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“Help me! I’m not seeing results!”

By Frank Klesitz in Frank's Diary on Jun 24, 2023

I want to get real with you this weekend. It’s a struggle out there to get listings.

I had four individual calls this week with clients not seeing the results they want.

We define results as a 10x ROI. That’s when you can prove an additional $75,000 in commissions (or revenue) on the annual cost of $7,500 a year to hire us.

You track this by measuring the appointments you set from people watching your videos (we give you the names to call) and the leads we reactivate from your lead-generation forms. It’s also nice when people just reach out to you from your videos directly (but less common).

I always start these calls with a quick audit of your 36-touch database marketing plan to make sure everything is in place. I also want to make sure you’re getting everything you’re paying for.

Here are the questions I ask…

The Vyral Marketing Plan Audit

  1. Are you prospecting/advertising correctly to build the database every day of your target client? (#1 most important)
  2. Do we have your latest database in the system?
  3. Are they getting 2 helpful videos a month by email?
  4. Are they getting 1 separate lead-generation email a month?
  5. Are your best contacts getting 1 personal letter a month?
  6. Are they seeing you 6-8x a month on social media with paid retargeting?
  7. Are the people who watch your videos and opt-ins getting called? (#2 most important)
  8. Is there a complementary business advertising to offset your cost?

I would say 8 times of out 10 there’s a mistake in these questions.

We dial in the issue, put a plan in place to fix it, and then follow up to make sure it’s implemented. We then like to document the turnaround and share it with the team.

Since I'm seeing an uptick in clients not seeing the results they want (you have to talk to a lot more people to find someone who wants to sell their house now), I figure it would be helpful to walk you through these questions in detail so you too can audit your 36-database marketing plan based on what we implement for you.

Here’s how to answer each of the 8 questions in the audit above for yourself…

#1. Build the list. We need to make sure you’re getting permission from new people in your target market every day to put them into your database to stay in touch with them. You can do this with prospecting (cold calls, etc), advertising (direct mail, PPC, etc) or referrals. This is time-consuming or expensive. This is the most important part, and most difficult part, of building a business.

#2: Sync it up. We need to make sure we have all the latest contacts in your CRM, Gmail, Outlook, and/or mobile phone in your email marketing program and uploaded to Facebook as an audience for retargeting. Ideally, this is done automatically with Zapier or RealSynch.

#3: Two video emails a month. We need to send them all 2 helpful video emails a month on a topic that they want using either our pre-written topics or something custom that solves a problem for your target market. I suggest you send them out on the 1st and 15th of each month. Let’s also make sure the videos are on your lead-generation video blog, optimized on YouTube to get found, and have a complementary YouTube short for discovery. Your videos should also post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and your GoogleMyBusiness (great for SEO).

#4: One lead-generation email a month. We need to send out a special offer to respond to you once a month. I suggest the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10am. This is a call to action to get a free report, request a phone call, sign up for an event, or use a free tool on your website. These people enter their contact details into a web form to get the item of value, which is a lead for you.

#5: One personal letter a month. We need to make sure your very best past clients, customers, and most important contacts get a personal letter from you once a month. We can’t trust they see your emails or see you on social media. It’s about $1 a letter. Shoot for a list of 150 people to mail one letter a month with your latest videos and a reason to respond to you now.

#6: Social media retargeting. We need to make sure they see you ‘all the time’ on social media. Specifically, that’s about 6-8x a month. You want to put $1-5 a day depending on the size of the audience into retargeting your videos to the people in your database, those who interact with your FB page, and who visit your website. It’s more cost-effective to advertise your videos to get the frequency you desire than to post new content organically all the time. The latter is exhausting.

#7. Calling the engagements. You must ask for the appointment. You’ll get a list of everyone who clicks the links in your emails and who opt-in to your lead-generation forms. You (or an assistant) must call them to ask if they want to speak with you about solving their problem. We want to make sure those calls, texts, and personal follow-up emails are being made. Appointments won’t set themselves. This is the second most important part of the plan - setting the appointment.

#8: Lowering your costs. Once all this is running, it’s helpful to lower your expense by asking a complementary business to buy advertising in your videos and emails. They write you a check directly to offset the cost of your Vyral Marketing expense. They can also share your videos with their database to broaden your reach.

If you’re a client not seeing the results you want, hit me up and let’s get on a phone call to complete the audit above. If you’re thinking about hiring us, and you’d like to talk about the results you could reasonably expect on a marketing plan like this, request a free strategy call.

The bottom line is I want you to be successful. I hope this audit gives you the insight necessary to make sure you're maximizing responses from your contact database. 

Have a wonderful weekend,


Frank Klesitz

P.S. You’re also invited to sign up for an 8-week group coaching program where you'll watch me improve clients' results. We meet for an hour once a week on Zoom where I fix a specific point on the audit above for 2-3 clients. We start in July. If you want to work more closely with me to improve your results, this is a cost-effective way to do it. Work with your Marketing Coach one-on-one here to make similar improvements to your marketing plan with us. Sign up here.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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