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Watch me mail a seller lead-generation letter

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on Jun 15, 2023

Julianne Lesniak is an excellent client of ours. She's been selling real estate for 20+ years in Gettysburg, PA.

She read my article last week on how to build your database of likely sellers.

She asked if I would help her write a letter and mail it out since there's so little inventory in her area. She needs more listings fast.

She told me she's happy to share her story as a client. She already signed 6 listings sitting in her database with our video marketing plan. I love that. I agreed to her request. (You are welcome to email her about her results).

To be clear, we do not mail cold letters for you. This is just something I personally know how to do. I agreed to do it for a happy client.

When it comes to building your database of homeowners who are thinking about selling, nothing compares to the power of mailing personal letters.

So let's get down to it.

We used Remine to pull a list of every single family homeowner who's lived in Gettysburg for 10+ years that's not in an LLC or Trust, and then hired someone on Upwork to format the mailing list properly. 

I then wrote her letter. I prefer to keep that private. It's unique to her.

The big idea is she really does have a bunch of buyers ready to make offers.

There are only 56 homes for sale in the entire zip code!

Her offer is to call or email her to find out what her buyers would pay.

This is the strongest call to action for seller lead generation. Period.

She can afford to spend $1,500 to get a listing (up to 20% of the likely commission). We have a mailing list of roughly 5,100 homeowners.

The total cost of the mailing is $4,300. She needs to get three listings to make the economics work.

Let's roll the dice!

You're invited to watch as we work to place the order.

She's going to add everyone who responds to her database marketing plan with us. 

This is a real meeting with a real client where we get real work done. Just something I wanted to share with you that can help you out. 



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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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