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How Matt Manoogian Sells $30 Million in Volume From His Warm Contact List

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Sep 27, 2023

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How Alexander Prewitt Maintained $25 Million (Volume) with Phoenix Transactions Down 50%

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Sep 18, 2023

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How Ryan Hvizda Grew From 100 to 145 Deals (While Exiting Production)

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Sep 2, 2023

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Seychelle Van Poole’s $68 Million Marketing Plan for Work-Life Balance

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Aug 24, 2023

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Seychelle Van Poole fills us in on her marketing plan to sustain her $68+ million year (volume) real estate sales business in Dallas so she can enjoy a better work-life balance after years of working 60-70 hours a week. She just hired us to get her 36-touch database marketing plan in place after the loss of her marketing person who left to earn their MBA. This is in addition to her 150 key referral partners who get quarterly gifts, 2 big events a year (you have to call her to register), and a farm/past client mailing list of 10,000+ who receive a direct mail piece 18x a year. Seychelle’s database-driven business is built on long-term relationships, and “not chasing strangers” she says. In this interview, you’ll see the marketing plan she’s chosen to follow for success so you can model it in your business, too.

Contact Seychelle for referrals or questions

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How Dave Hooke Earns $1.5 Million GCI a Year from His Database

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Jul 1, 2023

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I have a great interview to share that’s worth your time.

Dave Hooke is a client of ours in Southern Pennsylvania.

Last year he sold 350 homes for $3.1 million in GCI ($102 million volume). He’s already sold 175 this year to date.

He told us that 50% of that business (about $1.5 million GCI) came from his database. It’s on track to be the same this year.

The rest of the business was mostly from his cash offer investor division, paid leads (Realtor, Zillow, et al.), and radio/television advertising.

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Matt O'Neill: Brand New Property Manager Adding 8 Doors a Month

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Jan 14, 2023

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Pierce Fryga is a new property manager in Charleston who partnered with a local real estate agent (a client of ours - Matt O'Neill). He's growing his property management business by 8 doors a month with video, email, and social media marketing to his database of new and tired landlords. Hear his story and what makes his property management business unique (his 7.9% fee and $500 referrals from local agents in the tri-county area). Get the marketing plan they are implementing to build landlord trust and ultimately more doors at https://www.getvyral.com/plan

Tide Property Management Video Blog: https://tidepm.com/

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Michael Perna: My 2023 36-Touch Database Marketing Plan for Listings

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Dec 12, 2022

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Here is the email he sent out to promote this webinar


new banner

I want to invite you to a live webinar I’m teaching where I'll share my updated 36-touch database marketing plan for 2023 with you.

This is how we plan, among other things, to make sure we keep an active pipeline of listings as we all navigate this shifting market.

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Matt O'Neill: 22 High Intent Seller Leads from a Home Selling Workshop

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Oct 4, 2022

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Matt O'Neill, our real estate agent client in Charleston, decided to hold a seller webinar for his monthly direct response lead-generation offer which is a part of our 36-touch marketing plan we implement for you.

In addition to his database promotion, he also ran this radio ad read by his on-air personality (with the help of Matt Wagner from Radio and Television Experts):

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Matt O'Neill: How He Reactivated 400 Seller Leads from One Email

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Jul 12, 2022

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Matt O'Neill is a client of ours (who just signed back up) in Charleston who spends $2 million a year on advertising. We sent out his latest monthly lead-generation email to his database (a part of our core 36-touch marketing service with video) and he got 400 opt-in seller leads from it. I share the email with you and the landing page in this 30min webinar with Matt Wagner from Radio and Television Experts. You'll also see his email metrics live on the backend and how he will now sync his database with Zapier and/or RealSynch.com (preferred method with a 2-way integration). 

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Jacksonville agent nearly doubles his commissions without cold calls

By Frank Klesitz in Success Stories on Jun 25, 2022

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Matthew Miller has been working with us for the past two years. He's a solo real estate agent and property manager in Jacksonville, Florida. Roughly half of his income comes from property management and the other half from selling homes. He hired us to help him get more listings and buyers from his existing list (lots of tenants who want to buy, too) with a consistent 36-touch marketing plan. "Your marketing plan helped me nearly double my business." 

A quick thank you to Matthew...

Real Estate Agents! Did you like this interview? Matt was not paid and did this for free. If you know someone moving to Jacksonville, or who needs to sell their home there, he would appreciate your referral (and will make sure you get paid). You can call him directly at 904.574.1958 or email him at mattyryanmiller@gmail.com.

Here are examples of Matt's marketing you can review:

Matt's Jacksonville real estate video blog

Matt's most popular YouTube Video

Matt's most popular video email

Matt's best-performing lead-generation email (landing page)

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