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Radio and Television Experts 2023 Mastermind Day One Recap

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on Apr 25, 2023

Ryan w Fello

If you’re at the RATE event right now (or if you’re in RATE), I just want to share a few resources based on the speaker's topics yesterday.

This is a lot. Consider yourself warned. :)

Most of you are on Fello. Ryan and I talk a lot about driving people in your database to your home value and cash offer forms.

Here’s the email that “broke the internet” for client Andrew Duncan last week. 200 leads. This is a monthly lead-generation style email we send out on top of your two videos a month on our marketing plan.

Hit your database with it driving back to your free home value capture page. You also want those calls to action in all your video emails and database messaging in an ongoing way.

Ryan loves us because we put sellers into his system. This is the #1 thing you can send out to get sellers right now. We'll send one out for free:


The free home value message is stronger now because the market is all over the place.


Matt O’Neill - who opened yesterday - has 3 accounts with us: listings, commercial, and property management. He slashed a lot of costs during a rough Q4 in 2022 but kept his database marketing going. 

Here’s an interview on his seller workshops.

Here’s an interview on why he hired us back last year (after giving us the axe in 2019).

Here are his property management results.

Chris Heller talked about better working with past clients and sphere. I think he has the longest-running 7th-level team in the industry and is one of our longest-time clients.

Here’s an interview with why he keeps his video/database marketing always going.


Brian Burds talked about working your in-house database better, instead of being held hostage and renting your business from lead providers.

Before you get into the AI modeling, just export everything you have, run it through Neverbounce to clean it up, skip trace or append it with new emails/phones if you want, and start sending seller-focused videos to it.

This is a great video topic example and video email format that “predicts” seller leads.

Just call the people clicking the links. Here’s what it looks like and how to do it.

We have 53 customers in the room. Stop by the booth and ask us what’s working. I have the messages that drive response, we just have to hit your list regularly and consistently with legitimate emails, social media retargeting, and even personal direct mail like this.

We also have new video blog templates!!! Our RATE customers are first in line to get them. You have to request them, so let me know and we’ll put you in the line for a complete rebuild. We’ll put your endorsements and radio shows on there as well.

Here’s a new seller video blog (with my write-up explaining it):

Here’s the new agent recruiting video blog.

I can go on and on with more examples. I know you live and breathe this stuff as I do, too :) I’m on a plane with Katy, my wife, for vacation today. I was only able to make the event yesterday. It was really great seeing so many of you, whom I consider friends first.

Frank and Katy

Elizabeth Stormberg and Elizabeth Hagans, our top two leaders, are at the RATE event now to answer any of your questions. Stop by the booth and say hello. And of course, you know I’m available too.

To get this all implemented, we do everything for $1995 one time and $625 a month. It’s 50% off the build fee for a second account (recruiting, property management, etc).

At your level, I highly recommend you get a sponsor to help pay for it.

Here’s what we do with your money.


My phone number is 402-515-5438 or you can just reply to this email.

Enjoy the event or the live stream.

Thanks for reading all this, and talk to me if you need a marketing thinking partner to grow your business this year. I’m here.

Thanks for having us at your event Matt!


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