story or inspirational email to all your agents with weekly meetings to share stories of agent success.

We just repeat this process every single month with new video topics and a new monthly lead-generation message. I write all this for you. That’s what makes this unique, too. You get my writing, not canned writing from a corporation or a junior W2 writer at some company with venture capital breathing down their necks to sign up more customers, not write better.

I own 100% of Vyral Marketing. I write primarily for the love of it. I’m good at it.

Once your agents make money and are happy paying their $100-200 a month plus email credit fee; you want to communicate this in your recruiting strategy.

Remember, your agents would never be able to get this service, at this price, on their own.

On your recruiting appointments, pull up Paperform and show them all the leads your agents generated. Pull up MyEmma and show them all the people engaging with your agent’s emails.

Tell stories of what the increase in income has meant for your agents because your 36-touch program helped position them to get more business.

If you have an agent thinking about switching to you, offer to send out that month’s lead-generation email for them. Introduce the prospect to your marketing assistant to get it done.

You can also load up all the agents in your market into EventBrite and invite them to a webinar on how you’re generated leads to help your agents get business. Just follow up with the agents who register for appointments.

The only missing part at this point is your Marketing Manager.

That’s Vyral Marketing for Teams.

I can get this done for you for significantly less money and hassle. We’ll be your consultant and guide, not your implementation labor and software (which is now your direct expense).

We charge $5,000 for a one-time training fee and $1,500 a month to run all this for you.

You pay for the cost of the marketing assistant, email cleaning, email credits, and landing page software directly.

We earn money to help with your videos, write the content, hire/train/manage your marketing assistant through daily meetings, and make sure the whole thing works so you can use it to recruit and retain agents.

These also little risk of major financial loss. I will fully refund your $5,000 within 30 days if you are not 100% confident in your marketing assistant. You can then cancel your software (don’t sign any contracts) and release your marketing hire.

I’ve lost just as much money on bad hires and marketing that does not work as you have, trust me. You can also fire us anytime with a 30-day notice and keep your marketing hire, too.

Your total cost to get the done for 20-30 agents is roughly $2,780 a month (or $35k a year) assuming an $8 an-hour marketing assistant and you charge to break even on your email credit expenses.

You'll roughly break even - and even make a profit - charging $100-200 a month plus the agent's email credit use.

When 20 agents at $250 sign up you'll pay back the $5,000 training fee.

Your direct labor cost goes up about 3x if we hire your marketing assistant in the USA. This is your decision to make depending on your office culture.

If you hire in the USA, I suggest you ask your mortgage company to buy advertising offering a free rate quote in all the videos and emails that go out from each agent to their list. Make sure you talk to a RESPA attorney to put together the necessary co-advertising agreement.

If you’re ready to learn more or sign up, request a call.

I’ll go over everything with you. When it’s time to pull the trigger, you’ll pay the $5,000 from a QuickBooks Payments invoice by ACH, with the $1,500/month via ACH starting in 30 days.

We can train any marketing assistant you want, or we can use a placement service. You’ll be ready to announce this to your team in two weeks, with their first email going out in 30 days.

I’ll also host a webinar with you promoted to all the agents in your marketplace to help you recruit agents to your team or brokerage. Just send the registrant list to your recruiter.

This is the next step for Vyral Marketing. It’s taken us 13 years to get here. We’re going to help teams and brokerages build their own in-house marketing teams to implement a 36 touch for each agent, in addition to offering our core service directly to the rainmaker.

Just step back and imagine if 30 agents at your brokerage each sent 3 quality messages to their list every month. You could recruit to that all day, and it will help them sell more homes.

It’s also a core business value proposition for you without relying on buying 3rd party leads, breaking the law with cold calling/texting, or risking money on mass advertising campaigns.

Looking into the future, your agents who depend on fixed buy-side commissions will likely need to negotiate their own fees directly with the buyer depending on the outcome of Moehrl v. NAR. That will be especially hard since most buyers can't afford to pay for representation. That means the listing agent will need to be very skilled to deal with unrepresented buyers submitting offers and navigating their own home purchase. The demand for listing agent services will go up considerably to sell a home. This type of marketing will help your agents demonstrate their expertise on video, and better work their database for business, which is where most of an agent's business comes from on the listing side.

If I was building a team or franchise, these two roles (Marketing Manager / Marketing Assistant) to help my agents implement database marketing would be a part of the core models and systems.

Look forward to visiting with you about this.

You can get the entire training plan with examples and recordings of the agent announcement meetings from other Vyral Marketing for Teams clients here:

Get the marketing assistant training plan and examples.

The first step before working together is to host a live webinar for all your agents, past agents, and ideal recruits on "How to Send the Magical Seller Lead-Generation Email to Your Database."

We'll promote and co-host it for you for free. Simply follow up with the agents who attend to see who needs help getting it out - that way you'll know how much demand there is for a service like this.

You'll continue to do these webinars going forward sharing the messages working for your agents that generate leads for your recruiter to book appointments.

Frank Klesitz 

P.S. I also have a relationship with Likely.AI. We’ll send your agent’s lists through their system to give them a likely seller list to call right away for free before any email goes out. It’s called their Database Refresh product. Call them and sign up, tell them Frank Klesitz sent you. Here’s what they do. I don’t get paid for my recommendation, but they gave me complimentary mailing lists to test that helped me purchase (with partners) several single-family rentals since 2019.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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